But before I get to my thoughts on the Dexter Season 5 finale, I was actually a bit bummed when I got online and saw that Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter are getting divorced 😦 I mean, it’s their lives and I wish the best for both of them, but a small part of me really got a kick out of seeing the two of them go head-to-head as siblings on the past 5 seasons of Dexter. How is their divorce going to impact their on-screen chemistry? Will it? Both of them are such great actors surely they can work through their differences for Season 6. Right?

(In other celebrity break-up news, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hugeons split. IMO, he is way more marketable/talented than she is. However, I wouldn’t call either of them “actors,” per se, but merely people who became famous by playing characters in a popular Disney franchise. Meryl Streep is an actor. Vanessa Hudgens is a pretty face who can kind of sing and looks nice on a lunch box. There is a *huge* difference. That’s why Meryl Streep wins SAG Awards and Vanessa Hudgens wins orange blimps from Nickelodeon. Efron has potential. He was pretty good in Me and Orson Welles.)

But I digress…

So, Dexter Finale


I was looking forward to this hour of television like you would not believe. This season has been amazing… I wasn’t sure how they were going to match or top Season 4, but somehow they did. And I was waiting for a HUGE payoff, or some giant cliffhanger.

While there was payoff, there was no cliffhanger.

The episode started where we left off in Episode 11 – Jordan Chase had Lumen, and Dexter knew he needed to find her asap.

Small tangent – can I just say how AMAZING Jonny Lee Miller has been this season as Jordon Chase?! I have not been more creeped out by a performance in long, long time. Having been a fan of Miller for years (Trainspotting and Eli Stone, represent!), I even had the opportunity to see him on Broadway last year in After Miss Julie *and* get to speak with him briefly afterward. He must have been sick or something, because he was something awful in the performance my sister and I saw of After Miss Julie and he was quite out of it when we met him after the show. However, on Dexter, he has been nothing but spot on and beyond creepy. Between his passive aggressive-ness and then the way he was behaving around Lumen when she was tied up. His eyes were wild, his tongue was moving about as if he were a lizard getting ready to attack his prey. He was an animal – ready to devour Lumen in a way that it appeared he had wanted to ever since he and his friends started beating a raping the barrel girls (well, his friends did all the beating and raping while he watched… but now it was his turn to partake). Cue all the goosebumps that you could ever feel at one time. *That’s* how disturbed I was by his performance in the finale. If Jonny Lee Miller doesn’t get a Best Supporting Actor/Best Guest Actor in a Drama nod somewhere during Awards season, I will eat my Yoda hat.

So many story lines, so little time.

Instead of Dexter going to Orlando to celebrate Harrison’s 1st b-day, the whole family surprised him at his apartment. Whoops… good thing they ultimately didn’t stop him from finding Lumen.

Meanwhile at the station, it was publicly found that Liddy was dead. (We know Dexter stabbed him… and I’m pretty sure Quinn thinks this happened too, but everyone else was clueless thus far.) During investigation, La Guerta connected Quinn to Liddy (Quinn didn’t help by deleting his phone messages and then requesting a lawyer… also that blood stain on his boot is quite questionable… again, we know it’s Liddy’s blood. Duh.). Quinn won’t tell Deb what’s up, as he still has yet to completely confide in why he and Liddy were investigating Dexter anyway. But, it seems that Quinn’s feelings for Deb were stronger than his feelings against Dexter. (And also Dexter later cleared Quinn of Liddy’s murder… so Quinn kinda owes Dexter one. Not that Quinn knows exactly why…)

But, the most important plot line for me what that revolving around Lumen and Dexter.

Dexter loves Lumen. Though those words never came out of *his* mouth, they did come out of Deb’s mouth (not that she knew she was directly referencing her brother and Lumen). This season we got to see Dexter evolve as a person. He’s still a monster (I love the character, but he does kill people in a very methodical fashion.), but we’ve seen him relate more to others this season. He’s compassionate toward Deb and her relationship with Quinn. But more importantly, he’s become attached to Lumen. Though he started out with this hero-complex, as if him helping Lumen would make up for his inability to protect Rita last season, it seemed that the complex gave way to legitimate feelings for Lumen. As he mentioned several times, Lumen was the only person who ever completely saw him for who he really is and still accepted him. This unconditional acceptance was new for Dexter, but he seemed to take it in stride. He let Lumen kill some of their adversaries. He used the word “we” to describe them. They had an intimate emotional and physical relationship. He referred to his apartment as their “home”. Dexter was all-in in that relationship. He didn’t hide his kill tools from Lumen. He got her her own set of gloves. He bought her a knife. They were a super cute couple… *Were* being the important word in that sentence.

Dexter did manage to find Jordan and Lumen before Jordan had a chance to kill her. Though he was in a car accident along the way *and* tied up, Dexter stabbed Jordan through the foot, and then put him in a Hulk sleeper hold. Dexter set Lumen free, then they strapped Jordan to a table.

Jordan woke up tied down and pretty much was celebrating his own influence on Dexter and Lumen. What a jerk. Dexter, romantic he really is, told Lumen the kill was hers. Without the usual kill room setup, Lumen stabbed Jordan and killed him. (Yay!)

But then Shit Just Got Real because Deb pulled up soon afterward.

I was seriously hoping Deb was going to find out this episode that Dexter is a serial killer, and that she was totally right about Barrel Girl #13 and her boyfriend being the vigilante murderers. I want Deb to know so bad about Dexter because this season, Deb seems to have gotten her own Dark Passenger. And I’m sorry, but Deb is not a dumb character… even with the “blind spot” that Dexter talked about, she should be able to deduce that her brother is a bit off and is a serial killer.

So, I thought it was uncharacteristic, yet a great piece of character development, when Deb found Dexter and Lumen (shot at them!), and then let them go. She didn’t know it was Dexter and Lumen, but since Deb had her own past being abused in a past relationship (remember her engagement to the Ice Truck Killer/Dexter’s brother?!), she saw that what the killers did was justifiable, albeit still very, very illegal.

I love how all of the characters have such different views on justice and the law.

So, Dexter and Lumen were free. And as they dumped Jordan’s body in the water and sailed back to shore, everything looked like it was going to be fine and dandy for our misfit couple.

But then there were 14 minutes of the episode left… so you know something was gonna go down.

Unfortunately, the only thing that really went down was Dexter and Lumen’s relationship. The next day he walked into the apartment, telling her the kids were going to spend the summer with him and how he’s a breakfast foods guy. And then Lumen was there on the couch, telling him that she had to leave because she didn’t feel the need to kill anymore. With Jordan’s death, she was ready to move on and didn’t feel that she had to keep going the way she was, as her own Dark Passenger was gone.

This is where my heart started breaking right along with Dexter’s. Again, I will point out what a great actor Michael C. Hall is. As Dexter, his eyes were darting around as he tried to wrap his mind around what Lumen was saying. Dexter had pretty much given into the notion that he found someone and was ready to share his twisted life with her… and now she’s leaving him. So soon after he was left by Rita. The guy just can’t catch a break.

Dexter threw the ugly green plate he was holding against the stove and then sank down into the corner to process what was happening. Even though he was obviously sad about the whole situation, he acknowledged that he needed to keep killing, while recognizing that Lumen did not. His couple lines about how he will carry her Dark Passenger with him for always was really touching. (Great writing on this show – btw – for making the audience really relate to, identify with, and care about a serial killer.) I just wanted to give Dexter a hug. I also then wondered how this will affect him next season… will he kill even more, or with more vengeance, to try to fill this void in his heart? It’s really very sad to see his character arc come crashing down like this – this season Dexter realized he had a heart and was capable of loving and being loved. And now with Lumen leaving, who will love him now? Who will he love now? I mean, he has his kids, but they don’t know about his Dark Passenger. Rita never knew either. Dexter had never related to another character the same way he did with Lumen. And to know that she’s still alive, but is choosing not to be with him has got to be a mind-fuck. (Pardon my French.)

So… now what? I wish Season 6 started now. I want to know what happens to these characters I’ve come to know over the last 60 episodes. Very interesting… very interesting indeed.

But there was no huge cliffhanger like last season. I thought that was a bit of a cop out. Alas.


So, besides Dexter, I did some coding today. Ate *a lot* of cookies. See, yesterday was my parent’s holiday party. And my mom baked and cooked a lot of food… but only 10 people showed up (the roads are still bad, and some people had prior commitments). So, there is lots of yumminess left over.

(BTW – as you may have noticed, I didn’t post yesterday. Instead of working until 10, I had to stay until closing time and by time I got home, I just wanted to go to sleep.)

We ate cookies, I coded, played some Wii, watched a rerun of Oprah, watched an SNL Christmas DVD, and then watched The Sing Off. I love a cappella music 🙂

I don’t have to work tomorrow, but I was going to go Christmas shopping. That’s work… because I hate shopping. I was going to go to a movie, but I wanted to see Black Swan but it’s not playing here yet. Bah. Maybe I’ll see 127 Hours. Or not…

Well, I need to watch HIMYM and then sleep 🙂

Have a good one!