Well, I got maybe 4 hours of sleep last night.

I was so paranoid about trying to figure out how I am going to get out of work and get to that audition in a few weeks. The getting to the audition won’t be a problem… I’ll just need a plane ticket. But it’s the getting off of work that is going to be an issue. I called my boss this morning and left a message, pleading my case that I just found out about the audition late last night (which is 100% true) and I’d like a few days off to get myself to the audition, audition and then come back. I know asked days off in December is a no-no, but this is pretty much the opportunity of a lifetime. I’m not going to make a career out of working retail, and my boss knew that when she interviewed me. And, if my place of business cares about its employees lives outside of the workplace (like they claim they do), surely they can give me a couple days to go and try to achieve a life dream, right? (That will be my next argument, should my boss not give me the time off.)

So, I was up at 4 and after lying in bed for a couple hours, I went upstairs to chat with my dad before he left for work. He was excited for the audition and was the one to suggest getting the plane ticket. My mom, on the other hand, did not seem super excited about the audition. I know she thinks it’s probably not worth the time or money, but I really want this. I told my sister about it (since she’ll be in the city of the audition anyway… and I was hoping to get a ride back here with her afterwards) and she’s planning on auditioning too. We auditioned for American Idol together (just at Disney World, we didn’t wait in those massive lines… puh-lease), so it only makes sense that we do this audition together too. (We won’t be singing together or anything, just be in the same building, auditioning for the same thing but in our own auditions, not together together, although we do rock some pretty great harmonies 🙂 )

So, my day began at 4, and when I was done coding the last of my 12 years-worth of stuff for my preliminary coding around 11, I was completely worn out. I edited my coding sheet, key and Methods Section and emailed it all to my thesis chair. Yay me.

After lunch, I helped my mom decorate for Christmas. We are throwing a ginormous Christmas party next weekend for my dad’s work people, so the house needs to be decorated like whoa. We already had 1 tree up and decorated (the S’more tree), but there was so much more to do. My mom was still feeling tired/worn out from the surgery and whatnot, and I was super tired, but we made it work. She hung garland and vacuumed while I put together a fake tree and then decorated the nature tree (We have 3 full-sized trees, and then will have probably a couple smaller ones here and there.).

Around 3, I was really feeling tired, so I sat in the recliner. Moose jumped up on my lap and we ended up falling asleep for an hour. It was glorious. Moose is so warm and fuzzy that even though she was just lying across my midsection, it felt like I had a blanket covering me from my shoulders to my toes. We only woke up around 4 or so because my phone rang. Blah.

After I got up, I decorated the kid’s tree in the foyer. Moose sat at the top of the steps with her tennis balls, looking down on me in the foyer below. We play this game called “Stair Ball” where she’ll nose a tennis ball to me at the bottom of the steps and then I’ll throw it up to her. She’ll catch it, then nose it back down the steps. I usually don’t mind playing, but I was busy decorating. I told her no “Stair Ball,” but she didn’t listen (of course) and every now and again, she’d send a ball down the steps and it’d hit me in the feet while I was hanging ornaments. Crazy dog.

My mom and I called it quits on decorating because we were too tired to do anything else. We watched Bones (I hate Hannah.) and Grey’s (By that time, my dad was home. He was impressed with our decorating.). I’ll watch last week’s episode of The Office, maybe read and then sleep as I am super tired.

No work tomorrow, but I might run errands with my mom. Or get to work on some more coding.

I have to work at 7:45 am on Saturday, and it’s supposed to snow a lot tomorrow night through Saturday morning, so I am not looking forward to the commute. My mom already said she’d probably drive me… she has 4-wheel drive in her car whereas my Blue Car does not. Alas.

Have a good one 🙂