I totally stayed on the couch for the entire 2:51 game of Giants vs. Rangers… sometimes I was accompanied by a sleeping Moose, other times not. I was sad to see the Rangers win 4-2. I was hoping the Giants were going to rally and have another stellar 8th inning like in game 2, but alas. The Giants are still up 2 games to 1, so I hope they can keep the lead and win the next two games to clinch the Series.

Oh World Series baseball, how I love you so.

I woke up around 9:15 and came upstairs to find my dad watching our new favorite woodworking show on PBS, “Rough Cut – Woodworking with Tommy Mac.” Tommy Mac(Donald) and his Massachusetts accent are a stitch to watch/listen to as he does his woodworking crafts.

After Tommy’s show was over, my mom took over the TV and put on the Wii dance game, as she wanted to show me some of the mini games she was having trouble with yesterday. I coached her from the couch while I ate my breakfast. We then played some Wii bowling… my Pro ball got taken away from me the other day and I haven’t been able to get it back yet. Sadness.

After that, my parents went to Menards for some stuff and I showered and attempted to check my work schedule. The website isn’t Safari-compliant, which sucks, so I had to use Firefox, but it was going epically slow. I then tried to click on the part of the website to see if I wanted to pick up any more shifts in the next couple weeks and found that for that part of the website, you can only use Internet Explorer. Way to not be all-encompassing of various Internet providers, work website. Ugh

My parents got back around 12:30 and mom and I Wii bowled some more while we heated up some pizza. We then watched some more of White Men Can’t Jump. And we got to the part where Wesley Snipes’s character actually delivers the line, “White men can’t jump.” Oh, Ron Shelton, why’d you have to write the title of the movie into the script like that? Bah!

Post-pizza, I went downstairs to my room… I was trying to straighten it up a bit, as my sister and her friends from school will need to all fit in there over Thanksgiving. I got a bit cleaned up, but there is still a lot of work to be done. I did pack up some of my warm-weather clothes, as it’s been getting cold. So, t-shirts are out, and flannel jammies are in.

A couple hours later, I went back upstairs for some more Wii bowling with both parents, and then Mom and I Wii golfed… I was doing so well, until I got a +7 on one hole – yikes!

And then it was time for the Giants/Rangers game… sadness plus.

That game ended and now we have the MSU/OSU football game on. Boy, are the Gophers’ uniforms fugly.

I’m just killing time until SNL – Jon Hamm is hosting and Rihanna is the music guest. This is Hamm’s 3rd time hosting… I am super excited 🙂

Happy Halloween Eve, everybody!

P.S. I feel like watching Casper right now… but alas I do not have the DVD. This will have to do: