Yes, I watched the American Music Awards. I sat through all three hours for the sole purpose of watching the New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys joint-performance at the end of the awards show. And while it was a bit of a hot mess (choreography was fine, but some of those notes were crunchy!), I still love my boy bands. If NSYNC would have been up there with them, my heart would have exploded.

The performance sent me into a fit of giggles… of course I knew all the songs they smashed into their medley. Of course I have multiple NKOTB and BSB CDs and know almost all of their songs (and some choice choreography) by heart.

I freely admit to LOVING BSB’s “I Want It That Way” … so much so that it’s probably in my Top 10 favorite songs of all time. You can’t not like that song… it’s impossible. You know you know the words. My DAD knows the words, and he is not a fan in the slightest. Every time I hear that song, I stop, then say “Aw, that’s my JAM!,” crank it up, and belt it out like it is my job.

(You’re Welcome)

As for NKOTB, I have loved them since the late 80s. Granted I was only 5 or 6 years old, but I loved their music like whoa. So much so that a couple years later, when I was in first grade, and we were writing in our journals during class, I wrote in mine that one of my favorite memories was going to a NKOTB concert, being up near the front, and somehow a bit of Donnie’s jeans tore off and I got to keep a piece of them. This story was a lie, of course, but I was so into NKOTB as a youngster that I went so far as to lie in my school journal.

I still love NKOTB. I have their most recent CD (“The Block”). I sing “Summertime” all the time… it was my JAM when it came out and I love it still. As for old school NKOTB, “Please Don’t Go Girl” was it for me… Joey mac forever!!!

So, the AMAs were okay. I thought Pink’s performance was the most fun. And is it just me, or do the Black Eyed Peas keep churning out songs that sound like they were specifically written for Bar Mitzvah receptions? And I am still not, nor will ever be, impressed by Miley Cyrus as a live performer. She looked like a bag lady. And Bon Jovi…. LOVE THEM! I just wish they would have sung “Livin’ on a Prayer” as part of their medley 🙂

I do not have Bieber Fever (how on earth did he get Artist of the Year?! Come on, that should have gone to Eminem or Lady Gaga), but I thought the kid did really well during his performance. That was actually a pretty deep song with a good message. Props to you, Bieber.

Besides the AMAs, I didn’t get a lot done today… whoops. (Not really.)

We woke up to the remnants of an ice storm, so I couldn’t meet up with my BFF and her husband until early afternoon. So, I spent the morning playing Wii with my mom and trying to help her find a recipe for homemade granola. I also dumped a bunch of pictures from my camera onto my computer. Something is up with my camera, so I couldn’t delete pictures off it using my computer, I had to do it manually. So, I looked through the several hundred pictures on my camera and deleted ones that were of no use to me anymore… 😉

After lunch, I drove to go see Molly and Joe. We went to Trader Joes, a place I had never been before. It was downright magical. I bought my mom some Lemon Curd and my dad some pistachios. My mom is so cute… when I got home and showed her what I got, she told me I should wrap it up and give it to her for Christmas. My mom is bonkers!! She had been talking about Lemon Curd for weeks now… and then she wanted me to wrap it up and save it for weeks from now. Crazy woman. I convinced her she needed it now, and she caved. So we busted it open for a taste – mmm mmm good.

This evening we basically just watched a couple episodes of HIMYM and the AMAs. And now it’s time for some more “Little White Lie”. It’s pretty cheese compared to the other StarKid stuff I’ve watched, but as I love Darren Criss, I’ll keep watching it.

Work tomorrow… maybe I’ll try and get some thesis stuff done too. Shout out to my friend Robin who is defending her thesis!!!!!! Get it girl!!!!!

Have a good one 🙂