Before I launch into an epic monologue about how much I LOVED tonight’s episode of Glee, I will recap the rest of the day…

Last night before I went to bed, my dad told me he was cooking a birthday breakfast for my mom and if I wanted to join, that was going to happen at 7:30 this morning. I laughed at this early time and told him I’d see him when he got home from work…

Well, I was up at 7:22 for some reason, so I dragged myself upstairs and sat with them at the table while I tried to wake up and they had breakfast. Dad and I each gave my mom her birthday presents (he got her a book about bird feeding, I got her a gift card to Half Priced Books… we are a book-loving household). Dad left for work, I had some yogurt and then went back to my room to watch last night’s episode of HIMYM and work on my Literature Review.

I love HIMYM. A lot. I think the cast is great and the stories are usually very relatable because the characters are actually in the age bracket of myself and my peers. I found last night’s episode to be particularly poignant – at least more so than most of last season’s shows. While I could have done without Lily asking Robin “Where’s the poop?” a bajillion times throughout the episode, the rest of the show was great.

When the credits rolled, I got back to work on my Literature Review. Oh, how those Guilds and Associations were trying my patience today. Blah.

My mom got home from an errand around 11:00 and told me it was time for a break – we had a birthday treat and played some Yahtzee. I then went back to my room to knock out a few more paragraphs before lunch.

Dad came home from work early, so he joined us for lunch before they headed out to the lake while I stayed home to try and finish my Literature Review.

In the middle of working on my paper/watching clips of American Idiot (the Broadway musical) on youtube, the phone rang. I put my computer down and ran into the hallway to pick up the phone (landline, yo) and said “Hello?” I hear “How ya doin’?” on the other end of the line and for a fraction of a second I had no idea who it was. Then as quickly as I spaced out, I realized it was my mom’s dad. He never announces that it’s him on the phone… you just need to figure it out during the series of non-specific questions he asks. Luckily, I figured out it was him after just one question… I talked to him for awhile and then he passed the phone to my mom’s mom. We also chatted for awhile. It was nice to catch up with them – I don’t think I’ve talked to them in a couple months! Time flies

We hung up and I went back to my room. I hammered out information about my remaining Guilds and whatnot and finished just before 4:00. I hope to edit my Introduction and Literature Review a little bit on Thursday (the next day I have off) and email it to my thesis chair to see what he thinks. I have about 40 pages of information right now… and I am super worried that he’s going to think it’s bad. I’m not the best at writing papers. But I have this huge worry that he’s going to tell me I did a lot of work for nothing and that I’ll need to scrap what I wrote. Fingers crossed that isn’t the case… or that at least some of my stuff is good enough, at least for a proposal. I worked really hard on this… I just hope it counts for something.

My parents came home soon after I finished. I relayed the message to my mom that her parents called, then went and read “One Day” in the living room for awhile. I was pleased to find that the author, David Nichols, also wrote “Starter for Ten,” which was adapted into a film of the same name a few years ago. I totally have the DVD! It starts James McAvoy, so of course I have it 😉

My parents and I watched the news as we had mom’s choice for birthday dinner – pizza.

Then, from 7-8, I was glued to the television watching Glee.


So, tonight’s episode, episode 3 of the season, was called “Grilled Cheesus” because Finn makes a grilled cheese sandwich in his Forman grill and it grilled a picture of Jesus on the top of it. Finn suggests to the Glee club that they should sing songs about Jesus and God during rehearsals. This does not go over well for Kurt, who says that he doesn’t believe in God or go to church because churches and the people at them don’t look highly on gay people.

Obviously, the themes of this episode were Faith, Religion, and Spirituality. These not only fit into Finn’s Grilled Cheesus scenario, but Burt Hummel’s heart attack.

When the rest of the Glee kids find out that Kurt’s dad is in rough shape at the hospital (i.e. coma and possible brain damage), they all want to pray for him. This just makes Kurt even more upset because he doesn’t believe in God and he doesn’t believe that praying about something works.

This was the most serious episode of Glee, by far, dealing with religion, life-threatening situations of a parent, and peer relationships in trying times.

For me, the biggest props go to Chris Colfer (Kurt) and Cory Monteith (Finn) this week for their performances.

When Emmy nominations were announced awhile ago and Colfer was announced as a Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy nominee, some people may have been shocked. He hadn’t acted in anything this huge before, let alone on television. But, his work in “Grilled Cheesus” solidifies Colfer as a very, very talented young man.

Colfer has the ability to play smug, cruel, charming, joyous. vulnerable, angry and every emotion in between. His emotions are plastered across his face like a ginormous billboard. But it doesn’t ever look like he’s acting… it just seems like he is Kurt.

He’s also a gifted singer – his performance of “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” was hauntingly beautiful and gut-wrenchingly sad.

Cory Monteith gets my vote for Most Improved Glee cast member. It takes a dedicated person to go for broke the way he played Finn in this episode. I am being completely serious when I write that Monteith’s dedication to Finn’s dedication of the Grilled Cheesus was brilliant. Monteith full out made you believe that Finn was naive enough to believe that his Grilled Cheesus was the reason that they won the football game, he got to 2nd with Rachel (that awkward bedroom scene was HILARIOUS, the way he kissed her and then feet-on-the-floor got in bed with her), and that he’s quarterback again. And then the hurt and deception in his eyes when Emma told him that the Grilled Cheesus was not the reason those three events happened… (though, for the record, at least Finn looked a little bit ashamed during the conversation in the locker room when Puck admitted to praying for Burt and Finn pretended he did too). Props to you, Monteith.

It’s always nice to see Sue Sylvester interacting with her sister. I almost got teary eyed when her sister asked if she should pray for Sue, and Sue tearily said “Yes”.

And the songs… there were so many. And they were all stunning in their own special way.

1. “Only the Good Die Young” – Oh Puck, singing your songs by Jewish artists. Who doesn’t love Billy Joel? This was one of the more upbeat moments of the episode. Mark Salling (Puck) has a great voice. Plus, a guy with a guitar is always attractive…

2. “I Look To You” – I think I’ve heard this Whitney song once or twice before. Amber Riley (Mercedes) always does an amazing job on vocals, and this was no exception.

3. “Papa, Can You Hear Me?” – There is something so right about Lea Michele (Rachel) singing Barbra Streisand songs. I haven’t seen Yentl all the way through ever, but I know this song a bit. She did an amazing job, as per usual.

4. “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” – And, cue the goosebumps. Chris Colfer’s voice is so angelic, but when it’s used to deliver the most melancholic version of this song I’ve ever heard, it’s downright haunting. And I mean that in the best way possible. Plus, the montage of Burt and young Kurt just broke your heart :*(

5. “Losing My Religion” – I’m glad they didn’t *just* make this song about Finn being told his Grilled Cheesus did not have Godlike powers. Sure, Finn was upset about finding out that he is not so special as to have a direct line to God via his grilled cheese, but this song ended up being about way more than that. I thought it was good that they showed Finn looking at Kurt crying in the corner chair. Monteith may not be the best singer on Glee, but he makes up for his lack of Lea Michele skill with believability. Monteith plays Finn as someone who sings from the core. He sings like a normal person – sometimes he squints his eyes and tilts his head back. Tonight. he belted out this R.E.M. classic like a young man who just lost it all. Again, props to you, Monteith.

6. “Bridge Over Troubled Water” – This is probably in my Top 20 favorite songs of all time anyway, and then Glee goes and takes it to CHURCH… love it!!! I may not be the most religious person on the planet, but I do love me some gospel music when done properly. I thought Amber Riley did a great job on lead vocals. This was a very powerful number and gave me goosebumps.

7. “One of Us” – Oh, Joan Osborne. I remember when this song came out on the radio back in the day… I freely admit to liking the Glee version better. Eleven voices singing in harmony is so much more powerful, for me, as a listener. I know I’ll be singing this one out loud a lot in the car sometime in the near future…

All in all, a brilliant episode of Glee. I liked that singing religious songs in a public school was addressed and then handled as it was. Mr. Schue wasn’t preaching to the kids, he was just letting them express their beliefs. I also thought the dialogue between Emma and Sue in Sue’s office was great – about how people should be tolerant of other people’s religious choices and not to denounce someone else because their choice may be different than your own. BRAVO!!

I love Glee. And I love that it covers weighty topics like ones on tonight’s episode. Yay for good, SCRIPTED, television.


Well, I could write a lot more… I was going to go into a bit about my own music habits and how, like the kids on Glee, I turn to specific songs or types of music to help cope with various situations.

But that is for another day – I must get to reading!

Have a good one