I still cannot believe that HP7 Part 1 is opening in about 24 hours… I won’t be able to see it until Friday morning at the earliest, but I am BEYOND excited.

I totally finished watching “A Very Potter Musical” and have now started watching “A Very Potter Sequel” (I’m on Act 1 Part 7… woot). These musicals are BRILLIANT. I bought the soundtrack to AVPM this morning and have already been listening to it on the way to and from work… and I’ve basically been singing “Goin’ back to Hogwarts” in my car like it’s my job 🙂 I wish that was my job… instead of my actual job.

I was supposed to work from 1:00-9:30 today, but ended up working more along the lines of 12:50-10:00… and I basically just left work at 10 because I was going to lose it (and I was tired, and I don’t think the smile I had plastered on my face the whole day was going to last any longer). I was thankful I got to take my lunch break (well, dinner break… it was during the 5:40-6:20ish time slot), though I didn’t take any of my 15 minute breaks. No time… well really, not enough people to cover the area. My head was spinning about 30 minutes after I arrived and has yet to stop.

My mom gave me the run down on Survivor and Modern Family when I got home around 10:30… I will read Jeff Probst’s Survivor blog on EW.com tomorrow, and hopefully catch up on Modern Family as well. I still am 1 episode behind on Dexter, but that can wait. No time tonight… gotta get back to Hogwarts and “A Very Potter Sequel”

I am tired, so I will say Adios for now.

Have a good one!

(p.s. I will totally work on thesis stuff tomorrow… but I also have to run to Target and I want to help my mom decorate… but I will carve out some thesis proposal time too, I guess. Blah)