Friday night network television blows, so my dad told me to “put on something funny” on the television, so I started Season Four of 30 Rock from the beginning. We ended up watching 8 episodes in a row… that was time well spent, my friends. Time well spent…

Even though my alarm was set for 9 this morning, I woke up at 8. My parents invited me along to breakfast (I’m assuming Panera), but I declined as I needed to iron some pants and whatnot before I went to work for my 12-6 shift.

Work went all right today… luckily I was busy, so it went quickly. Good thing it did – they didn’t have any music playing, so if it wasn’t busy with customers, the day would have dragged on for all eternity. (I need music when I’m working retail… if you don’t have something to sing along to, then every minute seems twice as long because there is absolutely nothing to distract you.)

I helped out a lot of nice people today (and a couple duds, of course). It feels good when you are able to find exactly what the person is looking for, especially when you have to use a ginormous ladder in the scary stock room. I had multiple customers tell me how helpful I was, while I was helping them, and then later when they were getting ready to leave. It’s nice when you can make someone else’s chore of a shopping trip seem not so bad. Even the not so nice customers are kinda fun sometimes… they’re a bit more challenging, and often blame you for the store not having something, but they eat up time on a long shift, or at least break up the day a little bit. I like to think of the work day as a situational comedy… and in a sit-com, you can’t just experience highs. You need to bring the audience down a few pegs before you can lift them back up and have the highs be that much more of a pleasant experience.

I got home from work a bit late because I was helping a customer with a ginormous purchase (guess who made her sales goal today… woot). My parents were waiting for me on the wooden chairs next to the garage – they made dinner and had it waiting so we could eat as a family when I got back. Awwwwwww, parents 🙂

We sat down and had some good eats and then proceeded to watch 8 episodes of 30 Rock. Good times.

And now I’m headed to bed… well, that’s a lie. I’m going to read more of “One Day”. I need to finish it soon because it’s due back at the library in a few days.

Also, I won’t be able to sleep now because a neighbor’s dog is barking and has been for hours… Geez oh Pete, they need to shut that dog up as soon as humanly possible. Bah

Have a good one