It’s 10:07 as I’m beginning to type this and I aim to have my lights off by 10:15 or 10:20 at the latest… I will link out to movie trailers and stuff later this weekend. I need to get to sleep now.

See, I have to be up at 6:30 tomorrow morning to get to work for training at 8:00.

Yep – 8:00 am on a Saturday… that’s kinda cruel. And by “kinda,” I mean a lot.

Anyway, not much happened today beside me watching 2 movies and walking around or face planting on the couch because I was epically tired.

I was going to get up at 7:30 today, but instead set the alarm for 8:00. And when that alarm went off, I was not happy…

My mom and I went and saw The Town with Jon Hamm this morning, or as my mom told my dad “Our Town with Michael Hamm”. My mom is adorable πŸ™‚

The Town was really good… I didn’t see Gone Baby Gone yet, so I can’t compare Ben Affleck’s directing efforts, but The Town was great. Good story, good cinematography, good editing, great ensemble… Affleck is a capable actor and it’s nice to see him give a solid performance after a few misses over the years. Jeremy Renner, as always, was great – I’m glad he’s on people’s radars now after his turn in The Hurt Locker. He’s not leading-man handsome, but he’s character-actor brilliant. He has the ability to stare down other actors/characters… it’s amazing. Even Blake Lively did well in her supporting role. Props to her – I’ve only ever seen her in the Traveling Pants movies, so I was impressed by her work in this film. Rebecca Hall is always great, so there’s nothing more to add there except that I wish more people knew who she is… see also The Prestige and Starter for 10 (I didn’t see Vicky Cristina Barcelona, so I won’t pimp that movie.)

And then there was Jon Hamm.

Oh Jon Hamm, how I love thee… Not only are you a great actor (LOVE Mad Men and all your guest spots on SNL and 30 Rock), but you really sold it as the FBI guy. We’re used to see you drinking and womanizing in the 60s, but Hamm proves he’s relevant in the present too. It was kinda awesome to see him rough some people up and go toe-to-toe with Affleck. Plus he looked DAMN FINE in his flannel shirts πŸ™‚

The other movie I watched today was Son of Rambow. It was a bit weird, but the ending was super adorable. It’s about little British kids making a movie about the Son of Rambow (Rambo). Lots of misfit kids. It was pretty great.

Oh, I also watched last night’s premieres of Community and 30 Rock. I will sooooooo expand on those tomorrow. But, for now I will say that both were brilliant and that 30 Rock is still my most favorite show of all time. I want to be Tina Fey when I grow up – she is my lady hero. (Plus, Matt Damon is great as Carol, the doorman to the sky).

Anyway… I will close for now. Have a great day…