Well, today I didn’t have to go to work, nor did I get any work done on my thesis proposal.

Yes, I spent a bulk of my day immersed in watching television or movies… but that’s fine by me. As my birthday was yesterday but I spent a majority of my time at work, today was officially my day off to celebrate my extended birthday. Woot.

I slept in until 7:30!!! Yeah, how sad is that that 7:30 is sleeping in? Booo… I got up and went upstairs, popped in some Modern Family, situated myself on the recliner, called the dog up on my lap to snuggle and laughed like whoa while Moose fell asleep. Best way to start a morning, for sure.

My mom and I ran an errand around 10:30 and then were off to the movie theater to see Due Date. We were the first people in the theater (I like being super early…), but then a large family (3 adults and 3 very small children, probably all under the age of 5) came in and sat 2 rows in front of us.

Um, hold the phone large family 2 rows in front of us… why are you bringing tiny children to a Rated R movie? Instead of spending $15 bucks on the kids’ movie tickets, why couldn’t you hire a babysitter for a couple hours?

Those kids talked through the trailers and the movie. The adult man that was with them did pretty much the same… and also clapped during the movie (after bits he must have thought were funny). Come on!

Besides the commentary coming from 2 rows in front of us, my mom and I didn’t like the movie. It was pretty dumb. This was one of the cinematic scenarios where basically all of the “funny” parts of the movie were the clips they showed in the trailer.

The worse part is, the movie shouldn’t have been so bad. Robert Downey Jr and Zach Galifiankis are a great comedic duo. But the script was AWFUL. Shame on Todd Phillips for following up The Hangover with this POS. Both actors deserved better material to work with. The characters needed to be fleshed out a bit more. And there was epic potential for the script to be super funny, but still packed with heart, however this potential was never explored. Every now and again you’d get a glimpse of what could have been, but on a whole, Due Date was pretty terrible. Bah

It was a quiet drive home because the movie was just such a let down. We had lunch and then went to the library because my mom had already finished her ginormous stack of books (whereas I’m slowly getting through my book about the Oscars). I picked up 4 more books (including a new Dexter book – woot!) and a big stack of Christmas CDs. The holiday season is basically upon us and I need my Christmas jams.

After the library, I talked to my sister for a bit. She did end up calling me on my birthday… at 11:30 PM when my phone was on silent, so I didn’t get the message until this morning. She’s frustrated with school, as is my brother. They are both looking forward to coming here for Thanksgiving and Christmas. To be honest, I am very much looking forward to having them here. My family is the best, and the 5 of us are rarely in the same state, let alone house, at the same time these days. So, the holidays should be a good time.

Mom and i Wii bowled and then I let the dogs out while she finished making dinner. I requested stew and broccoli for my birthday meal, and it was crazy delicious.

After dinner, it was time for GLEE!!

(SPOLIERS abound…)

Tonight’s episode was called “Never Been Kissed,” which was entirely appropriate. And while it could have been a reference to that horrible, horrible Drew Barrymore movie, the episode was soooooo much better than that.

It all started with Finn and Sam discussing how they control their biological urges when they need to cool down during make-out sessions with their respective girlfriends (Rachel and Quinn, respectively). Finn’s go-to vision is still when he ran over the postal worker during a driving lesson with his mom. Sam takes cold showers, but then starts a trend of imagining Coach Beiste in various inappropriate outfits.

In glee rehearsal, Mr. Schue sets us up for another boys vs. girls mash-up competition (see also “Vitamin D” from Season 1). Once again, Kurt tries to put himself in the girls group but Mr. Schue refuses.

(Another major story is that Puck is back from juvie and decides that helping Artie will be his community service. They do a pretty solid duet of “One Love/People Get Ready”. By the end of the episode, the two of them are friendly and Artie offers to help Puck with Geometry while Puck picks up trash on the highway. I look forward to their budding friendship.)

In addition to the Beiste plot line, Puck/Artie, Kurt’s story is the heart of this episode. Kurt is shown continually getting shoved into lockers/being bulled by football player Karofsky. This has happened in prior episodes, but their conflict escalates in “Never Been Kissed” (more on that in a bit).

Tired of being bullied by Karofsky and other members of the glee club (Santana says she has a bunch of gay jokes about a rival all-male glee club, the Dalton Academy Warblers, and the boys taunt Kurt a bit during their mash-up preparation), Kurt goes to Dalton to spy on the Warblers.

*Cue the entrance of probably the most adorable character [besides Finn and Kurt…] on Glee*

πŸ™‚ Blaine (Played by Darren Criss) πŸ™‚

Blaine grabs Kurt by the hand and they slo-mo run through deserted rooms of Dalton until they happen upon a group of guys ready for some a cappella action.

Like Kurt, I too was highly intrigued by the Warblers and their leading man, Blaine. Their rendition of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” is just fun to watch:

(You’re smitten too, aren’t you?)

After the performance, Kurt is outed as a spy, but the Warblers don’t seem to mind. Kurt asks if the three boys (including Blaine) who are having coffee with him if they are gay. Blaine is, and Kurt confides in him that he’s being bullied at school. Blaine gives him a speech about being courageous and standing up to the person who is bullying him. (More on that in a bit…)

Back with the Beiste plot line, more of the glee kids are using Beiste to slow down their raging hormones, but Mr. Schue finds out and tells them to stop it because they shouldn’t be treating Coach Beiste like that. He also tells the kids that their mash-ups need to be opposites of who they are. He encourages the girls to do a rock number, etc…

The girls do a mash-up of “Livin’ on a Prayer” and “Start Me Up”. Loved it! It was nice to see them rock out for a change. “Livin’ on a Prayer” is just as anthemic as “Don’t Stop Believin'”. I kinda wish the whole group got to do this song as a solo, but I’ll take it in mash-up form.

Back to Kurt and his bullying problem… Karofsky shoves Kurt into his locker for the upteenth time and Kurt (empowered by Blaine’s constant message of “courage”) follows Karofsky into the locker room to confront him. Kurt stands up to Karofsky, calling him intolerant and saying that Kurt is not going to change who he is. Karofsky is visibly upset and looks like he’s going to hit Kurt, but he doesn’t. Instead, Karofsky grabs Kurt by the cheeks, and pulls him in for a passionate, albeit somewhat violent/desperate, kiss. Upon their separation, Kurt is shocked. Karofsky goes in for another one, but Kurt pulls away.

Meanwhile, Beiste confronts Mr. Schue about the glee kids acting weird toward her, and he tells her the truth. She quits (making Sue Sylvester happy), but upsetting Mr. Schue and the glee guys who are on the football team.

Back to Coach Beiste’s problems with the glee kids… Mr. Schue has a heart-to-heart with her in the locker room. She reveals to him that even though she’s tough on the outside, on the inside she’s got feelings. Through tears, she tells him that she hasn’t ever been kissed. Mr. Schue spouts off another one of his inspirational monologues, this time about how her heart is too big for guys who aren’t able to realize what they are missing out on. And then *he* kisses her… it was a sweet moment. Though part of me thought that some student, or Sue, was going to see this embrace. (Nope.)

Kurt and Blaine (why wasn’t he in school?) go to confront Karofsky about the locker room situation. Blaine tries to talk him down, saying he knows he might be confused but it’s okay. Karofsky does not want to hear what they have to say. Kurt and Blaine both bring up that they know what Karofsky did, and Karofsky is visible shaken, but he just storms off. Blaine and Kurt talk it out a bit and Kurt confides to Blaine that up until the day before, Kurt had never been kissed, at least not in a way that counted (as you’ll recall, Kurt did make out with Brittany last season during “Laryngitis”).

Coach Beiste is invited to watch the boys mash-up of “Stop! In the Name of Love” and “Free Your Mind.” They looked all adorable in their blue blazers – in full do-wop mode. Awwww πŸ™‚ Coach Beiste enjoyed their number (who wouldn’t?!) and there was a group hug.

Kurt, on the other hand, has another encounter with Karofsky and gets slammed into his locker again. The bullying doesn’t seem to be over, but I’m sure this topic will be addressed again. In light of all of the press about bullying and its repercussions on youth today, I’m hoping Glee will continue to explore the relationship between Kurt and Karofsky.

I’m also hoping that Blaine sticks around for awhile. Not only is Darren Criss a great singer and beyond adorable, but it’ll be good for primetime broadcast television if there is an openly gay high school couple on television. As a straight ally for the LGBT community in high school and college, I am aware of the intolerance that my peers face. And though I have never been bullied for my heterosexuality, so I do not fully understand what it feels like to be bullied for sexual preference, I know people who have been bullied for being LGBT. And I’ve read the stories about kids who have committed suicide because they are bullied, or treated like outcasts. I know Glee is just a television show and Kurt and Blaine are merely characters, but if we can rally around fictional gay guys to be happy, surely that can rub off into actual society, right?

Well… I liked this week’s episode of Glee alot. And I’m super looking forward to next week when Gwenyth Paltrow will be on! The “Singin’ in the Rain/Umbrella” bit should be great πŸ™‚

(End spoilers)

Well, I gotta go to bed… work tomorrow morning. Oy

Have a good one!