Today was Rocky Horror Glee Tuesday 🙂 But more on that in a bit…

And before you ask, No, I didn’t do any thesis stuff today. I’m horrible, I know.

After a ridiculously fitful night of sleep (or lack thereof?) last night, I stumbled out of bed around 9:45 this morning. I don’t know why I didn’t sleep… even the alphabet game wasn’t helping. I was on “M” for quite awhile… and will likely pick up there again tonight.

Within a half hour of waking, I ate some applesauce mixed with Grape Nuts, got dressed in my winter coat and rain boots (it was cold, rainy and windy here today) and was out the door with my mom to run some errands.

One of our first stops was Target, as we were in search of a card for her dad’s birthday and we were going to look for a Wii game for ourselves. We saw some different dance games advertised online, so we picked one up in hopes of dancing off some calories over the next few weeks. While on our errands, we saw a lady running around one of the parking lots in shorts. Craziness. After the post office, we went to the library to return some books and pick out some newer ones. I got two production-based books (one about Star Wars and one about Indiana Jones), a book about the behind-the-scenes of the Oscars, a biography on Paul Newman, and some “unauthorized” book about Glee. Woot!

Mom and I got home, let out the dogs and had a sandwich while we played Yahtzee. After lunch, it was time to dance… or at least attempt some dancing/cardio/boxing shenanigans.

I started out in a hoodie, t-shirt, yoga pants, wool socks and house boots and as our dancing ensued, ended up scrapping the hoodie, then the boots, then the socks. The game was pretty intense, and we only made it through some of the practice and beginner levels.

I’m not a horrible dancer, especially when it comes to choreography (if someone shows me some basic steps, I usually can replicate them), but my feet were not mirroring those of the trainers on the screen. Neither were my mom’s… it was pretty hilarious. But, if your arms (and Wii-mote) were in sync with the trainers, then you got the points… so I at least made sure my arms were going in the right directions. The music is pretty good (some Lady Gaga – woot), and after awhile, we were getting the hang of some of the different steps and whatnot. But we didn’t clear enough floor room in the living room and my mom and I each ended up hitting each other a few times. We’d laugh it off and try and keep in time with the trainers (i.e. “those skinny bitches,” as my mom called them). Some of the moves are similar to those in our Dancing with the Stars game, but a lot of it is new. We’ll play more tomorrow.

After those shenanigans, my mom went outside to try and clean up the yard a little and fill our yard waste bin for the yard waste collector tomorrow. But the wind was so strong that she had to come in after a little while. Even as I type this, the wind is howling something fierce.

We played some Yahtzee when she came inside and she asked if I was going to make the Halloween brownies we had in the cupboard. I said yesterday that I was going to make it, but I was so out of it from not sleeping that I forgot. So, I put on my Rock of Ages music and made the brownies… the house smelled sooooo good.

We played some Wii Bowling (I lost my Pro status – sadness) and she fed the dogs, then we made dinner. We watched a couple episodes of Bones Season 2 and then it was time for GLEE!!

(SPOILERS) – I will try and link to video clips tomorrow… there aren’t any available yet, so most/all the links are to just the song recordings, FYI

So, tonight was the Rocky Horror Glee Show. I LOVED how the show started off with Santana’s lips singing “Science Fiction/Double Feature” and how there was a cast list with all of the Glee people. It was a great start of a great episode.

At first I was confused why the show then leapt into “There’s a Light (Over At the Frankenstein Place)“, but then it all made sense with Mr. Schue’s voiceover.

Oh, Mr. Schuester… soooooo jealous of Emma and Carl. So much so that he tells her that he was going to have the glee kids put on Rocky Horror for their musical… but only after Emma tells him how she and Carl have gone to midnight screenings of the show.

The Glee cast is perfectly suited for Rocky Horror – Finn and Rachel make a perfect Brad and Janet, Sam’s perfect for Rocky, Artie’s perfect for the character in the wheelchair, etc… Everything should have fallen into place. But of course this is scripted TV, so nothing ever works out how it should. You need conflict to drive a story.

Conflict on Glee is never far when Sue Sylvester is around. I liked the Barry Bostwick and Meatloaf bit parts as guys who want Sue to do an expose for the news. Regional Emmy… her she comes. She interrupts Finn and Rachel’s “Dammit, Janet” rehearsal to tell Will how much she supports the arts and how she supports the kids doing Rocky Horror because it’s envelope pushing. Awww…

And then comes Carl… Oh, John Stamos. I thought his monologue about how it’d be inappropriate for him to be Frank-N-Furter was awfully tongue-in-cheek (allegedly, he was supposed to play Frank-N-Furter). I also loved his version of “Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?”. Seeing Mr. Schue jealous was great 🙂

I also liked that Mercedes stepped up and said she’d like to play Frank-N-Furter. Talk about colorblind *and* gender-blind casting. Why shouldn’t a girl get to play Frank-N-Furter? And why shouldn’t Frank-N-Furter have some soul behind his/her big solo number? Even though Glee is sooooo fictitious, it’s nice to see those fictional characters get to sing songs that have been stereotypically reserved for other gendered people (see also Kurt singing “Defying Gravity” in season one).

I love that there are two characters on the show with Down syndrome (Though only one, Becky, was on this week. The other character, Jean, is Sue’s older sister.). Since her appearance in Season One, Becky has been on a few episodes. She’s a Cheerio, she’s always got great scenes with Sue, and none of the other characters treat her any differently because she has Down Syndrome. In tonight’s episode, Becky dressed up as Sue for Halloween (brilliant!) and was integral in the plot line of Will finding out that Sue was allowing them to put on Rocky Horror because she was going to condemn it on her Sue’s Corner. Glee has a fairly diverse cast… I appreciate that.

I also appreciate that Glee manages to address social issues that are relevant for high schoolers. Tonight’s episode dealt with body image… from a male’s point of view. Poor Finn – when he found out that his Rocky Horror character, Brad, was going to have to appear on stage in his tighty whiteys, he panicked. It didn’t help that Sam – “you could cut glass with these [abs]” – Evans was more than fine working out all the time and watching everything he ate so he could look like he does. However, it was Sam who finally convinced Finn that he should own his body and that confidence would let the sexiness come through. Finn had nothing to worry about. When he walked down the hall in his Brad costume (glasses, shoes, socks and white boxers), he looked like a healthy person. Sure, he’s not as ripped as Sam (or Mr. Schue during “Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch Me”… or in Vogue a few months ago), but Finn had nothing to be embarrassed about. (Cory Monteith = ridiculously adorable) Really, neither do any of the other characters on that show…

Glee is good about allowing each character to love themselves for who they are. Remember last season when Mercedes tried to crash diet? She got the confidence talk from Quinn about being comfortable in her own body. Kurt has dealt with plot lines revolving around him (and his dad and friends) being proud of who he is. So has Rachel (her looks) and Tina (the way she dresses). So even though Glee isn’t setting out to change the whole world, it’s nice that such a popular show manages to weave important story lines and themes throughout the show.

In the end, Mr. Schue caved and acknowledged that he was only doing Rocky Horror to be closer to Emma. Way to be honest, Mr. Schue. He loves her, but recognizes that her being with Carl is the best thing for her… at least for right now. (Damn straight, we need some more John Stamos face time!)

I was glad to see the show end with “The Time Warp“. Even though I’ve seen the clip on youtube a bajillion times by now, it’s nice to watch it on TV.

So, all in all, I liked the episode. The best line of the night goes to Sam in his too tight/small Rocky outfit… “I’m afraid I’ll show some nuttage up here.” Brilliant.

However, I dare say one of my favorite moments of the whole night was the teaser for the next episode of Glee… which is in 2 weeks (ugh)… looks like the Glee girls are singing “Livin’ on a Prayer“!!!!!!! As cliche as it is, that’s one of my favorite songs of all time… I can’t wait!

(End Glee talk)

Well, I guess I’ll get to reading. I hafta work from 6:15-9:15 tomorrow, so I guess I catch Modern Family online. Looks like it’s gonna be a funny Halloween episode 🙂

Have a good one!