I guess I’m rooting for the San Francisco Giants, even though because of them the Phillies didn’t make it to the World Series. I was glad the Giants won Game 1 πŸ™‚ That right fielder for the Rangers was having a rough go in the Bottom of the 8th. Dang… But then when the Giants gave up 3 runs in the top of the 9th, I was hoping the Giants would keep it together. Luckily they did.

Even though I didn’t watch much of the regular season, I do enjoy watching the World Series because I love watching baseball. I like going to games or watching them on TV. Going to games is more fun… I like the atmosphere of the ballpark. And usually there’s Dippin’ Dots πŸ™‚ Plus, baseball is just a great sport. It’s a team game that still celebrates individual achievements. But the team comes first… there’s nine people on that field for a reason. Bases need to be covered, people need to be backed up, and everyone needs to be on the same page in order to execute proper defense.

[I always liked fielding better than hitting (I played softball for 10+ years). I pitched and played outfield … threw a girl out at home plate from left field during my first Varsity game junior year of high school. For some reason Coach hardly ever let me bat, though on occasion I would get a chance. But fielding was the best… always trying to keep at least one play ahead in my head.]

Watching the World Series just reminds me of all the good baseball memories I have… playing Home Run Derby in the street, watching my brother or friends’ games at the fields at Perkins Middle School, going to see the Akron-Canton Indians and later the Akron Aeros at Canal Park (I love that ballpark so much!), driving down from Akron to see Reds games, watching Ryan Howard hit a 3-run homerun at a Phillies home game. Good times…

I love baseball. I love watching baseball. I love baseball movies. I guess it’s my favorite sport πŸ™‚

Besides watching the tail end of the Giants/Rangers game, I did other stuff today too…

I was up around 7:45, which sucked because I probably didn’t get to bed until half past 1 (I was reading… I couldn’t help it). After breakfast and watching Ellen (David Beckham was on… he was actually pretty funny. I didn’t expect that), I went down to my room to read all of the Glee reviews from last night. It seems that I was spot-on when I commented about how the show managed to tackle an important social issue of male body image. Fear not, Finn Hudson.

I think my favorite part of the episode was the “Dammit, Janet” number.

Classic Finn… props to Cory Monteith. His comedic timing is pretty solid, and he plays Finn as such an earnest performer. Plus, those glasses. πŸ™‚

Anyway… I folded some laundry and then tried to work on the Methods Section for my Thesis Proposal. I got a couple pages typed up today, but I know they need editing in a bad way. I’ll work more on that tomorrow.

I worked this evening from 6:15-9:15… I was super busy the whole time. That was actually good because it made the time go by quickly. However, I had a customer tonight who might rank in the top spot of my “least favorite customer of all time” list. I smiled and tried to keep things going smoothly and just was praying on the inside that s/he wouldn’t snap at me and that s/he would leave without complaining. I waited on him/her once before, but this time was worse. Oh well… that’s what happens when you work in customer service, right?

After work, I drove home in the rain? snow? and then watched the end of the ball game with my parents. I was hoping I would have time to watch Modern Family tonight, but I am too tired. Sadness.

Tomorrow I hope to work more on my paper, watch Modern Family and beat more levels of that dancing Wii game. We’ll see…

Have a good one πŸ™‚