November 2010


So, I was actually pretty productive today. I slept in till 9 because I had a horrible night’s sleep (woke up to what felt like a hot flash at 4 am, and got up to turn the heat down on my floor), but then dragged myself upstairs for some granola and SNL before I went back down to my room to code.

Yep, still doing preliminary coding. I got a lot done today, but I still have 2 1/2 years of content left to code (I wanted to get 12 years of information done… so only 2 1/2 more to go). It’s a bit slow-going at times because I have to look up a bunch of people who have gender ambiguous names. I also found some stuff I needed to edit on my coding sheet, so it’s been helpful what I’ve done so far.

Besides coding, I did play some Glee Karaoke πŸ™‚ My dad came home early to take my mom to a doctor’s appointment (she got a lump removed from her elbow… it wasn’t anything serious, the doctor’s said it was some sort of calcium buildup, but it’s all good now), so before I coded some more, I sang some more songs. While I am not the greatest singer on the face of the planet, I did really well because you just need to stay on pitch. And since I sing along to Glee music just about every day, and the songs on the game are the same versions as the songs on my Glee CDs, I know all of the songs by heart, so I don’t need to watch the pitch line (which gives me a headache as it scrolls… oy). So, yeah. I have a Glee addiction. I don’t even care.

Speaking of Glee… I never wrote about “Furt” from last week!! So, before I go into my epic monologue about tonight’s episode, “Special Education,” I’ll discuss last week’s show.


As a viewer, I was soooo happy when I found out Finn’s mom and Kurt’s dad were going to get married πŸ™‚ That’s just too cute! Kurt’s dad, Burt, is one of my favorite characters on the show. He hasn’t been in too many episodes, but I LOVE the Burt/Kurt scenes because their father/son relationship is one of the best ones I’ve ever seen in any TV show or movie. Burt Hummel is so accepting and protective of his son, and their relationship brings an element of unconditional love to the show. I know this is all fictional, but it’s still really moving and heartfelt πŸ™‚

On the other spectrum of parent/child relationships is Sue Sylvester’s mom (played by Carol Burnett!!!), a nazi hunter who is finally back in Ohio to see her daughters. If you thought Sue was dysfunctional, now at least you don’t have to wonder where she got that from. Yikes. Sue decides to marry herself in this episode, and her mom makes it all about the mom. Poor Sue.

Poor Kurt too… Karofsky is out to make his life miserable, still. Karofsky steals the wedding cake topper Kurt had for his dad and step-mom’s cake. Mr. Schue sees this and takes Kurt to Sue’s office (she’s still the principal). She tells him to stand up for himself, but there’s nothing else she can do about it unless Karofsky lays a hand on him. Kurt doesn’t tell Mr. Schue or Sue about the physical violence and verbal threats that Karofsky has already made on him. Sadness. (But, points for Kurt because he confronts Sue about her calling him “Lady” all the time. He tells her that she is bullying him… she agrees to not call him that anymore.)

Rachel gathers the Glee girls and tells them that they need to have their football boyfriends deal with Karofsky. Mike, Artie and Sam follow through, and Sam gets a black eye in the process. Finn doesn’t get involved… which is extra not cool, especially because Kurt is about to become his step-brother. Man up, Finn.

But back to the more adorable wedding and wedding planning… Burt and Carol! Kurt tries to teach Burt and Finn how to dance. It’s all sorts of awkward, and Finn gets uncomfortable and asks if they can at least close the door. Just as Kurt and Finn hold hands to begin dancing, Karofsky sees them from the hall and makes a mean hand gesture.

When Burt sees Karofsky making fun of Kurt, and then Burt goes after Karofsky, it’s scary and heroic at the same time. Kurt finally opens up and tells his dad (and Finn) that Karofsky threatened to kill him. That’s obviously not cool with Burt, so Burt threatens Karofsky. (And at this point, my heart was racing like whoa… I love Burt Hummel.)

Back in Sue’s office, the Hummels and Karofskys have a chat. Karofsky denies everything that Kurt says (even though Kurt still doesn’t open up about the kiss), but Sue still expels him. I wonder if we’ll see Karofsky’s dad again? He was questioning his son’s actions, saying that he’s been acting differently. Hmmm…

Wedding time!!

Before the ceremony, Santana tells Finn that she’s going to tell Rachel about their hooking up last season. Finn says no, and then Rachel walks in… you can totally tell Santana wants some more Finn-action. But Finn loves Rachel, and he tells her that she’s beautiful (what he needed to do was tell her he lied to her about Santana…).

At the wedding, the New Directions do their own “Forever” with Bruno Mars’s “Marry You“. Awww…

If Burt and Carol’s vows didn’t choke you up a little bit, then you have no soul. Mike O’Malley as Burt Hummel is SOOOOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE. Burt and Carol’s vows were great and I am so looking forward to a glimpse into the Hummel/Hudson household.

At the reception, Mr. Schue serenaded everyone with “Sway” (swoon…). And then it was time for Finn to give the best man speech. And it was super cute that he said all those nice things about Kurt. They’ve had quite the story line (when Kurt was basically in love with Finn last season, and then they had to share a room and Finn called Kurt’s stuff “faggy”… yikes), but I hope that we’ll get to see them in some brotherly scenarios. I loved, loved, loved Finn’s dedication of Bruno Mars’s “Just the way you are” to Kurt, and I especially loved, loved, loved when they danced together. If that didn’t tug at your heartstrings, then again you have no soul.

But the real kick in the pants and extra hard tug at all things heartstrings was the last couple scenes of the episode… Sue informed Kurt and his parents that Karofsky was no longer expelled (school board gave him a verbal warning) and he would be back at school the next day. She apologized that she couldn’t do more for Kurt and that she was resigning as principal so she could better keep an eye out for Kurt in the hallways. (I love that Sue is so supportive of Kurt in this bullying situation, because she is normally the big bully.)

And even though I knew Kurt somehow ended up at Dalton, it was still a blow to my New Directions-loving self when Kurt announced to the group that he was leaving. As he teared up to tell them that his parents were using their honeymoon money for Dalton Academy’s tuition, and then Finn was all upset because his brother hadn’t shared this information with him, I was conflicted. (I know, I am waaaaaaaaaaaaay to invested in this show.) I was glad that Kurt was going to be out of harm’s way/closer to his new dreamy friend Blaine. But Kurt’s second family is the New Directions. He was leaving Mercedes and the rest of them… 😦 But, Kurt needed to be not in the same place as Karofsky. And this was the only solution…

So, with sectionals quickly approaching, I was very much looking forward to “Special Education” tonight.

Oh, Glee Tuesday, how you never disappoint.


Of course I knew what songs were going to get sung and some of the minor plot points that were going to happen over the course of tonight’s episode. However, I was caught way off guard by some plot points and relationship-shifts (or, as I will now call them, “relationshifts” from here on out…).

I thought Emma and Will’s opening scene at their lunch table was super appropriate. Way to go, Emma, for flat out telling Will that his plan for sectionals was likely his same old-same old… a Finn/Rachel ballad, and then some rock song where Mercedes wails some awesome end note. Yeah, Mr. Schue, we all know what your set list is before you even tell us.

So, I liked when he walked into glee rehearsal and told them they were going to mix it up. While I was not a huge fan of him deciding Sam and Quinn do a duet ballad (neither of those actors have the strongest/best voices on the show… sorry), as a fan I was looking forward to some Brittany and Mike Chang dancing.

After Santana’s threat last week of spilling to Rachel that Santana and Finn had sex last season (Power of Madonna episode), it was no surprise that Rachel was going to find out sooner or later. I just didn’t think that was going to go down during a glee rehearsal. Rachel’s reaction was valid – Finn should have told her – and I thought it was kind of sad/sweet that Rachel and Finn went to couple’s counseling help in Emma’s office. Not that Emma helped any…

Meanwhile, over at Dalton Academy, Kurt was being inducted into the Warblers. Chris Colfer, looking mighty handsome in his Dalton Academy uniform, has Kurt down a T and successfully manages to share every feeling Kurt is having all over his face. It kinda just breaks your heart. Kurt tried to crack a couple jokes, and none of those went over well (though you could tell Blaine was on his side… πŸ™‚ ). And the way his feelings were crushed when his idea to sing Duran Duran’s “Rio” at Sectionals was shot down. (BTW – that would have been an amazing song choice).

I will likely repeat this next sentence over and over again, but Darren Criss was the best possible casting choice for Blaine, as he also is gifted with the ability to display a wide range of emotions with little or no verbal communication. If you rewatch all of the Dalton Academy scenes, as well as the “Hey, Soul Sister” performance, Blaine’s body language and eye contact toward Kurt just screams relationship. Though they are not an item (but, please Ryan Murphy, let that become a reality sooner rather than later), Blaine and Kurt have a bond, and there are several ways I can see their relationship going.

Blaine told Kurt that he was allowed to audition for a solo for Sectionals. During Kurt’s (and Rachel’s) performance of “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina,” Blaine’s eyes were locked on Kurt. The writers, I’m sure, write the character of Blaine as a caring person who is protective of Kurt and Kurt’s well-being. However, I would bet that it’s a combination of direction and Darren Criss’s superb acting abilities that flesh Blaine out into someone who connects with Kurt on a level that no other character on the show can.

Both Blaine and Kurt are gay (duh, right?), and Blaine is aware of Kurt’s bullying situation. So, when Kurt is singing “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina,” Kurt is feeling those lyrics and is getting emotional as he sings them. Blaine, able to empathize with Kurt’s feelings, gets a bit emotional too (at least it looked like his eyes were tearing up a bit too). (Btw – best part of that scene was when Kurt started to raise his arms Evita-style, and Blaine motioned for him to put them down. Adorable! See for yourself at 2:04-2:05 πŸ™‚ )

But when Blaine came into the holding room to let other soloist audition people that they made it through to the next round and Kurt did not, there was a bit of a disconnect. Blaine told Kurt he didn’t have to try so hard with the solo, so Kurt confided that at McKinley, he was used to over-doing it in order to get attention. Blaine told Kurt that the Warblers are a team and that the gist was to not stand out. HMMMM…

I’m hoping the writers expand on this in future episodes. See, at McKinley, Kurt stood out because 1.) he’s gay and 2.) standing out is part of his persona. He was always more fashionable than the other kids, and his voice and personality made him unique and different. At Dalton, Kurt may not be being bullied, but he’s also being blended into the masses. And while there was no mention this episode about when Kurt will be returning to McKinley, I’m sure that will have to happen at some point, as I don’t think Kurt’s personality is going to mesh well at Dalton. I not so secretly hope that Kurt goes back to McKinley and that Blaine ends up there at some point too. (Sorry, but it’d be nice to see Darren Criss/Blaine in something other than his Dalton Academy uniform.)

But, as the scene between Kurt and Rachel at Sectionals mentions, it’s good that Kurt isn’t at McKinley because being there was a threat to his life (Oh, Karofsky.). So, let’s keep Kurt safe, shall we?

Speaking of Karofsky, we did see him briefly in this episode, and I thought his bit with Puck was money. I loved it when Puck tried to get football guys to join glee club. And I loved that he singled out Karofsky and told him that he was the reason Kurt was gone, and that juvie or not, Karofsky was at the top of Puck’s list. Nice πŸ™‚

Puck was all kinds of great in this episode. He had some of the best lines and you just *knew* that he and Rachel were not over.

That brings us to the Rachel and Finn relationshift… So, Finn and Santana had sex last season and Rachel just finds out about it now. Ouch. Finn should have told Rachel, but he was right when he said that he and Rachel weren’t even together when it happened. However, after a fight in tonight’s episode, Rachel walked off with Puck… and then at the end of the episode, when Finn was making up with Rachel and said there would be no more lies, she spilled that that week, she and Puck were together, but that her actions should be cancelled out by Finn’s actions with Santana. But even though that makes sense to a high schooler, Finn was right to point out that what Rachel did was mean (esp. since they were still together) and then he dumped her. She yelled, “You said you’d never break up with me!” But she deserved it. But, I have a hunch these two will be back together…

Other big relationshifts in this episode… Artie thought Brittany cheated on him with Mike Chang (nope, she didn’t). Will still likes Emma, but Emma is married to Dr. Carl (oh, John Stamos… I hope we see more of you soon).

Music in this episode:

Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina” – love this song. But then again, who doesn’t love ballads from Evita?! Rachel is so selfish, but I kinda saw where she was coming from when she was singing her part of this song on the stage. She’s so dramatic… but I know at times I’ll be singing along to something and manipulate the lyrics in my head so that I feel that the song was totally written for me and what I am feeling at that particular time. (yeah, catch me on an off day, and I can tear up to the most random songs because I over-relate them to my life…). Like I said before, best part was when Kurt did the hand movement and Blaine signaled for him to stop.

“The Living Years” – Cheesetastic song, but I love it. Was it wrong that this part of the episode reminded me of the documentary Young @ Heart?

“Hey, Soul Sister” – I hate this song when it’s sung by Train, but I will gladly listen to anything that Darren Criss sings on repeat until the end of time. Besides an always-solid vocal, the kid’s got charisma oozing out of his pores. Love the dancing. Love the facial expressions. Love those crazy eyebrows. Darren Criss = amazing to the bajillionth degree.

(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” – Oh, Dirty Dancing… how I love your music. Like I noted earlier, Sam and Quinn (Chord Overstreet and Dianna Agron) don’t have the strongest vocals of the bunch, but this duet was pretty okay. They have good chemistry, which helps the visual aspect of the performance.

Valerie” – I have never heard this song before in my entire life. I like Santana’s voice, though, and Brittany and Mike Chang’s dancing.

Dog Days Are Over” – I’m kinda sick of this song. And I’m thinking that Ryan Murphy put it on the show because it was heavily featured in the ads for his movie Eat, Pray, Love. Blah. However, I thought that the message of this song was the perfect way to end the show because for the New Directions people, the “dog days” *weren’t* over. Everyone has problems… Finn and Rachel are on the outs. Mr. Schue is sad about Emma and Carl. Kurt’s not there. And I’m sure the bullying plot line is still hanging over everyone’s head. So, it was a bittersweet ending… the New Directions tied Dalton for first at Sectionals (which hopefully means plenty more Blaine leading up to Regionals), but there is personal turmoil galore at McKinley and beyond.

I cannot wait until next week’s Christmas episode. Please, please, please, let Blaine and Kurt sing “Baby It’s Cold Outside” on the show!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow, I’m at 3000 words right now. Holy hell, I just wrote more about Glee than I did for some of my research papers at school. And in waaaaaaaaaay less time. Well, you can see where my priorities are at… yikes.

Anyway, I have to be up early for work.

Have a good one!!

So, this is pretty gross, but I thought I dislodged part of my tonsil lump last night and then another part today… but when I look at it in the mirror, it’s still the same size. And it still is irritating the bejesus out of me. Oh well… hopefully this won’t be around for much longer. Time for some more Cholraseptic spray… ah, numbness.

I had a pretty productive day today. I printed out some coding sheets and my coding key and began some preliminary coding. I got through 4 years/28 cases thus far. Only a thousand or so to go… I’ll code a few more years/few dozen case studies tomorrow and then email my professor with my preliminary results. So far, so good – the coding sheet and key aren’t confusing to me. I should show them to my mom and see if she understands them. Hmmm…

Besides coding stuff, I worked for most of the afternoon and evening. I put on my happy face and assume a super cheery tone of voice… I deserve an Oscar for my performance, for reals. I had some woman tell me today that she and I were the only happy people she came across the whole day (we had super rainy/miserable weather). I don’t love my job (I don’t hate it, though), but I at least try to maintain a positive attitude while I’m there. If I’m overly pleasant, usually the customers don’t treat me horrendously. I have three years of acting classes and 2 years of retail experience, so I try to adapt my attitude to each individual situation/customer. It works… and passes the time. That, and singing along to the god-awful mix of Christmas music our store plays. When no one is around, I sing loudly… whatever keeps me awake πŸ™‚

Well, I will close for now. I’m gonna watch last night’s episode of Dexter and then finish a Dexter book I’m reading. Tomorrow is Glee Tuesday!!! So exciting πŸ™‚

Have a good one!

Hey there,

Well, the holiday is over and all our guests have gone back to their respective states of scholastic advancement. I will be posting nightly once again… but although I owe you an epic recap of last week’s episode of Glee, as well as the holiday weekend, that might have to wait until Wednesday.

See, I am super sleepy right now due to a lack of sleep the past few nights. While my siblings were here, I was up extra late and didn’t sleep much. Even now that they are gone, I still can’t sleep due to there being something wrong with my tonsil that is preventing me from being able to sleep soundly.

I have ginormous tonsils. And when I was little, before I got the roof of my mouth expanded so that my top teeth would close outside of my bottom teeth, my tonsils used to touch and rub together all the time. (Gross, I know.) Sore throats and strep throats were common for me, in addition to my ear infections which I got on a regular basis.

In high school, I got my expander (painful like whoa… and I can still feel the ridge on the roof of my mouth where it was expanded. *shudder*) and over a couple months, my tonsils became two separate entities instead of the giant pink blob that used to reside in the back of my mouth.

However, I still seem to get sore throats on a regular basis. Sometimes I know it’s due to radical changes in the weather and allergies. But, there are times where one or both of my tonsils develop these pea (or bigger) size lumps on them. And right now, my left tonsil has a lump the size of a jellybean and it keeps rubbing against the back of my throat. I’ve been spraying chloraseptic on it throughout the night, and that helps for a while, but ultimately the scratchy pain comes back and I wake up/can’t get back to sleep right away.

I googled my symptoms to see what others had to say. Tonsil stones seem to be the most popular answer, though I am fairly sure that is not what’s going on in my mouth, based on the pictures. Some people recommend getting your tonsils removed. When my mom popped her head in my room this afternoon while I was working on my thesis stuff, I asked her if she could rip my tonsils out for me. She said that she fought with my ENT when I was little to get them removed, but my doctor wouldn’t okay that procedure for some reason. I wish they would have just taken them out. Alas…

So yeah, tonsil shenanigans. Fun times 😦

I did have a great holiday weekend and I hope the same for you. I had a great visit with my brother, sister, and her two friends from school. We played a lot of Wii, board games, and watched movies. I had to work the day before and after Thanksgiving. Black Friday wasn’t so bad – it was just a bit slow toward the end and I was ready to be home for the weekend. I work tomorrow afternoon/evening. I hope to get more work done on my thesis proposal – today I edited my coding sheet, key and Methods Section. I’m going to test out the sheet and key before I email the results to my professor (which I hope to do on Tuesday!).

New Glee this Tuesday… and I promise I will have my opinions about “Furt” and “Special Education”. There is sooooo much to discuss πŸ™‚

Have a good one…

Okay, I know I said I wasn’t going to post… but I’m awake, so I’ll wish you a Happy Thanksgiving πŸ™‚

Now I must sleep… and hopefully have good dreams. Even though that might not happen because I was just an idiot and went on Facebook right before bed. I probably should have partaken in Jimmy Kimmel’s “Unfriend” day. But it’s my own fault… I clicked on the page. I saw what I saw. And now I must go to sleep…

Maybe I’ll just watch the following a couple more times… so then I’ll dream about Darren Criss instead πŸ™‚

Have a good one and HAPPY THANKSGIVING πŸ™‚

Dear reader,

Happy Holidays, yo!

I just wanted to say Thanks for reading and I hope you are having a great Thanksgiving week.

As my family is in town for the holiday and I will be spending almost all of my time with them, I probably won’t be posting anything on here for a bit… just because we’ll be up way late, so by time I settle down and have a spare minute to type, it’s waaaaay past when I should be up. (For example, it’s 12:18 AM as I type this… I am usually asleep by now, or darn close to it, but my sister and her friends got in at 11 and we all just decided it was time for sleep.)

So, even though I have loads of opinions about Tuesday’s episode of Glee, “Furt,” I won’t be typing those out for awhile. I will say that I loved the episode and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mike O’Malley as Burt Hummel. Breaks my little heart in half, that man πŸ™‚

Anyway, stay tuned for my thoughts on “Furt” early next week. Also, I should have more updates/progress on my thesis proposal. I won’t be working on that until my siblings leave after the holiday, but I am determined to get my coding sheet, key and Methods Section sent to my thesis chair next week (at least that’s what I told him!)

So, this is adios for a few days. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!!!


I hate glitter. And yet I was (and still kind of am) completely covered in it. At work I was told I needed to fill in Christmas ornaments on some of our display trees. And of course the ornament box was full of ornaments that were basically globs of glitter with a hook. It was basically raining glitter on me, around me, near me, following me where ever I went. Even after I washed my hands and face before I hopped in bed, there was glitter surrounding my eyes that would not come off. Bah

Work was okay… I kept busy. And I even had a customer as if there was some sort of place she could write a comment about me because she was so grateful for my help. I was like “awwwwww”. So hopefully my manager (who totally scolded me in front of a customer today, when I was just trying to get an ornament down from the tree for the customer as I was way taller than she) will see that little note in the customer satisfaction folder and see that I am doing my job.

Besides work (which took up most of the day), I folded laundry, washed dishes, scrapped off my car, and played Wii with my mom. I also practiced some Glee duets (I need to get the harmonies down) for when my sister gets here πŸ™‚

I can’t wait to see my siblings this week!!!!! My sister will be here tomorrow and my brother should be here Wednesday night!!!! Super duper πŸ™‚

And that’s about it… I’m gonna finish “Little White Lie” and then watch Dexter from 2 weeks ago (I’m so behind!)

Have a good one!

P.S. CONGRATULATIONS ROBIN!!! She passed her thesis defense… WOOT!!!! She’s my thesis hero πŸ™‚

Yes, I watched the American Music Awards. I sat through all three hours for the sole purpose of watching the New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys joint-performance at the end of the awards show. And while it was a bit of a hot mess (choreography was fine, but some of those notes were crunchy!), I still love my boy bands. If NSYNC would have been up there with them, my heart would have exploded.

The performance sent me into a fit of giggles… of course I knew all the songs they smashed into their medley. Of course I have multiple NKOTB and BSB CDs and know almost all of their songs (and some choice choreography) by heart.

I freely admit to LOVING BSB’s “I Want It That Way” … so much so that it’s probably in my Top 10 favorite songs of all time. You can’t not like that song… it’s impossible. You know you know the words. My DAD knows the words, and he is not a fan in the slightest. Every time I hear that song, I stop, then say “Aw, that’s my JAM!,” crank it up, and belt it out like it is my job.

(You’re Welcome)

As for NKOTB, I have loved them since the late 80s. Granted I was only 5 or 6 years old, but I loved their music like whoa. So much so that a couple years later, when I was in first grade, and we were writing in our journals during class, I wrote in mine that one of my favorite memories was going to a NKOTB concert, being up near the front, and somehow a bit of Donnie’s jeans tore off and I got to keep a piece of them. This story was a lie, of course, but I was so into NKOTB as a youngster that I went so far as to lie in my school journal.

I still love NKOTB. I have their most recent CD (“The Block”). I sing “Summertime” all the time… it was my JAM when it came out and I love it still. As for old school NKOTB, “Please Don’t Go Girl” was it for me… Joey mac forever!!!

So, the AMAs were okay. I thought Pink’s performance was the most fun. And is it just me, or do the Black Eyed Peas keep churning out songs that sound like they were specifically written for Bar Mitzvah receptions? And I am still not, nor will ever be, impressed by Miley Cyrus as a live performer. She looked like a bag lady. And Bon Jovi…. LOVE THEM! I just wish they would have sung “Livin’ on a Prayer” as part of their medley πŸ™‚

I do not have Bieber Fever (how on earth did he get Artist of the Year?! Come on, that should have gone to Eminem or Lady Gaga), but I thought the kid did really well during his performance. That was actually a pretty deep song with a good message. Props to you, Bieber.

Besides the AMAs, I didn’t get a lot done today… whoops. (Not really.)

We woke up to the remnants of an ice storm, so I couldn’t meet up with my BFF and her husband until early afternoon. So, I spent the morning playing Wii with my mom and trying to help her find a recipe for homemade granola. I also dumped a bunch of pictures from my camera onto my computer. Something is up with my camera, so I couldn’t delete pictures off it using my computer, I had to do it manually. So, I looked through the several hundred pictures on my camera and deleted ones that were of no use to me anymore… πŸ˜‰

After lunch, I drove to go see Molly and Joe. We went to Trader Joes, a place I had never been before. It was downright magical. I bought my mom some Lemon Curd and my dad some pistachios. My mom is so cute… when I got home and showed her what I got, she told me I should wrap it up and give it to her for Christmas. My mom is bonkers!! She had been talking about Lemon Curd for weeks now… and then she wanted me to wrap it up and save it for weeks from now. Crazy woman. I convinced her she needed it now, and she caved. So we busted it open for a taste – mmm mmm good.

This evening we basically just watched a couple episodes of HIMYM and the AMAs. And now it’s time for some more “Little White Lie”. It’s pretty cheese compared to the other StarKid stuff I’ve watched, but as I love Darren Criss, I’ll keep watching it.

Work tomorrow… maybe I’ll try and get some thesis stuff done too. Shout out to my friend Robin who is defending her thesis!!!!!! Get it girl!!!!!

Have a good one πŸ™‚

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