So, I’m sure you know by now (or not?) that the San Francisco Giants won the World Series!!! How exciting 🙂 I didn’t watch baseball at all during the regular season, but I get into post season like whoa… and though I was initially pissed that the Giants beat the Phillies to make it to the World Series, I decided to root for them anyway. It was a really great Series and it was so much fun to yell at the TV and cheer on the Giants.

I stayed up last night to watch the end of Game 4 – I was silently cheering in my room when Buster Posey hit a solo homerun… he has been my favorite player of the Series since game 1. He’s a great catcher (and so young! He’s so adorable) and makes wicked-awesome throws down to second. Plus, his name is great – Buster Posey. That’s so money. And then when they interviewed him after tonight’s game and he was heaping praise on everyone, especially MVP Renteria, that was really thoughtful.

I didn’t quite get to watch the entire game tonight, but I saw Renteria’s 3 run homerun – woot! My mom and I were flipping back and forth among Dancing With the Stars (then Castle), the Women of SNL special and the game. DWTS and Castle were priority, but we saw highlights from the other two broadcasts.

Before this epic evening of TV watching, I did have a crazy morning/afternoon at work.

I opened and then worked for only about 5 hours today. But there was no break or down moment at all… I was by myself for awhile and then someone else came to work with me around 12:30. She was new, she had only been in the US for about a month, and she wasn’t supposed to be working in the area where we were working (but no one told her that until well after her shift started).

So, I tried to give her the run-down of what our area was all about and tried to answer questions and show her some stuff. I felt really bad, though, because I would have to leave her every now and again to help out others in the other areas surrounding our because we were swamped and there wasn’t double coverage anywhere.

And what really was horrible was that this new girl was telling me about her first week at work and was saying how other colleagues and even customers had been really mean to her. That’s just wrong… just because she’s foreign and isn’t quite as quick yet ringing people up as more seasoned employees are doesn’t mean that people should be mean to her. She’s a sweet girl and watching her smile fade while she was telling me these awful stories was just heartbreaking. 😦

On top of trying to help out this very nice girl, I dealt with one of the rudest people I’ve ever come in contact with in all my retail days. I got chewed out by the same person at three different times today, all within the matter of an hour. It was like I couldn’t do anything right and everything that this person was unhappy about was my fault (even stuff that was company policy… my fault).

What the what?!

I left work as fast as my feet would take me. I chomped down a granola bar on the way to my car (as I had to skip my break once again because no one was available to cover my area), started Blue Car’s engine, cranked up some Glee and drove home. I had a couple pieces of cold pizza and played some Yahtzee with my mom, then literally sat in the giant green recliner for about an hour while Moose fell asleep on my lap. I was all better… snuggling up with one of the two best dogs on the planet was all I needed right then (our other dog, Yukon, doesn’t snuggle so much as she finds herself a quiet corner and just curls up into a tight ball).

After some much needed Moose time, I helped my mom a bit with dinner (as in I stirred some sweet potatoes when she was out of the kitchen… and I managed to do so while belting out Eddie Money’s “Take Me Home Tonight” because that was cued up on my “Power Songs” mix that has been in the kitchen CD player for months now. Yeah, you know you love that song too.

During dinner we watched the Jon Hamm SNL on Netflix b/c my dad hadn’t seen the whole thing yet. Then we watched dancing, baseball and SNL the rest of the night.

And now I’ll finish watching Dexter, maybe watch some HIMYM and then go to sleep! No work tomorrow, so I can sleep in – woot 🙂

Tomorrow is election day… I’m a bad person and didn’t register to vote here. (I know, I know…) I can’t wait until election day is over – I am so sick of attack ads.

Have a good one!