But more importantly, let us pay our respects to the late Elizabeth Edwards.

I can’t imagine being in the public eye like she was, battling cancer as well as the political and personal aspects of her family. She always came across as so composed and strong. While watching the news yesterday, the news anchors announced she was stopping treatment on her cancer, as it had spread. And now today, she has passed. My thoughts go out to her family, especially the children, as it must be a horrible experience to go through this, especially during the holiday season.


Compared to the hardships the Edwards family is facing right now, my day was an epic walk in the park with a side of Glee. And while I am continually grateful to be living my life, even in my state of contentment and happiness, I am always aware that there are other people who are not.

I woke up around 7:30 and went upstairs to find my mom elbows-deep in bakeware. This is day 2 of epic baking for our Christmas party this weekend. I ate some granola and an orange, watched an episode of Parks and Rec I must have missed during the second season, and then went back downstairs to throw in a load of laundry and code some more.

Coding is a process… and it’s definitely not as easy as my professor and I thought it was going to be. I’m sure I am still making it a bajillion times harder on myself than it needs to be, but I’m trying to get good numbers. So, I will stick with what I’ve got going on… The biggest hurdle has been looking up people on the Internet. Try and think of all the gender ambiguous names you know… then double or triple it. Wikipedia and Google Images have been my best friends, for sure.

Before lunch, I couldn’t look up anymore people, so I watched last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother. It was all right… I liked the manatee outfit (I love manatees… and Jason Segel, of course).

Speaking of watching television shows from the other night… holy hell has Dexter been AMAZING this season. I can’t believe there’s only one episode left! I am glad I have watched this season by myself because I have been talking at the computer screen during every episode, saying “What the what?!” and “Aw, hell no!” I have some hunches about what is going down in the finale next week…


I haven’t read anything, but I did watch the promo for next week’s episode and I have read the books. Not that this plot line is in any of the books, but still.

So, I think that Deb is going to find out about Dexter’s Dark Passenger. She knows about it in the books, and I think it’s about time she knows about it on the show. This plot line would definitely be able to be played out over the course of Season 6. It’ll be a good cliffhanger, for sure.

I also think that Lumen will not die. That would just be wrong to kill off another one of Dexter’s “love” interests in a finale. And, as much as I don’t really like Julia Stiles, I am loving Lumen and Dexter together. Dexter never really loved Rita the way people in a relationship should love each other. Their relationship was more of a facade so that Dexter seemed normal. He cared about Rita and cares about her kids and Harrison, but he never seemed very husbandly or genuinely affectionate toward her. However, with Lumen, Dexter is an actual person. He doesn’t have to hide any part of who he is. She knows about the murders and is fine with it, as she is pretty messed up too. And Dexter and Lumen are kinda cute together… they certainly are affectionate and act very much like a legitimate/caring couple. He looks out for her, but also works with her. And Michael C. Hall is such a brilliant actor, the way he plays Dexter. It’s as if Dexter is experiencing certain feelings for the very first time. During the scene in Episode 10 where Lumen takes off his shirt and has his hands behind his back, his eyes darted in a slight panic before he seemed to catch himself and then allowed himself to be intimate with her. And then in this past episode, when everyone at the police is in that room and Deb is talking about how the girl vigilante must have help from a man who loves her, Hall’s eyes and V/O make that scene. He’s working out all of those emotions in his head and realizing that Dexter feels for Lumen in a way he didn’t think he could ever feel for someone else. Its these small moments that really make that character, and in turn, make the show.

I also hope that Quinn doesn’t die. Deb has lost too many love interests as well, and Quinn is a pretty decent character. He’s got a lot of sides to him that could still be explored.


After lunch, I ran to the grocery store for my mom. She wanted to make butter cookies using this cookie press and she needed some colored sugar to decorate the cookies. We didn’t have any colored sugar in the house, so I ran to the store to pick up the sugar and something for dinner later on.

When I got home, I went downstairs to do more coding. After a while, my mom came downstairs to inform me she threw the cookie press away because it was a hot mess. Poor mom. She opted to do cutouts instead, and they turned out nicely.

After I put away my computer and folded my laundry, I went upstairs after 5 to help my mom with dinner. We watched the first episode from Season 3 of Bones. Season 3 was one of my favorites, so I look forward to watching the rest of the season with my mom.

And then, at 7, it was time for GLEE!!! Christmas Glee, to be exact 🙂


Oh Christmas Glee, Oh Christmas Glee, you really outdid yourself…

Even though I’m not sure how kosher all the Christmasing in the public school was, I loved this episode as it really put me in the Christmas spirit 🙂

I felt a little bad for Mr. Schue when Emma came up to him to ask him if they were okay. Good for him for saying he needed some time apart. Then it was time for faculty Secret Santa. Since the commercials already gave it away, the audience probably already knew that everyone pulled Sue’s name out of the protein powder jar.

The Glee tree (with its stolen ornaments and empty presents) was so cute. And I liked that the kids were singing “The Most Wonderful Day of the Year” from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, as I love that song (the misfit toys are the best!!).

How horrible was it when the glee kids were forced to sing in front of their peers? That teacher threw a shoe! What the what, teacher?!

It was brilliant to have Brittany still believe in Santa Claus, as her epic naivety was believable that she would still believe. And I liked how the other kids went along with it, even though they thought it was weird.

Poor Rachel Berry and her poor Christmas gift-giving skills. I loved her set-up on stage for “Merry Christmas Darling“. Someday, I’d like to sing a Christmas ballad on a stage with fake snow and lit trees around me. I’ll have to add that to my Bucket List.

And then there was a few minutes over at Hogwarts, I mean Dalton Academy. Kurt was studying in the common room (I’m going to totally use HP terms for Dalton until the end of time…) when Blaine (swoon) walked in and slammed a boom box down on a nearby table. It seems that our Dapper friend has been cast in some Christmas Spectacular at Kings Island (oh, Ohio amusement parks… how I love thee) and needed Kurt to help him rehearse “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. I liked how Kurt was like, “they’d never let us sing that” (referring to them, being two gay guys) and when Blaine gave him a look of “huh?”, Kurt added “two artists”. But we all know that Kurt’s line was a nod to the chunk of society who is against two guys singing a Christmas love song duet to each other. Deal with it, haters, because it happened. And it was soooooooo good 🙂

Here’s two fine looking Warblers serenading each other:

Now, upon further inspection of this video, one might infer that either Blaine is a really good actor and is just practicing his flirting skills for when he has to sing with a girl, *or* Blaine is just as into Kurt as Kurt is into Blaine (Kurt tells Mr. Schue later when Mr. Schue asks if Blaine is someone special that, “I’m in love with him. And he’s gay. So that’s what we call progress.”).

The Glee writers and directors and producers could have thrown in a Kurt/Blaine kiss during this episode, but that would have been too much too soon for these two. And while this relationship needs to happen eventually, I think their Pushing Daisies-esque flirtation is divine. (I say “Pushing Daisies-esque” because Kurt spent a bulk of that song moving around Blaine with his hands crossed behind his back… *classic* Ned move.)

And while I love Kurt (and Blaine) like whoa, I was uber sad that we, the audience, only got one scene with them this episode. I know the show has been a bit Kurt-heavy this season, but he’s a great character. And it is a bit of a bummer that now that he’s at Hogwarts (Dalton…), he is away from the glee kids. I’m assuming that like Hogwarts, the Dalton students stay at school. The show never flat-out said it was a boarding school, but it does seem that they don’t leave there much. Or when they do, they are still in uniform. How is Kurt supposed to be a fashion icon if he’s stuck in his Hogwarts blazer all the time?

But, outside of the castle, Artie and a bunch of glee kids take Brittany to go see Santa at the mall. She asks Santa to make Artie walk for Christmas. Ummmm… that could be bad news.

I thought it was cute to have the football guys ask Coach Beiste to dress up as Santa and tell Brittany that Santa can’t make Artie walk for Christmas. Coach Beiste is such a great character.

Also a great character, Sue Sylvester (take that, Ed O’Neill). And it was BRILLIANT to have Sue and Becky pull a Grinch and Max… See, Sue rigged Secret Santa, so she got all these presents. When Will and Beiste took them back to give them to the homeless kids, Sue took revenge. In perfect Grinch-style, Sue put on a Santa suit and green makeup, Becky put on some dog/reindeer ears/antlers, and to the tune of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch,” television magic was made. With crafty blocking and a playful nod to the Grinch cartoon from back in the day, Sue and Becky destroyed the Glee club’s tree, took the presents and made a giant mess. Cue Brittany/Cindy Lou Who who took Sue/Grinch for the real Santa.

So the next day, when the glee kids saw the mess, Brittany was there to tell them that she talked to Santa and everything was going to be okay. Even though Will and the glee kids were on the right track thinking that it was Sue who destroyed Christmas, Brittany convinced them otherwise, stating that Santa is a boy. (duh!)

Brittany had another run-in with Santa… this time at her house. Beiste, dressed in a suit, sat Brittany down and told her that Santa would not be able to make Artie walk this Christmas, but instead would like to give Brittany patience. Beiste then recounted a story from her youth about how she asked Santa to fit in with the other girls… poor Beiste and her body/self-esteem issues from her past. And poor Brittany, who just wanted the magic of Santa to allow Artie to walk.

But, in true Christmas fashion, all was not lost. The Glee kids were going to go all Gift of the Magi on the holiday, but Will stopped them to explain that there was still something they could do to make the holiday right for those less fortunate. So, the glee kids (minus Artie and Brittany, as they went to Brittany’s house because she lost the Christmas spirit) got on their Christmas jumpers and sang for the teacher. Their version of “Welcome Christmas” filled the teachers lounge with smiles and good cheer, and led Sue Sylvester’s heart to grow ten sizes that day.

When the glee kids got back to the rehearsal room after their teachers lounge performance, they were greeted by Brittany and Artie, who was standing thanks to the help of some sort of body brace/crutches. By some Christmas miracle, they were left under the tree for him at Brittany’s house. It was revealed that Beiste was the benefactor… and to be perfectly honest, my mom and I almost got teary eyed during this scene. It was a Christmas miracle to see Artie standing, and just really touching that all of his friends got to see him take those few steps. 🙂

The episode ended with Mr. Schue going back to his apartment, expecting to be alone for the holidays (he’s divorced and now Emma is married to Carl… poor Mr. Schue). But, Sue was there and she decorated a tree and his apartment. *And* she had all the glee kids (minus Kurt… tear) over to help decorate. Sue’s not really so bad all of the time…

BTW – I am glad Finn and Rachel aren’t back together yet. Though, Finn needs to get over it. For reals.

And now that I’m filled with some Christmas cheer, I am going to miss Glee oh so much until it airs again in February. I might break down and buy a couple more episodes on iTunes so I can tote them around on my iPod for the next few weeks. I must have watched the “Rocky Horror Glee Show” and “Never Been Kissed” episodes 20 times by now…


Well, I should get going… I have to be up at 6 to be at work by 8. Workin’ 8-5 blah.

Have a good one!