Hey you, who chose to read my blog today…

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I worked all day and then got home late (like around 10) and then watched SNL and went to bed.

I’m not doing an epic post right now because I’m sick (sore throat, runny nose, sleepy), and I need to get off the computer and go to bed. (Well, I will likely try and finish my book first… “One Day” has taken some twists and turns I was not expecting and I feel like I need to finish it as soon as possible. Plus it’s due at the library soon… so there’s that added pressure.)

I worked another long shift today and ate enough cough drops to probably eat a hole in my stomach lining (thank you, Madame Mathias… every time I eat cough drops I think about her telling our French class about the hazards of eucalyptus cough drops).

So, I work tomorrow (I have to open, enough though I totally closed tonight… what the what, folks) and a bit on tuesday. And then I have some days off to work on thesis stuff, maybe go to a movie, and definitely hang out w/my BFF 🙂 We needs to get her ready for her BIG DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good times 🙂

Well, sleep (or reading and then sleep) for me.

P.S. Besides being sick, I am uber pissed that DWTS and Castle won’t be on here tomorrow night because of the flippin’ Vikings game. I’m not a huge football fan – don’t get me wrong, I like a team whose jersey color is purple… it’s pretty – but it’s crappy seeing a bunch of commercials for my Dancing show and Castle, but then they aren’t even going to be shown because of Football. Monday night football can Suck It.

I’m sick. And I’m tired. So I can type what I want…

Have a good one