Hey there,

Well, the holiday is over and all our guests have gone back to their respective states of scholastic advancement. I will be posting nightly once again… but although I owe you an epic recap of last week’s episode of Glee, as well as the holiday weekend, that might have to wait until Wednesday.

See, I am super sleepy right now due to a lack of sleep the past few nights. While my siblings were here, I was up extra late and didn’t sleep much. Even now that they are gone, I still can’t sleep due to there being something wrong with my tonsil that is preventing me from being able to sleep soundly.

I have ginormous tonsils. And when I was little, before I got the roof of my mouth expanded so that my top teeth would close outside of my bottom teeth, my tonsils used to touch and rub together all the time. (Gross, I know.) Sore throats and strep throats were common for me, in addition to my ear infections which I got on a regular basis.

In high school, I got my expander (painful like whoa… and I can still feel the ridge on the roof of my mouth where it was expanded. *shudder*) and over a couple months, my tonsils became two separate entities instead of the giant pink blob that used to reside in the back of my mouth.

However, I still seem to get sore throats on a regular basis. Sometimes I know it’s due to radical changes in the weather and allergies. But, there are times where one or both of my tonsils develop these pea (or bigger) size lumps on them. And right now, my left tonsil has a lump the size of a jellybean and it keeps rubbing against the back of my throat. I’ve been spraying chloraseptic on it throughout the night, and that helps for a while, but ultimately the scratchy pain comes back and I wake up/can’t get back to sleep right away.

I googled my symptoms to see what others had to say. Tonsil stones seem to be the most popular answer, though I am fairly sure that is not what’s going on in my mouth, based on the pictures. Some people recommend getting your tonsils removed. When my mom popped her head in my room this afternoon while I was working on my thesis stuff, I asked her if she could rip my tonsils out for me. She said that she fought with my ENT when I was little to get them removed, but my doctor wouldn’t okay that procedure for some reason. I wish they would have just taken them out. Alas…

So yeah, tonsil shenanigans. Fun times 😦

I did have a great holiday weekend and I hope the same for you. I had a great visit with my brother, sister, and her two friends from school. We played a lot of Wii, board games, and watched movies. I had to work the day before and after Thanksgiving. Black Friday wasn’t so bad – it was just a bit slow toward the end and I was ready to be home for the weekend. I work tomorrow afternoon/evening. I hope to get more work done on my thesis proposal – today I edited my coding sheet, key and Methods Section. I’m going to test out the sheet and key before I email the results to my professor (which I hope to do on Tuesday!).

New Glee this Tuesday… and I promise I will have my opinions about “Furt” and “Special Education”. There is sooooo much to discuss 🙂

Have a good one…