So, I woke up this morning feeling the worst I’ve felt so far this week. But, as I type this, I’m feeling a bit better, so I’m hoping that I am on the descent of being sick. Which perfectly coincides with it being the middle of the week… not that either of those things really have anything to do with each other.

Once again I dragged my pillow and throat lozenges upstairs and settled myself back onto the couch. And, I did what any normal person would do whilst sick… I watched Beetlejuice.

Oh, Beetlejuice. Even though I’ve seen you about 20 times by now, I still get a kick out of you without fail. Surely this is Michael Keaton’s best role to date, and he’s only in the movie for like, 17 minutes. Plus, you get an uber young Alec Baldwin in that Burtonesque black and white plaid shirt with a red t-shirt and khaki pants. Woot times infinity. I love this movie, and will continue to love it forever… especially because it reminds me of my brother. He does this bit all the time, and it makes me chuckle.

After that movie, I read for a bit and then put on another movie… Adam. Adam stars Hugh Dancy as a man with Aspergers Syndrome. After the death of his dad, he is pretty much all alone (except for his locksmith friend, who is awesome) until he meets a new girl, Beth, in his apartment building. Though this movie is funny at times, as well as romantic, it’s not the conventional Rom-Com, and for that I was definitely thankful. Dancy is a talented actor (even if some of the films he’s been in haven’t quite hit the mark) and I thought he was really great as the title character. I don’t have much experience being around people with Aspergers (besides one colleague a few years ago, and I think we only worked together for a couple weeks), but from the little bit I do know about the Syndrome, I thought Dancy’s performance was pretty great. At the very least, at least this film deals with a topic that has been left out of a lot of avenues of entertainment media.

This afternoon, while still confined to the couch, I worked a bit on my Works Cited page for my thesis proposal. I still have to correct each entry for proper format, but at least I have almost all of my bajillion sources in alphabetical order.

I read some more of “Middlesex” and then watched Bones with my mom during dinner (a so-so episode from Season 2… one where Booth and Cam were dating. Blah…)

As it is Wednesday, I watched Survivor and Modern Family. Once again, I was not surprised who the tribe voted out, although I foresee that same tribe losing more people in the weeks to come. Just a hunch.

As for Modern Family… that show is just great. Everyone is so good. I know I say (write?) that every week, but it’s so true. Each cast member is so strong, which is kinda amazing for how big that ensemble is.

And now I’m typing this out… and afterward I’ll probably start watching last week’s episode of Bones.

Tomorrow is Thursday… I am sooooooo looking forward to Live 30 Rock! Matt Damon! Jon Hamm! Cheyenne Jackson!!! And, of course my trifecta of funny, Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and Jack McBrayer. Gosh, I love that show πŸ™‚

Also, I wrote last night about how much I liked last night’s episodes of Glee. I couldn’t find video clips for all the parts I liked last night, since it was so close to when the show aired. But, tonight is a different story πŸ™‚

Here’s “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” – the best part comes at 1:01 when Rachel rubs her hands through Brad (piano guy’s) hair. FUNNY!!

“River Deep – Mountain High” – Now, I know I busted out some Tina Turner moves in my day when I listen to her music, so seeing Santana and Mercedes knock this song and choreography out of the park was just awesome πŸ™‚

“With You I’m Born Again” – I can’t get over how much I love this… because it’s just so wrong. The outfits are a freakin’ stitch and I love both Finn and Rachel’s facial expressions throughout. They are totally selling this number… and it’s brilliant. Also brilliant are the horrified looks of the other glee kids. I could watch this 10 times in a row and laugh every time (and sing along… because this song is just so bad it’s good).

And, as I mentioned yesterday how odd I thought that Eric Stoltz directed this episode. Then, right after I posted the blog, I saw that Stoltz was in the news for footage of him from when he was originally cast in Back to the Future. Now, I love me some Eric Stoltz. But I am uber thankful that the role of Marty McFly got recast and Michael J. Fox was hired instead. It just works soooooooo much better. But I still love Stoltz. I just hope his career picks back up a bit. But, the Glee kids seemed to like him alot… they said a lot of good things about him in this week’s Behind the Glee.

Well, now for Bones

Have a good one πŸ™‚