So, this is pretty gross, but I thought I dislodged part of my tonsil lump last night and then another part today… but when I look at it in the mirror, it’s still the same size. And it still is irritating the bejesus out of me. Oh well… hopefully this won’t be around for much longer. Time for some more Cholraseptic spray… ah, numbness.

I had a pretty productive day today. I printed out some coding sheets and my coding key and began some preliminary coding. I got through 4 years/28 cases thus far. Only a thousand or so to go… I’ll code a few more years/few dozen case studies tomorrow and then email my professor with my preliminary results. So far, so good – the coding sheet and key aren’t confusing to me. I should show them to my mom and see if she understands them. Hmmm…

Besides coding stuff, I worked for most of the afternoon and evening. I put on my happy face and assume a super cheery tone of voice… I deserve an Oscar for my performance, for reals. I had some woman tell me today that she and I were the only happy people she came across the whole day (we had super rainy/miserable weather). I don’t love my job (I don’t hate it, though), but I at least try to maintain a positive attitude while I’m there. If I’m overly pleasant, usually the customers don’t treat me horrendously. I have three years of acting classes and 2 years of retail experience, so I try to adapt my attitude to each individual situation/customer. It works… and passes the time. That, and singing along to the god-awful mix of Christmas music our store plays. When no one is around, I sing loudly… whatever keeps me awake 🙂

Well, I will close for now. I’m gonna watch last night’s episode of Dexter and then finish a Dexter book I’m reading. Tomorrow is Glee Tuesday!!! So exciting 🙂

Have a good one!