Well, today was not the best day ever at work. I’m sure it wasn’t the worst either, but when you’re running on about 4 hours of sleep and your head is spinning because of dehydration, it’s not all that pleasant to try to deal with cranky customers and evil glares of doom from superiors.

I wasn’t even supposed to work today, but there was an extra shift so I accepted. And as much as I helped out a bunch of people, there were moments were I was fairly sure that I was going to get fired. I got stuck helping out a colleague for over an hour in a department that was not the one I was assigned to, and by time I made it back over to where I was supposed to be, if looks could kill, I would have been dead a bajillion times over. I’m sorry, but what was I supposed to do? Leave 20+ people just standing there and leave a work friend in a lurch because I needed to be back at my area where there were 5 people and only 4 cash registers?

I helped several customers out to their car sans jacket in the 12 degree weather (it was flurrying at one point). I opened an account. I helped people find stuff. Etc.

I’m not a star employee, by any means. I don’t ask everyone to open an account. I don’t try to up-sell to customers. I don’t harass customers to sign up for extraneous store stuff. But I do my best to make sure I answer questions, be polite and help as many people as I can with as much patience as possible.

But there were more than several times today where my head hurt so bad and my patience was so thin that I had to tell myself to suck it up and not just burst into tears or flip out on a customer. I was carrying 5 giant boxes of skillets from a stock room to the cash register because I knew my customer wanted 3 more, a guy in line wanted one and we needed one for the shelf. So, as I am struggling to make it to the register without hitting anyone with boxes or dropping boxes, the man who wanted one tried to grab one from the pile in my hand. What the hell, guy in line?! Wait two seconds for me to set them down.

I get that we’re close to Christmas and that people are trying to get their shopping done. But it’s getting a bit ridiculous. Today, a plate fell off a shelf and hit my best work friend in the face. Not cool. I see people cut in line. People abusing coupons. Etc. And while I continue to say that I am thankful for my job (which I totally am), I am weary of people. Like whoa.

So, I worked my 9 hour shift and came straight home. I got a hug from my mom, played with my dogs and got to watch Survivor and Modern Family (and the last part of The Sing Off).

Tomorrow I only work from 8:45-2:30, so I look forward to being home and helping my mom and/or coding some more.

I hope you have a great day. Be kind to others. For reals.