So, I’m still sick. Like enough that I can’t breath through my nose at all it seems. Awesome…

I just took an Actifed and that’s the one medication that knocks me out like whoa, so this post might end up being a bit all over the place as I begin to drift into a hopefully peaceful slumber. Beside the nice sleepy side effects, I hope said Actifed will clear up my sniffles, at least for tonight. I don’t mind blowing my nose and whatnot during the day, but I also do enjoy sleeping while being able to comfortably breath.

I did sleep last night, though, which was a relief. But even though I set my alarm for 9:30, I was up at 7:30. Blah.

I got up and watched a few episodes of 30 Rock while I sipped some Honey Lemon tea and had some oatmeal. I then returned to my room to watch last week’s episode of The Office. While that show has gone downhill a bit, I totally enjoyed that the episode revolved around a community theater production of Sweeney Todd. I love that musical a lot, having seen the revival on Broadway w/Patti LuPone and Michael Cerveris. My sister and I sat in the third row, and I swear LuPone and Cerveris spit on us while they were singing. It was AMAZING. I also LOVE the movie version with Johnny Depp. Is it wrong that I laughed all the way through “Johanna” while he’s slitting everyone’s throats? Probably… Anyway, The Office version was cute.

Before I went to work, I had some soup (I have an issue with soup, and try not to eat it if I can help it, as it reminds me of when I got the flu really bad a few years ago… but since my throat is epically owwy, I had to down it once again) and started watching It Happened One Night (1934). If you haven’t seen this movie, I highly recommend it… it’s still very much enjoyable and is a classic that should be enjoyed by my generation of people. I worry that my peers and the people who come after us are going to forget about brilliant movies from the beginning of film history – the 1950s because of short attention spans. Sadness.

I had to work from 1:45-5:45. I helped a few people every now and again, but the store was mostly dead because it was such a nice day out. And it’s a Tuesday afternoon… who shops on Tuesday afternoons? (Answer – usually me because I hate crowded shopping areas…)

When I got home from work, I immediately got into my jammies because I still felt like crap. I brought my pillow and throat spray/lozenges upstairs so I could quarantine myself on the couch.

My mom was super kind enough to make me dinner… Cheeseburger Surprise again 🙂 I know she did that because I wasn’t feeling well, but also because we need to get rid of the deer meat that’s in the freezer. (Yep, deer meat. As in Bambi’s mom…)

After dinner we watched Glee 🙂 Tonight’s episode was called “Duets” and was directed by Eric Stoltz. Yep, the same Eric Stoltz that I was oogling at the other week when I was watching Some Kind of Wonderful. Small world, isn’t it?

(LOTS OF SPOILERS ahead, beware)

“Duets” was all about duets… and really various pairs of people in the Glee club. There was no Sue Sylvester, Coach Beiste, or even Principal Figgins. It was good to see that Kurt’s dad is alive (yay!!!!), but the majority of the plot revolved around the glee kids and their relationships within the group.

I like how Finn and Rachel were plotting to try and let the new kid (Sam) win the Duet-off. It was abig step for Rachel’s character to throw the competition the way she and Finn did… and I have to admit, their bad/inappropriate duet of “With You I’m Born Again” may have been my favorite moment of the episode (but more on that later).

I thought new kid Sam (Chord Overstreet… yep, that’s his real name. What the what?!) was going to be annoying, but I actually kind of dig him. He’s got a good singing voice and a goofy grin that makes him fit perfectly in the group – like Finn lite.

I was bummed that Puck was not in the episode at all… he best be back for the Rocky Horror episode (also more on that later). I think Mark Salling’s adds a much needed “This is stupid and I’m going to rag on it, but I actually like it” feel to the group. Bring. back. Puck.

Story line I did not see coming – Artie and Brittany… what?!?!?! Yes, the beginning of the episode had Brittany and Santana cuddling and being more intimate than we’ve seen then, but then when Santana left Brittany to duet with Mercedes, Brittany went for Artie. And to quote Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock, she “took her reward” (i.e. Artie’s virginity). So, that’s 2 Glee guys who have lost it to Cheerios in the past 2 seasons when both Glee guys had feelings for other Glee girls who were not the Cheerios they slept with. I’m waiting for the episode where Rachel finds out that Finn slept with Santana and when Tina finds out that Brittany slept with Artie. One word – Drama.

And then there was Kurt… oh, Kurt. Props to you once again, Chris Colfer, for breaking my heart all over again. Kurt was testing the waters to see if Sam was gay (evidently Kurt’s gaydar was broken this episode), and it came out via multiple characters that Kurt made several unwanted advances at Finn even after Finn said “no”. (Yeah, they used the “no means no” phrase… poor Kurt.) Good for Kurt for being the bigger man and taking himself out of the Duet competition with Sam (though props to the writers for making Sam seem to be a stand-up guy. He was going to sing with Kurt because he “gave him his word”. Awwww). I liked both his musical numbers.

Sam and Quinn – saw that coming from miles away. This could work. “Could” being the important word in that sentence.

And now, for the musical numbers…

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – Finn and Rachel – I love this song (even though Marshall and Lily totally had it first on HIMYM). I thought their version was uber cute and, as always, I think their voices blend together well. The best part of that number was when Rachel mussed up the hair of Brad, the piano player. Hilarious 🙂

River Deep, Mountain High – Mercedes and Santana – It was nice to see these two ladies working together as opposed to musically butting heads (see: The Boy is Mine). Both of the actresses playing these characters have amazing voices, and they complement each other nicely. I can’t wait to download this one!

Le Jazz Hot
– Kurt – Oh, Kurt. Now, I haven’t seen Victor/Victoria yet, but pretty much anything Chris Colfer sings is auh-may-zing. Snaps for the wardrobe and dancing…

Sing – Tina and Mike – Oh, Mike Chang, stick to dancing. I actually would have liked for him to sing a song-song instead of talking his way through “Sing”. We know he can dance… it would have been good to see him actually trying to vocally work out a song. The dancing was good, though. Of course.

With You I’m Born Again – Probably my favorite musical moment of the night. I freakin’ love this song. I know it’s uber cheesy and completely not-cool, but I love it. Like whoa. And I LOVED Finn and Rachel’s version, complete with the inappropriate religious outfits. My mom and I laughed when we first saw the two of them… priceless. 🙂 I wish they would release this as a single… alas.

Lucky – Sam and Quinn – I thought this was a sweet duet. I’m not a huge fan of the original (I know, I know, blasphemy), but I thought the two of them singing it was an appropriate amount of cheese and foreshadowing to a budding relationship.

Get Happy/Happy Days Are Here Again – Kurt and Rachel – Ah, my divas. Belting out Judy and Barbra. Like buttah, I say. 🙂 It was great, plot-wise, to see Rachel reach out to Kurt the way she did. She’s right, he’s lonely, but he doesn’t have to be alone. (Awwwwwww.)

But, perhaps the BEST part of the episode was the “In two weeks on Glee” bit where they gave some sneak peeks at the Rocky Horror Picture Show episode. First of all – it’s directed by Adam Shankman (squeeeeee!). Second of all, Finn’s wearing glasses, as he’s playing Brad (SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!). Okay, confession (you can tell the Actifed is Working), I dig a guy in glasses. Like whoa. And it looks like Mr. Schue is going to be topless at some point… so besides liking the music from Rocky Horror (which I do) and Glee (which I do, a lot), I may actually have to purchase this episode on iTunes… as it looks like it’s going to be epic. I can’t imagine how it’s okay, even for a fictional high school, to put on Rocky Horror. But, we’ll see… in the mean time, I might add Rocky Horror to the Netflix queue and rewatch it before the Glee episode. Woot.)


Well, I am knackered. I’m going to head to bed… likely won’t even read. Sadness. But, 4 days off!!!! Yay!!

Have a good one