So, I just submitted a pre-application to audition for Glee. However, the audition dates and cities are not conducive to my work schedule… but I’m going to try and make this work. I am not the best singer or dancer by any means, but I would roll around on broken glass for a chance to be on that show. For reals.

Today was a good day… I had a beyond busy day at work (no break for me… I ended up eating my PB&J in a Target parking lot after I drove there after work). I met my sales goal and helped a bunch of people. I also had a few super crabby customers. But, you can’t win them all.

After work, I went to Target as I lost my winter gloves and wanted to replace them. I didn’t get any gloves… even though that was my sole purpose for going to the store. The Target gloves were hideous. And the gloves I lost were sooooo warm and cute (nice, thick, gray gloves. How I miss you so…). So, I’m gonna find me a TJMaxx so I can replace my Calvin Klein gloves for $10 instead of spending $17.99 on some fugly Merona gloves at Target.

After my Target misstep, I went home and was greeted by the best dogs ever, as well as the best mom ever 🙂 Poor mom… she said that she felt awful today (remember, she had a bit of elbow surgery yesterday… poor my mom). She ended up taking a nap with Moose for awhile this afternoon (while I was at work). I was glad she got some rest… she never takes it easy, and I knew she was going to crash at some point.

While she worked on some Christmas decorating, I went to my room to try and code some more stuff. I was hoping to finish the last of my 12 years tonight, but I didn’t. I will finish it tomorrow morning so I can email my edits to my professor and tell him how my coding sheet is working out (I need to make a couple slight changes, but all in all, it’s good for me).

My dad got home so I called it quits on the coding. We had dinner and watched the news (so depressing…). Then, it was Survivor time. I shake my head at NaOnka (sp?) and Purple Kelly. Modern Family was a rerun, but I laughed just the same. Love. That. Show.

And now I’m listening to music from last night’s episode of Glee (listening to Darren Criss sing will cause your ears to get pregnant…). I just submitted that Glee application, and now I’ll probably read for a bit. I finished my stupid Dexter book (the books are horrible! But the show is soooooooooooooooo good) and now am reading “Long Way Round” by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman. I have “Long Way Down” to read next!! Did you watch their documentary series? It was AWESOME!! Reading the book is just as enjoyable 🙂

Off tomorrow! Woot!

Have a good one 🙂

P.S. My dad totally played Glee Karaoke with me tonight… so my dad is officially cooler than your dad. The harmonies were off, but I love him for trying/agreeing to play 🙂