I got home from work around 9:40ish tonight and have to be back at work for 9:45 tomorrow morning… I dislike having to close at work one night and then open the next morning. I should have just curled up on one of the beds and slept there. Alas…

It’s not the worst thing in the world to leave work and then have to be back in roughly 12 hours. There are far, far worse things that I could have to do. So, I shall deal.

I think I’m just crabby because I think I only got around 5 hours of sleep last night for some reason. But, I’ll be going to sleep shortly, so that’ll be swell.

As I walked upstairs this morning around 7:30, the smell of chocolate chip muffins worked its way through my stuffy nose 🙂 (Thanks, Mom!) I made some tea, grabbed an orange and some muffins, and started watching Chaplin. I’ve seen it once before (a long, long time ago) and felt like rewatching it because I was in the mood for something with Robert Downey Jr with it, after watching Sherlock Holmes the other day. (Plus, I’m gonna see Due Date on Tuesday, so that’ll be some more RDJ!!)

My first exposure to Charlie Chaplin was in high school. We watched City Lights in my Theatre in Film class and I was intrigued. I hadn’t seen many (if any) silent movies before watching this film. I still haven’t seen many Chaplin movies (though I have seen City Lights a few more times in or for various classes) and wrote a paper about Chaplin and City Lights for my Film 202 class in college. I’ve read a couple biographies about him and was familiar with his contribution to cinema. However, the movie Chaplin is a whole different experience because it really showcases RDJ’s abilities when it comes to physical humor as well as silent film acting. RDJ captures Chaplin perfectly, especially when he is coming up with or executing The Tramp’s routines. RDJ is also highly skilled at conveying a broad range of emotions without every opening his mouth. His eyes are beyond expressive and with a roll of his eyes or a twinkle in them, the audience knows what’s going on in his head. He was, and still very much is, a gifted actor. I know a lot of my peers are really only familiar with him from the Iron Man movies and Tropic Thunder, but RDJ has had quite a career with many memorable roles. His Oscar nomination for Chaplin was well deserved, and I am so glad that I am able to rewatch this movie after all these years.

After breakfast, I watched a bit of Ellen as I wanted to see her interview with James Franco. I’m still up in the air if I am going to see 127 Hours. I will likely see it, even though I know people have been passing out and whatnot during screenings.

I then went down to my room to edit my paper a bit, but my mom stopped by my room and asked if I wanted to play Wii stuff with her. I turned off my computer that I had literally just turned on and marched back upstairs. We did cardio boxing and Latin dance exercises for an hour and then Wii bowled.

We had some pizza for lunch and then I went downstairs to fold laundry, get a shower and then instead of editing my paper (I’m horrible), I watched 30 Rock from last night.

I watched some more of Chaplin before I got ready for work. Work actually went by super quickly tonight because we were super busy. It’ll likely be busy again tomorrow, which will be good. I’m opening and then working until 3:45, so at least I’ll have the evening to myself (well, with my parents, but not at work…). Then Sunday I’m going to see Spring Awakening with my BFF 🙂 And I think we’ll hang out throughout the day, so it’ll be a lovely time to just relax and catch up. Yay team

Well, off to bed… gotta be up by 7:15.

Have a good one