Well, I crawled out of bed at 7:35 this morning and have found my way back by 8:45 tonight. Sleep… it’s what’s for dinner.

I woke up feeling pretty good. Slept in an hour later than the past few days… nice. I had breakfast with my parents while we watched GMA. Also nice.

Because we’re expecting the snow storm of the century around here, my parents made the executive decision to postpone our holiday party until Sunday. Of course I will be at work now during the party, but c’est la vie. It’ll be safer (hopefully) for people to drive on Sunday than it’s supposed to be tomorrow.

So, because the party got moved, my mom was not in as big of prep-mode as she was supposed to be, so she took my dad to his eye appointment today instead of me. I spent my morning and early part of my afternoon glued to what I have dubbed my “thesis chair” (the large, red recliner in my room) and coded like whoa. I got through another 5 years of information (100+ cases or so). I probably could have gotten more done, but I get easily distracted on Wikipedia. See, when someone’s name is gender-ambiguous, I have to look them up online to verify if one is male or female. So, Google images and Wikipedia have become my most frequent websites as of late… and Wikipedia is so freakin’ fascinating. I am learning so much stuff about filmmakers I have never heard of – it’s all so interesting πŸ™‚ (I know, I’m a huge dork)

After coding, I was supposed to help my mom bake some more cookies and make Buckeyes, but she opted to do that by herself. That ended up being a good idea because after lunch, I started feeling a bit off. This, unfortunately kept me from getting to see my BFF and her husband at all today 😦 As by time she called, I was getting my pillow and blanket to curl up on the couch and die for awhile while my dad and I watched Terminator Salvation.

I am not a fan of the Terminator franchise, but it was nice to just lie down and watch Christian Bale and Sam Worthington for a bit. Even with the attractive men on the big screen TV in front of me, I began to drift in and out of sleep. I know I missed some major plot points and, at times, woke up to find that I had drooled on my College sweatshirt. (Best $3.50 I ever spent at a thrift store, mark my words.)

By time the credits rolled, I knew I wasn’t going to last very much longer the rest of the night.

My parents and I ate dinner while we watched part of the news, trying to see how much snow we’re likely to get (upwards of a foot, supposedly). Then, my dad told me to put on another movie. As we’re Netflix people, I put in the Blu-ray we got in the mail yesterday – Body of Lies. I put it in our queue because I will watch anything with Leonardo DiCaprio in it. He’s a great actor – it’s ridiculous how talented he is.

The parts I saw of the movie were good… as I fell asleep off and on during key plots points. For part of the movie, Moose was on the couch with me, so I shared my blanket with her and we napped together.

So, when that movie ended around 8:10, I was ready to call it a night. I’m yawning as I’m typing this, and my clock reads “9:12”. Yipes.

I did hope to make it through last night’s episodes of Community and 30 Rock. But, at the rate I’m going, I know that’s not likely to happen. I just feel so sleepy.

I’m thankful that I was not scheduled to work tomorrow, especially since we’re supposed to get all that snow. This will give me a day to do some laundry, some more coding, and still take it easy. I haven’t been sick in awhile, and I’d like to keep illness away – at least until after next weekend’s audition. I’m still trying to narrow down my song selection. I had a bit of a musical epiphany today… I just need to practice a lot more.

Have a good one and stay warm & dry πŸ™‚