This will likely be the shortest post ever (at least from me).

I worked from 10:30-6:45. It was meh.

I got home and had pizza w/my parents and watched the end of the Red Sox/Yankees game. Then, my dad and I tried to watch Nothing to Lose, but something was up w/our Netflix. So, I opted to watch Nick of Time. Oh, Johnny Depp… I still love you, even in ridiculous movies such as this.

And now I’m watching SNL. Bryan Cranston is a good host… there were cameos by Morgan Freeman, Ernest Borgniene (sp?) and Helen Mirren. I’m waiting for John Malkovich and Bruce Willis… (they’ve been hyping Red).

The best commercial thus far has been for the live SNL on October 14th – with Matt Damon and Jon “I’ve got hooks” Hamm 🙂

And… now time for bed.

I work tomorrow from 2:15-7… and will likely miss most of Amazing Race. Blah

Have a great day 🙂