Hey brother,

So, I personally didn’t get much accomplished today. Whoops.

I woke up at 9:51, which is waaaaaaay later than I usually sleep. By well over an hour. As I was checking my phone because I didn’t believe my night stand clock to be correct, I saw I had a missed call. From work. (Blah!)

Work called around 8:30 to see if I could come in any earlier today. I was scheduled to work from 6-9:15. I called back and said I could show up a couple hours earlier. *sigh*

I went upstairs and greeted my mom and dogs. I had some breakfast while I finished watching The Purple Rose of Cairo. Gosh, I love Jeff Daniels 🙂 That’s just a great movie.

After that I showered and then meant to type up some of the Methods section of my thesis proposal. I didn’t get too far… as in I didn’t type anything up. I did separate out the pages of my notes that I would need, but then I just started poking around on the internet. There has been so much hubbub about the Glee kids in the GQ photoshoot… but even though the poses were a bit forward and the clothing was a bit scarce (at least on Lea Michele and Dianna Agron… but Cory Monteith was all covered up. Rats.), all three of those actors are over 21 and GQ is a grownup magazine. (I’m not going to link out to pictures of the people. It’s all over the Internet.)

People should not be so up in arms over this. Little kids may watch Glee (which actually isn’t all that children-appropriate), but they shouldn’t be allowed to get ahold of GQ. However, those pictures have been circling online the past few days… as in even though I’ve never held an issue of GQ in my hands, I saw the pictures on some Glee fan site that I check out on a regular basis. At first I was way confused why there were a bunch of pictures of Lea Michele and Dianna Agron in hardly any clothes on Glee websites. That’s certainly not what I was looking for. But, once I realized that the photos were not from some Glee press packet, but from GQ, it all made more sense. Again, those actors are over 21. GQ is a mens magazine. Of course those girls weren’t going to be wearing much. Give it a rest, society. Please re-focus your energy to 17 year old Miley Cyrus who is dressing like a woman who is older than she is left and right and then talking about God and Jesus every time she’s at some awards show with a mic in her hand. That’s a real problem for our youth… not these Glee actors.

But I digress.

I played some Yahtzee w/my mom while she ate lunch, then I made lunch for myself around 2 and started watching The Marc Pease Experience. It’s some indie comedy starring Ben Stiller Jason Schwartzman about a former high school musical theater/show choir singer (Schwartzman) and his a capella group. It’s pretty bad, but I thought it would be a bit like Glee. It’s not. But I laughed because Stiller’s choir kids sang “We’re All in This Together” from HSM. Good times.

Before I went to work, I made a new Glee-mix for my car. Work was okay… I kept busy. I wasn’t in my usual department today, but that was okay because the ladies I was with today were nice and we had some good pop culture talks.

I got home from work to find my dad watching some crappy Val Kilmer movie on Netflix, so I played some more Yahtzee with my mom while I had a snack. I came down to my room to type this up, but ended up g-chatting with my brother for a bit 🙂 I can’t wait to see him in a few weeks!!

And tomorrow my mom and I see Rock of Ages!!!!!!!! I am so freakin’ excited I can’t even put into words how much I am so looking forward to this musical adventure 🙂

Have a good one!