Hey there,

I was going to head to bed super early tonight as I have to be at work early tomorrow morning, but the World Series game went until 10:15 Central Time.

So, I’m totally rooting for the Giants, but I felt horrible embarrassed for the Rangers bullpen in the Bottom of the 8th. That one guy walked 3 people in a row, causing 2 runs to be walked in! Who does that?! I’ve never seen that… not even during my brother’s little league baseball games. I was a pitcher when I was younger and I never EVER walked 3 people in a row, nor did I ever walk in one run, let alone two!

Sadness plus… but the Giants deserved that win. Matt Cain pitched a solid game tonight and earned that win.

I’ll recap what I did today in tomorrow’s post, not that it’s super interesting (slept in, watched part of a movie, danced/boxed with our Wii game, ate yummy cookies, watched TV and baseball… yep, not super interesting).

Anyway, I have to go now because I need to be up in 8 hours so I can be on time for work.

So, have a good one 🙂