My dad doesn’t go to the movies very often (in fact, both times he went in the past several months have been with me), so when it comes to what we get in the mail via Netflix, I get some repeats. Since I’m the one in charge of what we see, it’s my own fault for putting movies I’ve already seen on there, but I knew my dad would like Hot Tub Time Machine (whereas I already saw it, on opening day in theaters, with my sister). But we laughed, so all was well…

This morning started out much the same as the others… dragging myself out of my warm bed and up the stairs only to feel like I was in the refrigerator section of a grocery store. At least I put on a fleece zip-up coat before I made it all the way up the steps.

Instead of oatmeal and tea, I opted for fruit juice and cold pizza as I sat on the couch next to Moose. I decided to start watching The Purple Rose of Cairo. (I know I keep talking about Shakespeare in Love and Miracle, but I left my DVDs downstairs.)

Now, I’m not a Woody Allen fan by any means, but I remember liking The Purple Rose of Cairo. I have only seen it once – in my Theatre in Film class during my sophomore (junior?) year of high school. We would watch movies and then break them down and talk about semiotics, filmmaking techniques, and plot devices. It was the best class I ever took during grade school and was my biggest influence in deciding to studio video production and film during college. Things I learned in that class helped throughout undergrad and grad school film classes… and it also exposed me to some of important movies.

Because of that class, I saw Singin’ in the Rain for the first time (and it’s now one of my favorite movie musicals of all time *and* I’ve been a huge Gene Kelly fan ever since), Quiz Show (*the* movie that made me want to study movies, my 2nd favorite movie of all time… and also the catalyst for one of the most embarrassing moments of my entire life – meeting Ralph Fiennes and him laughing at me when I went into an epic monologue about my love of Quiz Show and his entire film canon), Citizen Kane (good thing I saw it here, because I fell asleep during it when we watched it in Film 201 or 202 in college), Cabaret, Touch of Evil, and, among others, The Purple Rose of Cairo. I remember I liked it… and that Jeff Daniels’s character came down off the movie screen… but that was about it. I’m only 30 minutes in, but I am liking it still, so far πŸ™‚

Instead of getting to work straight away after breakfast, I went and ran errands with my mom. We mailed some stuff then went to Target for awhile. We came home, put away the stuff we got, then made lunch and played Yahtzee. She may have kicked my ass in ping-pong all summer, but I am still the Yahtzee champion.

Mom had to do more chores (rake leaves, stack firewood), so I went down to my room to work on my Works Cited page. That’s the worst… trying to format all those entries. Blah. I know there are websites that do it for you, but every time I do that, something goes wrong and I end up having to do twice the amount of work. So, I did it all myself… all 7 pages of sources. I got most of it done by 6, though I still have 5-6 books to add, as well as a couple websites. But that shouldn’t take too much time tomorrow. I also plan on typing out my Methods section. Woot.

While my parents went to the library, I watched a HIMYM rerun – it was the Naked Man episode! What a great episode πŸ™‚ Jason Segel was a delight, as per usual. I’d totally add “meet and marry Jason Segel” to my Bucket List if that weren’t so creepy.

We had dinner and watched Survivor and Modern Family. I wish they would have ousted different people on Survivor, but I’m not the one playing the game. And Modern Family was good, as per usual. That show is just so good – I love it so much!

After that, my dad and I watched the aforementioned Hot Tub Time Machine. He laughed like a crazy person the entire time… and rightly so. It is a funny movie. Our kind of humor, for sure. Rob Corddry is so great in it πŸ™‚ Plus, who doesn’t love John Cusack? However, my heart belongs to Crispin Glover. Mr. George McFly himself… the scenes in the 80s with his arm are great, even if they are cheap sight gags.

Tomorrow, I plan on going to see The Social Network. My mom might come along too… we’ll see.

I hope you have a great day πŸ™‚

P.S. Old news, but I saw the best equal rights videos on youtube today, starring Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Alec Baldwin. Way to go, gentlemen. Let’s get equal rights for those in NY… πŸ™‚

P.P.S. I can’t believe that I’ll be seeing Rock of Ages on SATURDAY!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!