Yes, I’m among the minority of people who still watch SNL faithfully. When I lived with my sister, we would DVR it and watch it Sunday morning. But, since I’m with my parents (sans DVR), we’re staying up to watch it live. At least it’s on from 10:30 – 12:00 in the Central Time Zone, which means I can go to bed at 12:01, as opposed to when I would sometimes watch it live in Eastern Time Zone and be forced to go to sleep after 1 am – too late for me.

So, I was up at 6:15 this morning to be into work at 8 AM. Training went well… all of the people were really nice and the information was helpful. One of the last places I worked was similar to this new place, but this new place has been waaaaaaaaaaaay more informational before they actually put us to work, which I totally appreciate. I have my first real day of work tomorrow, and it’s a nice little 4 hour shift. That’ll be a good introduction to my work area. I hope the people I’ll be working closely with are nice too.

(I know I said I would write my opinions about 30 Rock and Community from the other night, but I’ll do that tomorrow or Monday night. My eyes have been giving me problems all day today and I need to not be behind my computer right now.)

When I got home from work today I finished watching Iron Man. Then I helped my mom decorate the outside of our house for Halloween. (My mom decorates for all holidays… especially those in the fall/winter.) The yard looks really cute 🙂

Then, this evening, my dad and I watched The Happening (2008). What an awful movie… and I love Mark Wahlberg, but that was just Bad News Bears. The script was horrible, the plot was horrible and the acting was pure cheese. I blame the director (M. Night Shyamalan). Wow – that was bad.

Anyway… I’m gonna log off my computer now and watch another movie before SNL.

Have a great day!