And it’s not even a book for my thesis… it’s a book to read for fun. Yes, I still manage to find time for leisure reading. It’s called the last few minutes before I go to sleep and the 30-45 minutes I get for lunch at work sometimes. Yep, I’m that antisocial… I would rather sit in a corner a read while having my PB&J than meeting my colleagues. Right now I’m almost 1/5 of the way into “Middlesex,” but I have “One Day” waiting for me at the library. I think I’ll put a pause button on “Middlesex” and start “One Day” when I get it because that one is being made into a movie right now and I want to have it read before the movie’s trailer comes out. (Yeah, I’m weird, I know.)

So, today was a semi-productive day. I probably could have gotten more done, but the epic headaches are setting in once again, so I couldn’t physically be on the computer all day long.

I woke up around 8 again and went upstairs to pet the dogs and whatnot. My dad hadn’t left for work yet, so it was nice to see him before he left. I made my mom and I some chocolate chip muffins and then she worked on her crossword puzzle while I watched another 1/2 hour of The Wendell Baker Story. I still have about 40 minutes to go… it’ll be over one of these days.

After food and a mug of tea, I went back down to my room. I watched last night’s episode of 30 Rock before I got started on my work… I can’t help it. It’s my favorite show. Last week’s premiere was great – the return of Matt Damon as Carol, Liz Lemon’s “doorman to the sky” (he’s a pilot). Matt Damon is so solid in comedies because you think he’s going to be a tough guy, but then he just breaks down and cries about relationships. It’s really a beautiful sight to behold. Matty D was not on this week’s episode, but Paul Giamatti was… also brilliant. And, I’ve never seen Cash Cab, but the Tracy/Cash Cab stuff was great. And Alec Baldwin making those tapes were money. I love Alec Baldwin. Always have, always will 🙂

I did work more on my Literature Review after 30 Rock. Remember I finished Part 4 of 5 yesterday, so today I started up on Part 5 – Guilds and Associations. Woot.

I worked until around noon and then gave up for awhile because my head hurt. My mom was gone, so I did the dishes and let the dogs outside. Moose threw one of her tennis balls in some of the plants out front, so I had to get it for her. That dog is bonkers sometimes.

My mom got home and we made lunch and played Yahtzee (I have been kicking ass and taking names these past few days). After that I sojourned back to my room while my mom did some house chores.

I watched last night’s episode of Community and then worked some more on my paper. Last week’s premiere of Community was solid. The study group always has some sort of clash (mostly it’s Jeff vs. everyone else), but the end message of respect was a good one. Betty White was on last week. Now, I love me some Betty White, but she’s freakin’ everywhere these days.

Last night’s episode was good – it featured some good guest spots from Drew Carey and Rob Corddry. However, the best parts featured the various sects of the study group. The scene where Annie chloroformed that janitor and then Abed and Troy were getting the information off the computer was great. Also brilliant was when Jeff tapped in to the pop and lock contest and did “The Puppet”. I laughed out loud 🙂

My dad got home from work super early, so I used that as an excuse to stop working on my paper around 3:30. I couldn’t concentrate anymore – my head was throbbing (as it is right now). I know it’s a stress headache… I had them in high school. Back then my doctor said it was from depression, but I knew it was just from epic amounts of stress about going away to college and whatnot. The stress headaches I’m having right now are all about my thesis proposal. I wish they would go away, but I know they won’t for awhile. C’est la vie.

I played a few games of ping-pong with my mom and then we baked some cookies from a recipe that was in one of her murder mystery books – some sort of pumpkin cookie with pecans and white chocolate chips. They are delicious.

We watched some episodes of HIMYM with dinner (syndication, how I love thee) and then Date Night. I saw this movie before with my sister when it was in theaters, but I put it in the Netflix queue because I knew my parents would like it… and they did. Both of them were laughing out loud a lot. It wasn’t my favorite movie ever, but it’s got a shirtless Mark Wahlberg and a hilarious bit part from James Franco, so I was willing to watch it again.

I went back to my room before it was even 9 PM. By time I post this, it’ll likely be around 10:30. I’ll read for a little and then head to bed, as I have work tomorrow from 10:30-6:45. Blah.

New SNL tomorrow – Bryan Cranston w/music guest Kanye West. That should be interesting.

Have a good one!

P.S. Best Glee Music site ever…

P.P.S. This video from Ellen DeGeneres has been floating around Facebook all day. A friend from grad school shared this link and a note that said “I love that this is ALL over Facebook. I hate that it needs to be.” I couldn’t have said it any better myself. I think it’s awesome that my peers have been sharing this video because tolerance is such an important message, espcially in light of the recent student suicide at Rutgers. Did I personally know that student? No. Do I know students like him? Yes. And I bet you do too. And if not a student, than someone in your life who is being affected by bullying and intolerance. College students, high school students, middle school students, elementary students, and anyone in between, should not have to feel bad about who they are. What about the whole “Do unto others…” line that we hear all the time? You can’t pick and choose who you get to treat well and who you don’t. “All men were created equal,” remember? This is the United States of America… we’re supposed to be able to celebrate our differences, not gang up on people who may be different than we are. Isn’t it time we stop judging people for their sexual orientation or preference? What does someone’s sexual orientation have to do with whether they are a good person (or hell, whether they should be defending our country in the military?)? Gay people are people. Straight people are people. Black people are people. White people are people. People are people. And all people need to be more tolerant of others. You might not agree with everything your neighbor says or does, but you should at least be tolerant of it. Agree to disagree. It makes me so sad that there are children, teenagers and young adults who are being bullied so much that they decide that ending their life is the only way to escape it. It’s hard enough being a young person these days… let’s not make it any harder for them by bullying them during a time when all they are trying to do is figure out who they are.