Oh, Spring Awakening, how I love you so…

I had off from work today (because I had tickets to tonight’s performance of Spring Awakening).

It was “fall back” with the clocks last night… so instead of using that extra hour to get some sleep and wake up all happy and rested, I was up at 5:55 AM, unable to fall back to sleep. Ugh.

I stayed in bed until 6:30 and only went upstairs when I thought I heard dogs and/or a person stirring… it was my dad and he dogs. He made coffee, I made tea and we waited for my mom to wake up. She did soon thereafter and we ate crescents while watching the news. Why must most of the news be so depressing?

After that, I threw some laundry in the washing machine and got ready to head out. I had time to throw my stuff in the dryer before I headed toward the city to pick up my BFF for our day at the Mall of America.

Now, I am not a huge fan of malls, but the Mall of America is okay. Except that we got there just after 10 and none of the stores opened until 11! So, we walked around the main three floors to plan where we wanted to go… I needed chapstick, she needed clothes and shoes.

By time 11 rolled around, we had walked the three floors and were hungry because our tummies had yet to adjust to the time change, so we had some food and chatted for awhile, catching up on the excitement (her) or lack thereof (me) over the past few weeks.

We stopped in Claire’s, as she wanted to look for earrings. I looked at the Glee stuff… there was Glee chapstick/lip gloss, but it was weird flavors. There was also a Finn Hudson pillowcase

My BFF was super successful in Old Navy – we still can’t get over the fact that there is no sales tax on clothes here in MN! Craziness!!!

We browsed a few other stores… it makes me happy that there are Burberry and Coach stores so close to where I live. I can’t afford anything in there (well, I could, but then I wouldn’t be able to pay any bills…), but I just like looking at all the pretty purses. Some day, I will walk into Burberry and be able to afford the trench and totes I’ve always wanted. Today was not that day.

I found success in Hot Topic… I got mint chapstick for $1 – awesome. But, my best purchase of the day was my brand new winter hat… it’s a Yoda Hat!!! It’s probably the greatest thing of all time.

After picking that out, we headed to the DSW because I wanted to look at boots. Molly ended up getting what she calls “Witch Shoes” and I got two pairs of Chucks. I got another pair of pink ones (these are more magenta, whereas a pair I already have are neon pink) and a pair of gray ones that have colorful laces. And the Chucks were on sale!!! And tax-free!!!

We got some DQ before we left (of course) and then we drove back to my house to play some Wii bowling and other sports. Then, we went and got some pizza and watched an episode of Glee (“Laryngitis“) before we left for the show.

And then there was Spring Awakening

My parents dropped us off at the theater a bit before the show. Our seats were in the 3rd balcony. I got up to the 2nd balcony when we found out that the only souvenir stand was in the main lobby on the bottom floor. I went back downstairs to buy a production booklet (it featured photographs from the original Broadway cast, starring Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff). With the booklet, I was given a Spring Awakening bag with drawstrings… like those sporty backpacks that everyone seemed to be carrying around in college on the way to Ping.

The show started and I was sucked into the world of musical theater.

I seriously would give up watching movies if I could see a Broadway/touring production every day/week. Live theater gives me a natural high that I cannot explain. When the lights are down and the show is being performed, I am there in the moment with the actors. Sometimes, when I get really into the plot or songs or whatnot, I forget that there are hundreds of other people in the room.

I saw Spring Awakening on Broadway in the summer of 2007 when it still featured all of the original cast. I saw the cast perform on the Tonys a couple moths earlier and knew I needed to see the show. So, that August, my sister and I saw it – and we loved it. The songs were great, the cast was great, the energy was great. A bit untraditional, but that’s what we liked about it.

I was thrilled when I heard Spring Awakening was touring this year, as I always wanted to see it again. I knew that any touring cast, regardless how talented the performers, would never come close to the pedestal on which I placed the original cast. However, I still enjoyed the show a lot. The songs are still powerful, the plot is still relevant, and the energy is still present. There must have been a solid one or two minutes-worth of applause after “Totally F**ked”. It was electrical.

I feel that Spring Awakening is the first musical of my generation. We were a bit too young when Rent came out in 1996 to claim that as our own, but the 2006 opening of Spring Awakening hit a similar chord. It’s not your mama’s musical, that’s for sure. There are still ballads and duets and whatnot. But in place of lavish dance numbers and grandiose sets and lots of bright costumes, Spring Awakening delivers powerful and socially relevant messages through rock numbers and sometimes jarring body movements.

There were several parts of this touring show that were different than the Broadway version. In this touring show, there was not part of the stage that was lifted off the floor. Also, the version of “Song of Purple Summer” was different than the one on the cast album.

While the actors’ singing voices were not consistently strong throughout the show, I thought that everyone did an admirable job. I would imagine this is an emotionally taxing show for the performers – with all the serious subjects covered, the choreography, and the physical nature of the show. I hope people across the country take this opportunity to see current and relevant musical theater.

And… that’s about it šŸ™‚ I was gonna watch Dexter, but I think I’ll call it quits and sleep. Work tomorrow… all afternoon and evening. *sigh*

Have a good one!