Today was not an awesome day at work. Not that it was horrible… but it wasn’t all that great either.

It all started last night when I tried to go on work’s website to check my schedule (I have a conflict next Sunday that I am confident that my manager is going to forget about and she’ll schedule me to work anyway…). I couldn’t access it because the website was loading so slowly, but I did see some sort of emergency message flashing. I misread the message and thought that our store was closed for some reason. After looking online for probably 15 minutes and calling some emergency number, I found that a store in California was closed, not the one I work at in MN. Whoops…

So, I woke up this morning and got ready for work. It frosted quite heavily last night, so I hurried up and grabbed all my stuff and flew out of the house, only to find that someone (my mom) had scraped all of my windows for me. Awww, moms πŸ™‚

I drove to work and did what I had to do. Opened registers, cleaned up and whatnot… the usual. After meeting with some fellow colleagues, I went back to my area and changed some signs around because I thought they were mislabeled (turns out I was wrong about that… I got scolded later by my favorite colleague, so I felt a little bad, but not super horrible).

Throughout the day I helped as many people as I could. We were either bonkers crazy or not at all. I was helping this very nice lady find something off of a list she had. I went to the back to find the item and came out to find her clutching the box for the same item. So, at the register, I put the item I found down and scanned the box of the item she found. The woman thanked me several times for helping and we said goodbye. A few minutes later I went to put the item I found out on display to take the place of the item the woman bought only to find that the actual item was still there, but it’s display box was gone.

And all of a sudden, I had a sinking feeling that the nice lady I just helped just paid for an empty cardboard box.

This was completely an accident… though I probably should have double checked what she brought up to the register, there wasn’t anything I could do now. I knew her name but didn’t have a phone number. I told my favorite colleague what happen and she told me it wasn’t my fault. But I still felt really bad 😦 I put the item on our counter and wrote a note for anyone who came in later that a woman might come in for the item. What else was I to do?

And besides some usual drama of a different colleague taking one of my sales for the third or fifth time, the rest of the day went pretty okay. When it was time for me to leave, I went to the back because there was a note from the manager saying there was new information for us in our “mailboxes” (i.e. a labeled folder in a file cabinet). I hadn’t even checked before to see if I had a folder, so I did today and found that my folder was labeled “Jackie”.

Now, I’ve been called plenty of things in my life… I get called my sister’s name all the time, or people would mistakenly call me Katherine, Kaitlin, Kathleen, Kathy, etc… But I’ve never been called “Jackie” before. Probably because that is no where near close to my name at all. I told my favorite colleague about the mislabeled folder and we laughed. And then I left… I have the whole weekend off!

I got home and found the front door was locked. Somehow my key wasn’t on my key ring. I prayed it was in my purse and then called my mom, as I didn’t want to knock on the door because the dogs would bark. She was out back and told me to come in the back door because the front door was locked, to which I replied “No shit, Sherlock.” I was tired. I was hungry. I was pissy…

I got the mail and went in the house. I dumped the entire contents of my purse on the table and found my key (thank goodness). I got into my comfy clothes (i looked like a walking advertisement for OU… sweatpants, t-shirt, hoodie…) and then apologize to my mom for being rude to her earlier. We played some Yahtzee and had yummy cookies (my mom made some sort of chocolate chip/pretzel cookies. Mmm Mmm Good).

Mom made a fire and I watched HIMYM from the recliner in the living room with Moose sleeping on my lap (she’s sooooooo warm). My dad got home and we all ate pizza while watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I have seen this probably upwards of 30 times by now and I never get sick of it. I laugh harder every time I see it – oh that Charlie Brown. My favorite line is when he’s shown in his utterly holey ghost costume – “I had a little trouble with the scissors.” Awwwwww, Chuck.

After that, we finished watching The Losers. It was actually much better than I thought it was going to be. Jason Patric was super annoying, but the core group of “Losers” were great and I liked the action sequences. Chris Evans usually kinda annoys me, but I just my latest issue of EW in the mail and he looks amazing on the cover as Captain America. I might have to start liking him, because I really want to see Captain America (and The Avengers).

I am super tired, so I came down to my room early. I’ll likely watch The Office, then read some of my Oscars book and then head to bed. not setting an alarm!!

Have a good one πŸ™‚

P.S. Congratulations to my BFF and her HUSBAND!!! They got married today πŸ™‚ I am so happy for the two of them… and I know they will continue to be happy together! I am so excited for them and wish them the very best! I also can’t wait until she’s back in town so I can hear stories and see pictures of their ceremony!!!!!!! πŸ™‚