So, I have 10 days to read “One Day” because so many people have it on reserve at the library… and I will commence reading said book as soon as I am done posting here. This likely won’t be an epic post, as not too much happened today…

So, I woke up this morning and then had breakfast with my mom. She worked on crossword puzzles while I skipped through all of the musical numbers from the first disc of Glee Season 1 Volume 2 (so, stuff from “Hell-o,” “Madonna,” “Home,” and “Bad Reputation”). I could watch and rewatch Glee stuff all day long ๐Ÿ™‚

After that, I went down to my room and worked on my literature review some more. I really wanted to watch Dexter, but I held off and did thesis stuff. Blah. I worked on that for a couple hours and then went back upstairs to see what my mom was up to.

We had some lunch and played Yahtzee (I am the reigning champion by far). After that I showered and worked some more on my paper while my mom mowed our front lawn and our neighbor’s front lawn (my parents usually do this anyway, but he recently had cataract surgery, so my mom wanted to be sure his lawn got taken care of).

I got 2 more Guilds done today (DGA and WGAW), and I’ll work on more tomorrow. My goal is to have my Literature Review finished written this week and edited by next week so I can send it to my thesis chair. Then, while he’s reading that, I’ll get my Methods section done… I hope hope hope to have my thesis proposal defended in the middle of November. I’ll need to take a few days off of work… and I know people are not allowed to have days off in November where I work, so that might be a problem. But, where I work stresses that your life outside of work is important too, so hopefully higher education will win out here. Fingers crossed.

I got a new issue of Rolling Stone in the mail, so I read that for a bit and then kinda fell asleepish on the comfy chair in the living room.

I had to eat dinner alone/early because I had to be in for work by 6:15 (which meant I needed to leave around 5:30 because of rush hour traffic – blah… it takes 25+ minutes to get to work, but only 10 coming home… WTF?). During dinner, I watched the music numbers from the 2nd disc of Glee Season 1 Volume 2 (“Laryngitis,” “Dream On,” and “Theatricality”). Ah Glee ๐Ÿ™‚

And then I went to work… I had to take a new way to get there b/c of construction and rush hour traffic. Blah. I got to work and was told by my colleague that the store was dead all day. Well, after she left and I was left on my own accord for 3 hours, the store was crazy busy! At least my area was… I didn’t even have any time to go get sip of water. (My biggest pet peeve about work is we’re not allowed to have water bottles. I get dehydrated easy, so that’s a bit of a problem for me… oh, well. Rules are rules. Blah.) But, I almost made my sales goal for the day, so I guess that was good.

For being such a shy and antisocial person, I am a pretty solid customer service person. Probably because I’m dealing with strangers… Hmm…

So, I got home for the last half of Castle. I love that show – and I like that I get to watch it with my mom (who also loves that show).

Tomorrow is my mama’s birthday! My dad said he’s coming home from work early. They are going out on the water in the afternoon (I think she is kayaking and he’s fishing). They want me to come, but I should really work on my paper. Maybe I can get a lot done tomorrow morning and then go fishing in the afternoon. I’ve only caught one fish the whole year so far! That’s pretty awful.

*And* tomorrow is Glee Tuesday! “Grilled Cheesus” should be good. I’ve already heard all the songs, and they sound great. Yay Glee!

Well, time to get reading. I need to put the pause button on “Middlesex” and get through “One Day” as fast as I can!!

Have a good one ๐Ÿ™‚