I can’t help it – Darren Criss as Blaine singing “Teenage Dream” a cappella with the rest of the Dalton Warblers was definitely the most smile-inducing moment on television in recent weeks. And so I watch it, multiple times over because (1) “Teenage Dream” is a ridiculously catchy song (2) Darren Criss is the most adorable addition to primetime television and (3) the ever-growing smile on Chris Colfer/Kurt Hummel’s face just melts your heart with happiness. This scene has “feel-good moment of the month” written all over it.

I was up early as I needed to be in to work for 9:45 (well, 9:35). I listened to my Spring Awakening soundtrack on the drive… nothing gets you pumped in the morning quite like belting out “Mama Who Bore Me (Reprise)“, “The Bitch of Living” and “Totally F*cked“.

At work, I did what I had to do to get ready for my shift. As my area is on the bottom floor, I had to take the escalator up a floor to the morning meeting (we don’t have stairs at my place of business, only escalators and an elevator). The escalator was turned off, as our store wasn’t open yet, so I was walking up them as if they were stairs. About half-way up, I see one of the managers leaning over the thing to make the escalator start moving. I say loudly, “I’m on the escalator” and all of a sudden I hear a loud beep, and the escalator beings to move under me, jarring me enough to make my heart leap out of my chest, though thankfully not enough to make me fall over. However, the words “Oh, sh*t!” fly out of my mouth rather loudly before I could censor myself. I then hear the manager halfheartedly say, “Oh, were you on there?” (while I’m still on my way up…) “I didn’t see you. That was really dangerous. Sorry.”

Um, ya think?

I don’t have the best track record with escalators. Back in high school, I was running up a down escalator and tripped, my knee hitting the escalator stairs before I righted myself and made it back to where I needed to be. My leg hurt the rest of the day and was awfully sore. I didn’t notice until I got home and was taking off my pants before I hopped in the shower that there was blood covering my entire leg (I had black athletic pants on, so I never saw that my leg was bleeding). To this day, I still have three lines about an inch or two running up my knee (where I fell onto the escalator). I call them my Wolverine scars. They are a daily reminder that you should never, ever run up a down escalator.

So during today’s escalator incident, I had a flash of how I got my knee scars. When I was safely up the escalator and at the meeting, my heart was still pounding in my chest a bit. But I’m okay.

I was only at work for a few hours, but I helped a bunch of people, made my goal and opened up various customer accounts and whatnot. Now I have 4 days off!!! So does my dad… (and mom, of course)… so I wonder if we’ll be doing anything fun. I need to clean my room and bathroom hardcore since we’ll be having so many guests over Thanksgiving.

When I got home around 3ish, I had some stew and played Yahtzee with mom. We then Wii bowled and golfed. My mom and dad had to go to some function, so I stayed home and watched some 30 Rock with commentary, and an episode of Modern Family, in addition to Survivor. I am BEYOND happy that they voted off who they voted off. I dislike him with a passion.

I wasn’t really paying much attention to any of the television shows, though, because I was trying to fix my iPod. It went into recovery mode, so I had to restore it, which meant I lost ALL of the songs that I had on there (6000+ songs. Sadness). I managed to put the 3000+ songs I had on my computer back on there, but I lost 3000+ songs too. I was bummed about losing the songs, so I did what any rational person would do – buy last night’s episode of Glee on iTunes so I could watch the “Teenage Dream” and two mashups over and over again at my leisure. 🙂

(Oh, Darren Criss as Blaine… given more face time on Glee, you may end up tying Chris Colfer as Kurt and Cory Monteith as Finn as my favorite characters on that show.)

My parents got home around 8:30 and we started watching the Netflix movie that we got in the mail today, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I saw it awhile ago, but remembered that I liked it, thought it was funny, and that it had some smart dialogue and decent action sequences. Plus, who doesn’t love Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer? I thought this movie would appeal to both parents… and I was right. We’ll finish the rest of it tomorrow.

And now I’m here… typing this up. I’ll watch a bit of Dexter from Sunday, then read some more. Then sleep. Oh sleep, how I love thee.

Have a good one!!

P.S. I will be getting back to thesis proposal crap tomorrow, for serious.