So, I didn’t do any thesis work today. Whoops. But not really… I will code all day tomorrow, I swear.

Today I went to a movie, then watched a movie at my house (among other things…)

I woke up early for the 9:40 showing of Black Swan. Whoa… good movie.


I saw the end coming a mile away, but that didn’t ruin the movie for me. I just knew Nina was crazy and that Lily had nothing to do with it. The use of White and Black throughout (i.e. Natalie Portman’s wardrobe) was pretty obvious, but it totally worked nonetheless. And I didn’t have high hopes for Mila Kunis, but I thought she was great as Lily. But, the trifecta of amazing performances goes to Portman, Barbara Hershey and Vincent Cassel.

Portman’s performance in this reminded me of the ultimate mash-up of her characters in Garden State and Closer. (Garden State = White Swan, Closer = Black Swan) Her dancing was beautiful, but what was most haunting was how Nina just broke down by breaking out of her shell. Though it was super gross, I thought the repetition of the blood and those goosebump-esque marks all over her body (especially toward the end… when she sprouted those awesome black wings) were brilliant. The black wings were stunning.

Hershey was buh-rilliant. The ultimate stage mom who wanted the best for her daughter, but also resented her for destroying her career. Soooo many issues. Soooo many opportunities to just snap.

And Cassel. Oh, Vincent Cassel. He just oozes all sorts of sexy anyway, but he really used that power for his character. Thomas knew what he was doing the whole time, and that was equal parts incredibly sexy and pretty darn frustrating. One could argue that he took advantage of Nina. But she wasn’t a victim, either. Well… she was to herself, but not really to Thomas.

All in all, I really enjoyed the film. I love movies about dance, probably because I’m not the best dancer either. There were some really amazing performances (great, great ensemble) and I’m so glad I finally got a chance to see it 🙂


After the movie, I went to Target to return some headphones (I got 2 pairs for Christmas…). I got a few shirts and a DVD (the remake of 3:10 to Yuma). I got some gas in my car, then drove home, shaking my head the whole way because people drive like freakin’ morons around here. Yikes bikes.

Back at the casa, I had some lunch, then changed into some comfy clothes so I could play my Dance on Broadway Wii game. Holy hell, that game is fun. And a little bit hard. As I mentioned above, I’m not the most experienced dancer in the world. And some of the choreography in the game is challenging. Two of the numbers are tap-heavy, which is kinda hard to do. I think once I play a bit more, I’ll figure out the steps and be able to make smoother transitions than I have been. My favorite routines are by far “Fame” and “The Time Warp”. I wish there were more songs (there’s, like, 20 total), but hopefully they will come out with another version. It’s a decent workout… I’ll do more tomorrow, but probably also do some cardio boxing as well. (In addition to coding, of course…)

After playing/dancing (Mom did it too… fun times), we Wii bowled and then I worked on some stuff on my computer. She and my dad went out to dinner with some couple, so I had the house to myself. I decided to watch that Joaquin Phoenix documentary, I’m Still Here.

Holy hell, Batman.

First off, I love Joaquin Phoenix. I think he is an amazing actor. And after watching this documentary and being fully aware that it was, indeed, a hoax (which they spend most of the movie denying… alas), I can still safely say that Joaquin Phoenix is still an amazing actor. And if this movie would have come out a few years ago, I think more people would have appreciated it and “got” it.

We live in a time where people can’t really keep secrets. Social media, the immediacy of cell phones, TMZ, the Internet at your fingertips (Smart Phones, yo), etc.. all managed to take the element of utter shock and awe out of this movie. Too many people were involved and it took too long between filming and release for it to have the proper affect on the audience.

I did see the Letterman appearance in real time (as in, I stayed up to watch his interview that night even though I hate Letterman). I remember thinking, “WTF?!” I did think Phoenix went off the reservation… but then a little bit later, it was leaked that it was all a hoax. So elaborate. But was it worth it?

I sincerely hope Joaquin Phoenix gets cast in a movie soon and starts being in stuff again (he hasn’t been in a movie movie since 2008) because he is too talented not to be gracing the silver screen. I think it was a huge risk and an epically ballsy move to star in this documentary. Having watched almost all of his movies and countless interviews, I gather he is a pretty soft-spoken guy, a super talented actor, and an actor who is able to pull off the kind of realistic/method performance that one would expect from Marlon Brando (in his hey-day) and Daniel Day-Lewis. In an amazing performance as himself, Phoenix masterfully crashes and burns, descending into the drug-riddled life of a would-be hip hop artist, JP. It’d be painful to watch if it weren’t for the fact that the whole thing is fake. However, knowing who is and is not in on the hoax is another story… just how many of those people knew what was going on? I’m guessing not as many as one would think.

I don’t need to watch I’m Still Here ever again, but I am thankful I finally got a chance to see it. Joaquin Phoenix is one of the greatest actors of his generation. But it’d be nice to see him in other movies sometime soon. (While watching the movie, I thought Phoenix would make a perfect John Belushi, if that bio-pic ever happens.)

A few months ago, I watched Phoenix return to Letterman to reveal that it was, indeed, a hoax. Letterman is such a horrible interviewer. This had the potential to be a great interview, but Letterman sucks. Like whoa.

After the documentary, I watched two reruns of Modern Family (such a brilliant show) and then found this channel on our TV that just plays random music videos. I saw one from Daughtry, Madonna, The Rolling Stones and some band I didn’t know.

I should be asleep now (I’m way tired), but I want to try and read some more of my book, as it’s due in a week or so and I’ve a ways to go.

I hope you have a good one.