So, that was the last song I heard before I started typing this.

Oh Britney Spears, how I adore your cheesetastically catchy music 🙂

I’m obviously super excited for tomorrow’s episode of Glee where there will be several Britney numbers, including one of my favorite Britney songs, “Toxic”. Woot.

Well, I worked from 9-5 today. My feet hurt so bad that I am going to go shoe shopping tomorrow afternoon instead of spending the whole day on my Lit Review. Even though my Lit Review is super important, the ability to stand on my feet without wanting to sever them from the rest of my legs is just a tad more important, at least temporarily. I hate my feet. They suck. Bah.

So, work… was not great today. Besides the feet business, there was something wrong with my schedule again. I was told to be in from 9-5, but when I went to clock in, the computer wouldn’t let me – it indicated I was early for my shift.

Ummmmmmmm, no.

So, I checked my schedule and it said I was supposed to be in from 1-5.

Ummmmmmm, no again.

I tried to talk to a manager, but she just told me to go elsewhere and someone there would handle it.

Ummmmmmmmm, no for the third time.

Anyway, my clocking in got uber messed up several times over the course of the day. My manager will be in on Wednesday (as will I), so I’ll talk with her about it.

And that’s just the tip of why work was whack today. But I’m off tomorrow, so that’s good. I’ll work on my paper, get some better shoes and watch GLEE!!

I am so tired right now, I am going to call it quits. I totally watched How I Met Your Mother, DWTS and Castle with my mom… HIMYM was great – I love Neil Patrick Harris. DWTS was okay. Based on dancing skills, Michael Bolton should be the one headed home. Props to The Situation for trying… his dancing was all over the place (footwork needs help), but he looked like he was trying really hard. Kurt Warner made me chuckle. But, I’m rooting for Jennifer Grey to go all the way… I am not her biggest fan, but she’s a good dancer and Derek Hough’s choreography is always amazing. It’s not a surprise that he and his dance partner’s do incredibly well in the competition – his choreography is always the best of all of the pros. And Castle was pretty good… I just love Nathan Fillion 🙂

Have a good one… I’m gonna read a couple pages of my Steve Martin book (LOVE HIM) and then am going to sleep. I unplugged my alarm clock and am going to try and sleep in tomorrow morning… woot.