So, I had a bumpy night’s sleep last night. It started off with me realizing that I set the time on my alarm clock on AM instead of PM (whoops). Then, when I finally got settled, I had a pounding headache (as in, my hand was resting against my forehead, and my pulse was causing my hand to vibrate…), so I took an Excedrin to try and quash that (I’m having flashbacks of the tension headaches I used to get in high school).

I woke up about every hour or so. I was thankful to get back to sleep each time, as that rarely happens. However, when my alarm woke me up at 5:15, I was in the middle of the most bizarre dream. I was with a friend from grad school, and she and I were on this multi-tiered dock, chatting away as we were going to meet up with some peers for a drink. Then, we somehow ended up in this glass hallway, and we were talking about this guy who was up on the wall – it was like he was in a live version of that midway game where you shoot water into a hole to make your horse run faster.

All of a sudden, my friend was gone, and then the guy got fed up and came down from the wall and pulled out a gun. Other people screamed, but I just crouched down behind a (glass) door and was very still. There were gun shots and screaming from other people, but it all sounded muffled to me. The guy came up behind where I was crouching and shot several shots in my direction. In my dream, my eyes were closed, but when I opened them up, I saw there was blood splattered on the glass in front of me. I had been shot several times to the back of the head, but I didn’t feel anything.

I knew I was shot and that I should have been incapacitated (at the very least), but once the gunman was gone, I got up and walked down a couple flights of stairs. I was in the bottom floor of a high school and students were running about, screaming. I walked calmly to an authoritative figure and kept patting the back of my head to make sure that I was (1) still bleeding and (2) still alive. My hair was matted with fresh and dried blood, but I was still functioning.

I somehow ended up outside on a stretcher and was waiting for a helicopter. EMT people were waiting with me, and the girl who put me on the helicopter was a girl from my sister’s grad in high school. I was like, “Hey, I remember you,” and I said her name. We chatted, even though I had these massive head wounds. I was dropped off at this area in a field outside of a hospital.

My head was still bloody, and it felt like my brain was in slow motion. I remember forming sentences, but the process was very labored. I asked those around me to contact my parents. Then moments later, my mom appeared. I ended up in a wheelchair, but was not taken to the hospital right away. Instead, I was wheeled to this fair in the hospital parking lot. From my wheelchair, I was forced to watch some sort of skits/revue and then participate in some sort of spelling game. All the while, my head was bleeding and it was harder and harder to verbally communicate.

And then my alarm went off.

What the what?! I have no idea why I dreamed any of that, but it was bizarre. That’s actually the second dream that I vividly remember where I got shot in the back of the head. At least I lived in this one… in the other dream, I dreamt that I was tied to the fence in our backyard of our Akron house and somebody (dressed all in black), shot me, point-blank, in the back of the head. And then in the dream, I remember my head hurting for a split second and then everything going black. I woke myself up in a panic that night.

I usually don’t have such bad dreams. Honest. But it’s the bad ones that I remember most vividly. There was one with some sort of mist in our basement where the alien from Alien was out to get me. And more then a fair few that involved tornadoes.

But then there are good dreams where I’m flying. Or reconnecting with people I used to know. Or seeing colorful Egyptian constellations in the sky (that one was actually a bit of a prophecy). Or that The Monkees were playing a private set in our front yard and there were chocolate chip cookies growing on pine trees (true story, that is the earliest dream I can remember… it was from when I was around 4 years old).

So, I was up at 5:15 for work at 7:45. The roads were pretty awful, so I was thankful that my mom offered to drive me to work. Work was busy today, which made the time go by quickly. My boss was not in, so I couldn’t get my audition stuff figured out quite yet. My best work friend told me I should leave a detailed note for my boss explaining everything. I will have that ready for tomorrow.

After work, my parents picked me up and we went out to our favorite barbecue place for dinner. We then went home and watched 2 movies – Gone Baby Gone and The Holiday. Both were enjoyable for very, very different reasons.

I was really impressed with Gone Baby Gone. This was my first time seeing it. Having seen The Town, I already knew Ben Affleck was a great director. But this made me appreciate his talents even more. *And* I was already a fan of Casey Affleck, but I thought he was really amazing in this movie. (I still think his best performance, however, was in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford). Good times.

My mom wanted to watch something Christmasy, so I chose The Holiday (b/c I love Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Eli Wallach). Even though Jack Black usually annoys me, I love his character in this movie. I like the scene in Blockbuster the best when he’s singing all those scores from famous movies 🙂

Well, off to bed now… I can at least sleep in, but I work all tomorrow afternoon/night. Blah.

Have a good one 🙂