Oh man, I am tired. But instead of watching Dexter from tonight (b/c I reeeeeeeeeallllllllllly want to, as last week’s episode was uh-may-zing, and this season only has 2 episodes left including tonight’s!), I will be watching 30 Rock and/or Community from Thursday. I’m behind. Must. Catch. Up.

I didn’t have any weird dreams last night (that I can remember at least…), so I woke up sans alarm at 8, had breakfast w/my parents, then got a shower and got ready for work.

I worked from 1:45-10:30 (really I was done around 10:20… woot). The roads weren’t as bad as I thought they were going to be. But, I did almost die once on the way to work – as some asshole pulled out in front of me (from a church parking lot, no less). There was NO ONE behind me as far as the eye could see, but NOOOOOOOO, s/he had to get out of that parking lot ASAP. The parking lot, which is at the bottom of a snow-covered hill where the roads were super slippery. As I desperately tried to break so as not to hit the car, my car decided it wanted to Tokyo Drift sideways a bit. I hope that asshole got where s/he needed to go.

The roads on the way home were great… until the block before where I live. Then I was sliding all over the place, of course. Bah!

Work was pretty good… it was busy, so time went fast. I got yelled at by a customer today. And then he asked to talk to a manager. And then he yelled at her something awful too. Then he came back about 30 minutes later and was nice to me. So, all was well in the end.

Tomorrow I don’t have to work until 6, so I will try and get school work done during the day and/or help my mom prep for this weekend’s festivities.

Have a good one!