I know it’s my civic duty to vote. And this year, I opted to not partake in said civic duty… plus I am not registered in the state where I currently live. Although, when my parents got back from the polls, they said that people were registering there and you only had to have lived in the state for 20 days.


Anyway, I didn’t vote. Go ahead and judge. However, I was not up to par on most of the issues and I wasnot really feeling any of the choices for governor (though I for sure would not have voted for Emmer… at the very least for that ad about his drunk driving).

Anyway, I didn’t vote. I will next year, and for sure in 2012.


I stayed up way later than I should have last night to watch the rest of Dexter from Sunday and last night’s How I Met Your Mother. (I ❤ Jason Segel, Josh Radnor and Neil Patrick Harris…)

Dexter is still such an amazing show… but I as much as I like the character of Lumen, I am getting for seriously sick of Julia Stiles. Every time she’s on the screen all I can think about is her sub-par turn in The Prince & Me (yes, I’ve seen that movie… probably way more times than anyone needs to have seen that movie. Three times… I think I’ve seen it three times. Curse you, ABC Family channel and your movie marathons.).

(SPOILERS) I am more and more intrigued about the Deb-Quinn-Dexter triangle. Deb and Quinn professed feelings for each other (awwwwww), but we all know Quinn is set on finding out the truth about Dexter/Kyle Butler. When it all comes down to it, when is Deb going to find out what Quinn is up to? Will Dexter end up killing Quinn? Will Deb find out who Dexter really is? Will Deb chose Dexter over Quinn? Quinn over Dexter? (Dexter is her only family left…) I want more of that plot and more and more of the Lumen story. But I am beyond over LaGuerta and Batista. Good god. Enough with the bar fight and IA. Sheesh. (END SPOILERS)

I slept off an on, but awoke for good in the middle of a horrible dream (nightmare?) about my brother trying to stab me with a knife. My parents, brother and I (don’t know where my sister was…) were back in our Ohio house and it was winter time. My brother kept threatening me even though my dad told him not to. I packed my bags and was fleeing the house, though quietly so my brother couldn’t hear me leave. I had a bag slung over my shoulder and was holding a huge box of stuff in my hands. I managed to get outside, but saw a strange dog going up the walk on the side of our house. I went down the porch stairs and around to the side of the house to see what dog it was. I then turned around to head toward my car when I heard someone behind me. It was my brother and he had this knife… I turned around to face him and was trying to hit him with the box as he leaned toward me to stab me and then I woke up.

What a horrible, horrible dream 😦

My brother and I have a great relationship in real life. And there was no stabbings on any of the shows I watched before bed, so I am confused as to how I dreamt that crap up. Maybe I shouldn’t stay up so late…

I got up and had some shredded wheat and watched Robert Downey Jr promote Due Date on Regis and Kelly. I then head back down to my room to work on my Methods Section. I still haven’t heard back from my professor (I plan on sending another email on Thursday when I [hopefully] get my Methods Section completed), but I was super proud of myself for solving a problem with my coding sheet that arose during my work today. Oh the word “other,” how you have come in handy. My Methods Section is a hot mess right now, but I hope to fix it on Thursday now that I think I know what’s going on 🙂

A few hours later I shut off my computer and went upstairs to see how my mom was doing. She took down Halloween stuff and started to decorate for Thanksgiving. We have a couple busy months ahead of us here, having to host various functions. So we need to be prepared and decorated well in advance. Mom took a break too so we made lunch and played some Yahtzee.

I went back to my room to work on my paper some more. I heard my mom’s phone ring a little while later – it was my dad calling to say he would be home early.

I finished up what I could get done today and met up with the parents upstairs for a beverage. My mom and I played some Wii bowling (I got my Pro ball back!) and golf. I did -2 on the 9 hole course, so that was a personal best for me. Mom still needs to learn how to check the topography of the green before she putts. But she’s getting there.

Around 5 my dad went to drill some holes in wood for pens in the garage while mom and I went to the kitchen to start making dinner. Well, mom made dinner… I sat on the counter and kept her company while we listened to my “Power Songs” mix for the umpteenth time. The Wilson Phillips song “Hold On” is on there because of that scene in Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (i.e. my favorite scene from any H&K movie thus far):

Then, of course, there was some Michael Bolton because no cheesy power songs mix is complete without some Michael Bolton (2:35 = best part, 🙂 ):

We had dinner around 6 and watched the news to see if there was any election updates (not really).

At 7, we watched the Dancing with the Stars results show. Taylor Swift sang a couple songs… I actually like her music (even though I don’t like country… but she’s more pop than anything). She’s not the best vocalist live, but her lyrics are catchy. She sang that song “Mine,” which I dig. I was glad to see Rick Fox get the boot… he wasn’t going to win. I hope Bristol gets ousted next week, as Kyle, Brandy, Kurt and Jennifer deserve to be Top 4. Though, I want the Top 3 to be Jennifer, Brandy and Kyle. I like Kurt, but he won’t win. He’s not the best dancer of the people left.

In between Dancing Show, I flipped over to the rerun of Glee – “Funk”. It’s the second to last episode from Season 1. Not my favorite by a long shot, but I do like that it was one of the episodes featuring Jonathan Groff as Jesse St. James. Groff kills it, of course, on “Another One Bites The Dust.” Also, Will’s performance of “Tell Me Something Good” may be one of the funniest Glee moments of all time. Watching Sue’s face while he dances for her is PRICELESS. The first (and second and third and fourth…) time I saw that part of the show, I almost choked because I was laughing so hard. But if given the opportunity, I would have gladly swapped places with Jane Lynch… 😉

I stayed up to watch a bit of the election results, but it frustrates me when they call it one way or another when only 16% of a precinct’s votes have been tallied. So, I figure I can just wait until tomorrow morning to find out who won for where. Plus, the last time I stayed up on an election night (when Obama got voted in in 2008), I ended up getting violently ill and then was bedridden for a week or so with the flu (Happy 25th Birthday to me…).

Side note – a friend from undergrad is actually running for office tonight back in Ohio. Check out his website… his videos and political ads are great. Last I checked he only had 3% of the votes, but I think it’s great that he ran. I don’t know if he’ll run again, but he seemed to have a bunch of good ideas. Maybe Ohio and Congress aren’t ready for this kind of progress. Yet.

Well, off to bed for me… I work tomorrow morning/afternoon. Woot. :/

Anyway, I hope you have a great day!