So, I didn’t post yesterday because we didn’t have power at our house. For 25+ hours.

Yesterday morning, I woke up to a few inches of snow. So, I decided to spend the day doing chores and whatnot. I had breakfast, checked my email to see that my professor FINALLY wrote back with comments on my coding sheet and key. (True story – my professor designed a coding sheet for me in the spring. I edited it a bit and sent it back to him with the changes I made a few weeks ago. He then said that the coding sheet was confusing. And yet he was the one who designed most of it… Hmm. Oh well, I will fix it this week!)

So, yesterday I decided to get a shower and then do laundry – to start off my day of chores. I got out of the shower around 10:45 and was getting ready to plug my hair dryer into the outlet when all the lights went out. Fantastic… I towel-dried my hair the best I could, bundled up in layers of clothes and trekked upstairs to see what my parents were up to. They were gathering candles and flashlights…

From our living room window, we could see that the snow was so wet and heavy that power lines near our house were bowing pretty bad. My mom had a fire going and we all just kinda chilled in the living room, reading and petting the dogs. One hour turned into several…

It gets super dark early here in MN, so we were trying to figure out contingency plans before we lost daylight. Once we realized that the power wasn’t coming on anytime soon, we started preparing for a night with no power. Mom and dad kept the fire going. We had candles burning everywhere and various flashlights all around. Dad found a radio that was battery-free and cranked by hand, and he set it to a station playing all Christmas music.

For dinner, we resorted to our camping skills… we cooked chicken and potatoes in foil in the coals of the fireplace and cooked green beans on some camp stove. We ate by candlelight in an otherwise dark dinning room, then went back to reading and playing Trivial Pursuit by candlelight in the living room.

Because the fire was going strong in the living room, the upstairs was maintaining a temperature in the mid-60s. However, the downstairs (where I sleep) had slipped into the 50s. So, it was decided that my mom and I would sleep in the living room. She slept on the couch and got up throughout the night to keep the fire going. I slept on the loveseat, contorted into all sorts of positions throughout the night so as to keep warm and try to get as much sleep as possible, given the awkward conditions.

I actually slept way better than I thought I would. And I was warm, which was the most important part. However, I have really bad back and neck problems from a sports injury from the summer of 1998, so I was beyond sore when I woke up. I’m still feeling it now as I’m typing this up, but at least I am in my own bed tonight. Hopefully the stabbing-feeling in my back will go away (or at least subside) over the next few days. (The pain never really goes away, but having lived with it for 12+ years, I’m used to it… though it still bothers me when it flares up like it did last night/this morning.)

When we all got up around 8 this morning we were hoping that the power would turn on soon. We would have to wait a few more hours…

Eventually our road was plowed and my dad and I were able to go out and get some bagels for lunch. While I was in the kitchen getting a can of soda from the cupboard, I noticed a truck from the electric company was parked in front of our house!

As we sat in the living room, huddled around the fire eating bagels at 12:15, all of a sudden the dining room and the fish tank lights turned on. POWER RESTORED!!! My mom yelled “LIGHTS!” and my dad almost choked on his bagel.

25 1/2 hours after the lights went out, they were back on! We made it!! (Well, almost all of us… some of our fish died. May they rest in peace.)

Since we were worn out from the power outage, we spent the rest of the day doing things we couldn’t do in the past day… I did my load of laundry, charged my iPod and ended up playing Wii bowling and Trivial Pursuit with my mom. My back was out of whack, so I spent part of the day on the couch reading will Moose slept next to/on me.

My parents also cranked up the heat in the house and kept the fire going. We were so thankful that the power was back on. We just hope that doesn’t happen again for that long again – especially when we have guests here in the coming weeks!!

We finished watching Chaplin, watched an episode of Bones and part of The Amazing Race. We then watched the Mark Twain prize honoring Tina Fey on PBS. I want to be Tina Fey when I grow up, so I was super excited she was getting this honor. However, the show was pretty lame. It wasn’t all that funny. I am a fan of most of the people who were presenters, though, so it was nice to see them all on one special.

And now sleep … well, watch Community, some “A Very Potter Musical” and then sleep. I have work tomorrow afternoon/evening/night, so that won’t be fun. Then Tuesday off 🙂 I’ll go get the Glee Christmas CD and then watch Glee that night – woot. Glee. Glee. Glee. I love Glee.

Have a good one!