Jeez, Grey’s Anatomy. You were actually getting to be a decent show this season. You already got rid of Izzie and some of those annoying Mercy West people. And then what happens? You go and have Cristina quit, Arizona leave, Larry from Numb3rs come on a be a douche bag, and Avery continuing to botch every surgery he’s a part of. Add that to the ever-annoying voice overs by Ellen Pompeo, the continuing annoyance of Patrick Dempsey… I just can’t take it anymore. Oh, I will still watch (because I’m the idiot who likes to follow through with shows. Which is why I’m still watching The Office for some reason…). But I’m ready for Grey’s to be cancelled already. (And to think I used to call the show “Patrick Dempsey Appreciation Hour.” For shame, Katie, for shame…)

(End Grey’s rant)

I slept in until 7:30 – woot – and had some crescents for breakfast w/my parents. I was going to clean my bathroom and my room today, but I only got to the bathroom… but that sucker is clean like whoa. I will tackle my room tomorrow. I need to do laundry, move some of my stuff into the guest bedroom, and make room for our Thanksgiving guests who will be staying in the room I’ve been living in since June. (Yikes… I’ve been here since June.)

In addition to cleaning my bathroom, I edited what I could of my Methods section and coding sheet/keys. I sent emails to not only my thesis chair, but the other two members of my committee. I am hoping they are still willing to be on said committee. (Fingers crossed) I really, really, really want to defend my thesis proposal in January. I just want to move forward and finally get done with this thing. I want to officially graduate from OU for the 2nd time, and officially have my Masters degree so I can officially be done with Ohio and move on to the next stage in my life. Hopefully that involves a better job (dare I say “career”?), a doctoral program in cinema studies (or something along those lines), more money in my pocket, a sense of stability, and maybe the means to travel more or at least have some friggin’ fun being an adult already. But this stupid thesis needs to be done with for most of that to happen… Please, let this happen.

I Wii bowled with my mom, and we also did some more of our cardio boxing/latin dance exercises. We did a beginner’s workout and then foolishly opted to do an advanced one. Good thing the Wii doesn’t have one of those things that can track your body movement w/o the Wii-mote. My feet are never going in the same direction or speed as the trainers on the game. But, if your arms are moving in time to the music, you can usually rack up the same amount of points in order to get “Great” instead of “OK” or “Miss”. Don’t get me wrong, my feet were moving all over the place, just not how the trainers were saying to do it. Oh well… an hour of cardio regardless of the footwork is a good thing, right?

Throughout the day we finished watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a few episodes of Modern Family, and then Bones and Grey’s. Bones is one of my favorite shows, but even that has started to disappoint as of late. At least Hannah wasn’t on tonight’s episode. And then Grey’s… oy.

Tomorrow I will straighten my room and start to really get it ready for the guests. And I’ll do laundry… and probably watch more Modern Family 🙂

Now, off to finish up Dexter, watch The Office (maybe?), read… etc.

Have a good one!

P.S. Just because I’m still obsessed with this, and probably will be for many days/weeks/months to come: