I hate shopping. But, when you’re shopping for other people, it’s not quite as bad. Especially since I had a list, and I totally stuck to it… way to go me. So, I let the house just after 10 am, and was pulling back into the driveway before 1:00 this afternoon. Yep, all my shopping was done in less than 3 hours. *And* I already have all of the presents wrapped, bowed and neatly nestled under one of the many trees in our house. Woot times infinity. Now I just hope that my family members like what I got them… 🙂

Oh what a circus, oh what a show. Holiday shopping is not for the weary. I bundled up in my long johns, warm boots, Yoda hat, scarf, et al. I ended up wearing my glasses the whole morning because I have trouble seeing down aisles and reading signs in a mall setting (I blame the lighting. Although I’m sure my not-as-awesome-as-it-used-to-be vision is at fault as well.).

I was super happy to get back to the house. My mom also went shopping this morning, but she went to a different town/shopping area. We left around the same time, but I got home 30 minutes before she did. So, I got a plate of vegetables and munched on some carrots and broccoli while I watched my favorite clips for A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel on youtube via our Wii. Nice 😉

My mom got home, and we had some lunch then Wii bowled for a bit. She showed me where Christmas wrap and such was, so I went down to my room, put on an awesome iTunes playlist and sang my little heart out while I was wrapping presents. I sing all the time anyway, but I’ve been practicing extra hard for my audition on Saturday. I can’t believe it’s only a few days away. I still need to figure out what to wear, as I’ll need to dress for the weather, but also want to represent myself as an individual who has some semblance of an idea about fashion. Not that I’m going all out for this… totally wearing jeans and some comfy boots or Chucks (I’ll be standing in a line all day… I need to stay warm and be comfortable), but I need to figure out a top. I was thinking my plaid puffy vest and grey thermal top.

But who knows… I’ll figure that out tomorrow or Thursday when I’m packing. I also need to scrub my bathroom tomorrow and get my room ready for when my siblings come this weekend!!! My sister and I share a room when we are both here, so I need to move some of my stuff.

I’m really looking forward to seeing my siblings this weekend. I know I just saw them a few weeks ago at Thanksgiving, but my sister had her boyfriend and another friend with her, so we didn’t get any time to talk or be ridiculous around each other. I lived with my sister for four years and now we hardly get a chance to talk to each other or anything, so I’m really looking forward to a week with her. And my brother is the funniest person on the planet. So it’ll be so great having him around because everything that flies out of his mouth is hilarious. Yay family

Today was Glee Tuesday (of course) and Fox aired re-runs of “The Power of Madonna” and “Britney/Brittany”. I’ve already given epic monologues about both episodes in prior posts, but I will say that it was super nice to rewatch “The Power of Madonna” because it’s always great to see Jonathan Groff on my television 🙂 My two favorite numbers from that episode are “Borderline/Open Your Heart” and “Like a Prayer”. I like “Borderline/Open Your Heart” because I always love a good Finn and Rachel duet. Plus, at this point in the show, they both like each other but aren’t with each other. Teen angst makes me chuckle. I like “Like a Prayer” because nothing says awesome like a gospel choir. Plus, that song is just amazing… I know I have it on a few mix CDs. You can’t not sing along when it’s playing.

“Britney/Brittany” was good because I love Britney Spears music. Yep, love it. File that under guilty pleasure music for sure, but I have tons of Britney music on my computer and iPod. My biggest gripe with that episode, though, is that throughout the episode, Kurt is the one pressuring Mr. Schue to let them sing Britney music, and yet Kurt doesn’t get any Britney solos, nor is he really featured in any of the music numbers. Big props, though, for the writers for sneaking some Christopher Cross into the episode. I still laugh like whoa when Mr. Schue is in his new car and “Sailing” comes on and he’s like, “This is my jam!”

That’s totally something I say all the time… mostly when Mandy Moore’s “Candy” or BSB’s “I Want it That Way” come on 🙂

I work tomorrow night from 4:30-12:15. That makes me sad, as I do not like being at work that late… because it’s usually dead. At least then I can sing to myself while I straighten up. I just really don’t like driving that late at night. The roads still aren’t awesome and I really am uncomfortable driving when I am tired. (You know, because it’s not safe…) I look forward to working at a place where I don’t have crazy weird hours and I actually love my job. Some day…

Hopefully that someday is sooner rather than later. I have it all figured out that 2011 is going to be my year. I’m giving myself to the end of 2010 to finish stewing over some stuff, but then when 2011 rolls around, wha-blam. It’s my turn, world.

I’m finishing this stupid thesis. I’m finding an awesome job. I’m going to completely move on from shenanigans that have gone down in the past couple years. I deserve to be happy just like everyone else deserves to be happy, so I’m going to make that happy happen. And maybe it involves starting over. But it’s going to happen. In 2011.

So… I think I’m really tired right now and should probably stop typing. It’s only almost 10 and I need to stay up until 1:00, so I think I will finish watching a web-video I started the other night and then maybe try to finish my book so I can start reading another one.

Have a good one!