Glee Tuesday is always a good day…

After an ridonkulously horrible night of sleep (totally stayed up waaaaaaaaaay late to watch HIMYM and finish “A Very Potter Musical”) I woke up well before my alarm was to go off. So, I dragged myself upstairs, made an egg sandwich and watched some 30 Rock Season 4 w/commentary. (Yep, w/commentary… because I’m a dork and eat stuff like that UP)

I then accompanied my mom to her dermatology appointment. I sat in the waiting room and read my Dexter book/watched some Glee on my iPod (I am still watching and rewatching that “Teenage Dream” scene from last week over and over and over again… and the scenes where Kurt confronts Karofsky. “Teenage Dream” is my favorite performance scene thus far, and those Kurt/Karofsky scenes are brilliant. Max Adler, who plays Karofsky, is handling his part masterfully. Yep, masterfully. Watch his eyes and facial expressions during the scene where Kurt and Blaine confront him after the kiss… I expect great things from him this season, but more on that later.) Mom’s appointment went pretty well… so that was good news 🙂

We went to Panera for lunch and plotted out the rest of our errands. Next was Target, as I needed the Glee Christmas CD and Josh Groban’s new album, “Illuminations”. It was only hours later when I realized I bought the wrong album. I got “Illuminations,” but ended up getting one with a DVD in addition to the CD that I didn’t really need. I’m sorry, but an extra $4 for a 30 minute DVD is ridiculous. I love you, Josh Groban, but I will be returning this on Thursday in exchange for just the CD. When you come out with another live CD/DVD, you can be sure I will be there on opening day to buy it. However, I want that $4 back so I can get Inception when it comes out on DVD in a few weeks. I got priorities… and they are awesome DVDs.

We then ran to Wal-Mart for some holiday candles and whatnot for when my siblings and some friends come over next week, and then to the library. As I am still slowly plowing through the stack I got the other day, I didn’t get anymore books. However, my mom did as she can get through a book a day. Seriously, the lady reads more books than anyone I know.

After the library we ran to the grocery store as we needed garlic rolls and fish tank filters. Random, but necessary.

Once home, we had snack and played some Yahtzee. Since I was bonkers tired, I opted not to work on school work (yep, I’m horrible) and instead I turned on the Wii and practiced some sports. I put my Glee Christmas CD in the living room CD player and I Wiied while my mom ironed and hung new curtains (very festive).

The Glee Christmas album is okay… it sounds kinda like an album that would come from any of those Disney channel kids. But I still dig it. I’m just happy because it has “O Holy Night” on it (one of my FAVS), and I am loving Chris Colfer and Darren Criss’s version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside“. Awwwwwww 🙂

Later I helped my mom make dinner, and then we watched an episode of Bones Season 2. I’ve seen every episode of Bones at least once (twice or three times, minimun when it comes to the first 4 seasons…), so it’s fun to watch ones my mom hasn’t seen. Since she reads so many mystery novels, she always tries to guess who the killer is during the first few minutes of the episode.

After Bones, it was time for GLEE!!


So, tonight’s episode was called “The Substitute”. Some sort of cold/flu/illness was going around mcKinley. Principal Figgins was out and Sue was taking over (she says for good, though I highly doubt that). Mr. Schue got sneezed on right away, so we all knew he was down for the count.

Enter the substitute – Holly Holiday (Gwenyth Paltrow). Loved her version of “Conjunction Junction”. 🙂 Her method of teaching was to ask the glee kids what they wanted to sing (cue hilarious flashbacks of Mr. Schue turning down the kids’ suggestions in lieu of more Journey songs!). She instantly won everyone but Rachel’s hearts with her version of Cee-Lo’s “Forget You”. I dug it…

Meanwhile, Mr. Schue was at home and sick. Evil ex-wife Terri came over to take care of him and she introduced one of the main musical themes for the show – Singin’ in the Rain. Who doesn’t love this musical? I have seen it a bunch of times, as it is my 2nd favorite movie musical of all time. Gene Kelly was a GENIUS and this film is so full of great musical moments. I could watch this movie once a week until the end of time and never get sick of it. It just makes me smile.

Which of course means that I LOVED Mr. Schue’s and Mike’s version of “Make ‘Em Laugh“. Sure, Matthew Morrison is no Donald O’Connor, but the spirit of the song and performance was there. I wish I had hallucinatory dreams where I dreamt myself into a number from Singin’ in the Rain.

It was easy to see why the glee kids like Holly Holiday – she listens to them. Even Rachel warmed up to her when Holly let her do a number from the movie Chicago. And while Paltrow and Lea Michele may not be the best dancers ever (sorry, but neither of them could match Catherine Zeta-Jones’s hoofing as Velma Kelly), their performance was fun and it made me smile. I know when I saw Chicago four times in theaters and then a bunch of times since then, I wished I could sing and dance as Roxie Hart or Velma Kelly. So it was fun to see Paltrow and Lea Michele take on “Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag”.

As principal, Sue fired Mr. Schue and hired Holly Holiday in his stead. However, this wrong was righted and Mr. Schue was back. He tried to force “Singin’ in the Rain” on the kids (and if they knew better, they would have dropped down and bowed at his feet for suggesting such an amazingly iconic song… I mean, did they not see Usher’s version of it on Movies Rock?!), but they balked. However, they seemed perfectly fine singin’ and dancin’ in the rain during their version of “Singin’ in the Rain/Umbrella“. (Sorry, no video was posted yet!)

In other Mr. Schue news – he hooked up with Terri (BAD MOVE, WILL) and looked like he was ready to put the moves on Holly Holiday (btw – LOVED the Mary Todd Lincoln bit).

The other MAJOR storyline this episode was Mercedes and Kurt. They are besties, but since Kurt now has Blaine, he has pushed some of his Kurt/Mercedes time/conversation by the wayside. As we all remember from Season 1, Mercedes had a crush on Kurt and kinda thought they were dating, but then Kurt told her that he was gay.

Him being gay is still an issue in their friendship because now he likes Blaine and seems to want to spend all of his free time with him. Kurt finally has someone who can completely empathize with being an out, gay kid at school.

And while every girl at one point or another has a GBFF (gay best friend forever), she’s got to let him have his man. GBFFs are sometimes used as a crutch, as it was with Mercedes. And she was taking her frustration out on Kurt by turning to a food BFF – tater tots. Now, I love me some tater tots (totally had some with dinner tonight), but Kurt was right to tell Mercedes that she needed to quit the tots and take care of herself (i.e. not use food as a crutch). He didn’t call her fat, or anything remotely condescending like that. But he was looking out for her that she needed to find her own happy while he was finding his. And that “happy” should be a person, not food. So, I’m thinking that cute football player guy may come back… or at least this is a good preface to the boyfriend that Mercedes is supposed to get this season.

It was nice to see Blaine again… even if it was only for one small scene. But it’s good to see Kurt and Blaine’s friendship (relationship, I hope) from the beginning. Plus, I think their blossoming whatever we want to label it is going to lead to something pivotal down the road…

Now, everything in the coming sentences/paragraphs is entirely speculation of my own accord. Although I do read Glee fansites and other people’s articles about Glee, I have not read anything about the following… but I have a hunch. And a big part of me hopes I’m wrong. I feel the most important moment of the episode was when Karofsky approached Kurt and asked him if Kurt told anybody about the kiss. After their exchange of Karofsky blaming the kiss on Kurt, and Kurt correcting him that it was Karofsky who kissed him, Karofsky told Kurt that if Kurt told anyone, “I’m gonna kill you.”

As Kurt is one of the most popular characters and such a staple on Glee, I highly doubt that Kurt would be killed off. However, I think that in light of all of the bullying in real life, and the sad stories of gay youth who have taken their own lives because of bullying, I think that the writers of Glee could possibly kill off Karofsky. I could see a storyline where Karofsky either attempts to kill himself, or succeeds in taking his own life. Now, again, this is just me probably overanalyzing this one little scene of Karofsky threatening Kurt. But, on Glee, even the tiniest moments have a way of coming back into feature episodes. I don’t know if the writers of Glee would ever go there, but there is epic potential for a plot line involving Karofsky’s threat to Kurt’s life. I don’t think Kurt would ever get killed off, but I could see Karofsky’s threat coming into play at some point in the near future. The writers have potential to address threats from bullies, as well as self-acceptance from someone who is trying to suppress their feelings. Karofsky has become an important character on the show…I hope the writers follow through with his story line.

And it looks like on next week’s episode, Kurt’s dad and Finn’s mom are getting married 🙂 I think it’s great that Kurt and Finn will be brothers… that will open up a new window to their relationship. I look forward to the show!!


And now I will likely start watching the sequel to “A Very Potter Musical” (I can’t help it, I’m hooked on Darren Criss). Work tomorrow from 1:00-9:30… blah. The a couple days off! Besides helping my mom decorate and prep for next week, I will totally work on my thesis crap, I swear.

Have a good one!