It’s 2011! What the what?!

Since I live in the Central Time Zone, I got to see the ball drop twice last night (at 11 and 12, my time). Best part about last night’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve? NKOTBSB, of course πŸ™‚ Oh my goodness, I need to see them in concert. If I were to attend their show, I would likely be lizzing throughout the entire concert. I was laughing so hard I almost choked while watching them perform last night. It’s like all my favorite guilty pleasure songs wrapped up into one mega medley of boy band amazingness. My hearth doth explode.

New Year’s Eve was actually pretty fun. My parents had 2 couples over last night. I had met one of the people on several occasions, but the first couple to arrive were movie lovers! So much so that they’ve attended Sundance the past 20+ years. It was AWESOME talking movies with them. The husband even suggested we each list 5 movies for each other to see, so I now have a list of movies I need to watch in the next few weeks. I hope some of them are on Netflix. I got him 2 of my DVDs to borrow that I had put on my list for him. We had some really good conversations – I’m always interested to hear someone else’s movie-going preferences and what his/her favorite movies/genres are. I also really appreciated the generation gap(s) between me and the couple I was conversing with. I was able to keep up with most of the conversation and it was nice to hear positive feedback about my thesis topic from someone who was not part of my schooling. (After a year of academics not really being behind what I was writing about/wanting to write about – as in entertainment journalism – it was refreshing to have two professional adults really listen to what I was saying and agreeing that what I was interested in is a valid and important entity. Yay team.)

So, New Years Eve was way more fun that I thought it was going to be, so that was a nice way to end 2010 and start 2011.

I had to work today, and that wasn’t fun. I got in a bit of a bad mood because I was dehydrated, was in need of help and a break, and was beyond busy and stuck by myself in our busy area for a lot of the day. And I am pretty sure my manager dislikes me more and more with each passing day. I had to ask her for help opening a stock room because I couldn’t get the combination right on the door (even though I totally entered in what it was actually, but the door wouldn’t open). Then while I was on my break, she asked me if I wanted any extra hours today. I said, “No, thank you.” And she looked at me, then walked off and said loudly over her headset to the STORE MANAGER, “Katie has other plans and will NOT be staying any extra hours today.” And then I know she saw me with my water bottle on several occasions today (which we’re not supposed to have in our area. But it’s criminal to not let us have water… as our area is the same as walking in a desert for days on end.). So, I’m pretty sure she hates me. I keep thinking she’s going to fire me (for the record, I have never had a problem with any prior bosses, nor have I ever been fired from anywhere). Especially because I made a return today that only after the fact I found out I wasn’t supposed to do. Whoops 😦 I’m sorry, but I was super busy, had no opportunity to call a manager, and I had to keep the line moving. And then, a colleague was telling me that what I did was probably wrong, and I said, “I kinda don’t care.” I was just really defeated at that point and was about ready to collapse or just go off on the next person who got in my face. It’s not like I’m breaking the rules on purpose. I just made a mistake. So, I’m sure it’ll get back to my manager that I said I didn’t care. If that happens, I will apologize. I don’t want to get fired, but I also don’t want to be so stressed out all the time. I’m not curing cancer, I’m selling overpriced goods to ladies with Coach purses.

(End rant, I swear)

I got home from work and my mama had made a delicious dinner. Then my dad and I watched The Expendables. It had some decent action scenes, but I don’t need to see it again.

I plan on going to the movies tomorrow morning… I hope to see The Fighter, The King’s Speech or True Grit. I’m not setting an alarm or anything, so if I’m up, I’ll go. But I need some sleep as I am tired.

Also tomorrow I hope to get some more coding done. I’ve been working hard at it the past few days, though I still have 37 years to go. It’s laborious, but I’m still loving what I’m doing, so that’s good. I have an excellent mix of music that I’m listening to, so that helps πŸ™‚

Have a good one!!

Happy New Year πŸ™‚