I don’t know how frequent people dream about work… it happens to me about once or twice per job. Last night I had my first dream, well really it was nightmare, about my workplace…

I was getting assistance from a colleague and we were trying to open up an account for a female customer. All of a sudden the customer’s teeth fell out (as if they were dentures, not individually), and then water/some other liquid began pouring out of her mouth as if it were hose on the setting where it sends a wide, triangle-shapped fan of water out. The next thing I knew, the customer was on the floor and her body decomposed quickly right before our eyes, and ended up looking like a set of remains from Bones. In my dream I turned around as I put my hand up to my mouth, and then I forced myself awake. Breathing heavily, I opened my eyes, made sure I was in my room, in my bed. I was – and was squeezing the life out of WIlbur, my stuffed animal pig that I got on my 8th birthday (which means he’ll be 19 on Monday… awwww).

So, hopefully tonight I’ll dream of happy things and not work. Although I just watched The Wolfman with my dad and that was pretty gory. We’ll see tomorrow…

I drove to work while singing along to Glee music. It’s the easiest way to wake up and get ready to face the day, or at least face the customers 😉

I wasn’t in my usual area today, but I did get to see some of my favorite colleagues throughout the day. I noticed that I was the top seller yesterday, percentage-wise, to my sales goal. So that was good. I opened an account today, which was also good. It had been awhile since that happened…

Work was okay – at least it went quickly. We were busy and I helped a lot of people find what they were looking for. But I was so ready to go home by time my clock out time was approaching.

When I got home, I changed into my comfy clothes (of course) and went to find my mom, who was cleaning up leaves and whatnot from our pretend forest (that’s what I call part of the backyard… as it used to have a bunch of trees). I went back in the house and had mashed sweet potatoes while watching the last 20 minutes of The Marc Pease Experience. What a dumb movie… I’m just glad I could delete it from the queue. Forever.

My parents finished up their chores and then went and got pizza. I played on the Wii – practiced bowling and baseball. When my parents got home, Mom and I bowled until the pizza was ready. During dinner we watched The Wolfman. I wasn’t super impressed… you could tell that the visual effects were CGI. I like when stuff at least looks like it’s practical effects. Alas. However, I do enjoy Benicio Del Toro and Emily Blunt. Del Toro is an odd looking guy, but a super talented actor. When I heard he was doing the movie, I was initially surprised. He’s a great actor – The Usual Suspects, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Traffic, 21 Grams, Sin City, etc… – so what was he doing in The Wolfman? It had some good gory scenes in it… on a whole it was a good watch.

After the movie, my mom and I played a variety of Wii sports (billiards, archery, pong, ping-pong, curling, etc…). I called it quits in the middle of curling because it started to become too much like the Alec Baldwin Wii-mote SNL sketch. You just had to keep shaking the Wii-mote so your little players would sweep the ice and it all got a bit ridiculous.

Busy day tomorrow… hanging out with my BFF and then we’re seeing Spring Awakening!!!!!!! I’m beyond pumped, as I love this musical!!

Have a good one 🙂