I woke up at 8:15 and felt like a champion for sleeping in. I turned off my alarm clock and had my phone on silent (usually I keep it on vibrate, should there be some sort of friend/family emergency) and I think I slept through the night… I don’t remember waking up, nor did I get any further in my alphabet game than letter “J,” which I was on the night before, so that’s something. I’ll pick back up where I left off… I should probably move on to “K” now.

I went upstairs and was greeted by Moose, as Yukon was sleeping on the couch and would remain there through when I finished breakfast. Mom was at the table working on her crossword puzzle and Sodoku, so I sat next to Yukon and watched the rest of The Hudsucker Proxy while I ate my orange and yogurt.

When my movie was over, I went back down to my room to work on my Literature Review. My goal was to finish Part 4 (of 5) today and I did… though it took most of the day.

I took a few breaks every now and again, but I worked several hours on my paper. By 4:15 I had written three pages of stuff and felt I was finished with Part 4. I’ll start up on Part 5 (guilds – woot) tomorrow. I won’t get it all done, but I hope to make a dent.

A friend of mine from grad school FB messaged me this morning to tell me she was reading a book that she thought I could use for my Lit Review. I thanked her and looked up the book on Google… and it would fit in with my Lit Review. The thing is, though, how much information is too much information? Is there a thing as too much information? Probably not… but I also think that there could probably always be more information than the massive amount I already have.

I likely will have a panic attack in the next few days about this very topic.

You see, I haven’t showed any of my writing to my thesis chair person yet. I was waiting until I finished my Introduction and Literature Review (I’ll need to do a Methods section too, but that’s just common sense stuff). I’m very worried that I’m going to send him this 30+ pages of material and (1) he’s going to think it’s poorly written and (2) he’s going to recommend I add XYZ sources.

And I have a bajillion sources right now… well, maybe more like 50 or 60… and I’ve read all of the articles and most of the books. I know what I have inside and out. And I’m sure there are other great sources out there… but I could keep researching this thing until the cows come home. I just want to finish my thesis sometime soonish – is that so wrong?

So, besides my upcoming panic attack, I am proud of the work I got done today. And I have tomorrow off as well, so I will take advantage of that time to get some more work done. I was toying with the idea of going to see The Social Network, but that’ll be in theaters for awhile, so I should work on my paper while I have the chance to get more of it done now.

Obviously something is wrong with me if I am bypassing a trip to the movies to work on my paper. Maybe I’m growing up…

But even though I didn’t want to see The Social Network, I kinda do now. Oscar buzz usually piques my interest and it’s worked this time around. Plus, as I mentioned yesterday, I think Jesse Eisenberg is a brilliant actor. And, Justin Timberlake is supposed to be great in this movie as well. I’m a fan of his music and comedy prowess (go watch his SNLs… you will pee in your pants), but I know he’s got talent when it comes to drama. If you haven’t seen Alpha Dog, watch it… it’s got a great young cast, and Timberlake is a standout among his peers Ben Foster (love him!), Emile Hirsch and Anton Yelchin.

Today is Thursday, so we watched Bones and Grey’s Anatomy (I’ll watch my NBC lineup tomorrow or Saturday, hopefully… 30 Rock, you are the best!).

I like Bones because of the science and the chemistry between Bones and Booth (maybe not exactly in that order, but still…). This season Booth has a girlfriend and Bones is jealous, even though she won’t admit it. Gone are the overtly longing glances between Bones and Booth… now it’s more uber fleeting looks of “man, look what we could have had” or “damn it, I missed my chance”. We’re two episodes in and I’m missing the tension between the characters. Last season had some solid moments… I hope this season picks it up a little bit. The George Clooney stuff was good in this episode, but that’s about all it had going for it.

I don’t like Grey’s Anatomy, but I still watch it week after week. I honestly don’t know why. Probably out of some sort of obligation – but to who? I just don’t know. I would be fine if this show got cancelled after this season. It’s kinda anti-climactic, even with that whole “there’s a shooter in the hospital” finale last season.

And now I’m gonna get ready for bed… perhaps read some more of “Middlesex”. I finished “Born Standing Up” and I LOVED it. Steve Martin will forever and always be one of my favorite comedians. I need to rewatch The Jerk 🙂

Side note – Jesse Eisenberg was on the cover of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (along w/Timberlake and Andrew Garfield), so I was looking up his filmography on IMDB. I’ve seen probably 1/2 of his films, but my favorite performances of his are in The Squid and the Whale (2005), Adventureland; (2009) and Zombieland (2009). I love his voice and his super awkwardness 🙂

Eisenberg is also in The Village (2004), though he’s not uber memorable in it. However, Joaquin Phoenix is… this film has three of the greatest Joaquin Phoenix cinematic moments of all time.

Moments 1 (hand grab) and 2 (porch scene… bonus points go to Bryce Dallas Howard, though, for a well-timed tear)

Moment 3 (another hand grab)

That whole movie could have been better… but M. Night Shymalan seemed to stop making awesome movies after The Sixth Sense.

Have a good one!