Dear reader,

I woke up early this morning (okay, 7:45… but it felt early) so I could get myself ready for the 10:05 screening of The King’s Speech. Soooooo glad I chose to see this movie today, as it totally was exactly what I needed.

I was pleasantly surprised that the theater was about 1/3 full with people by time the movie started. I think I was the youngest person in the room (which used to be par for the course, but now that I’m an old woman of 27 that happens less and less these days), but I was laughing alongside everyone else. Perhaps I’m an old soul? Or maybe it’s that I can appreciate British humor. I do tend to laugh a few fractions of a seconds before everyone else in the room. This is also par for the course… I don’t know why, but I always seem to be the first one to audibly chuckle whilst at the cinema.

The King’s Speech was fantastic. Really, really, really great ensemble. Colin Firth will likely win the Oscar this year for Best Actor (not only did he give an amazingly heartfelt and quite emotional performance, but an Oscar win this year will help make up for his loss last year to Jeff Bridges. Did you see Firth in A Single Man? Do yourself a favor. Watch it. If you are not moved, then you have no soul. That scene on the chair alone is award-worthy.). Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter were also brilliant. I was unaware that Guy Pearce was in the movie and was super happy to see him as David. I miss Guy Pearce being in good movies. I do need to rewatch Memento and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert sometime soon.

The movie was much funnier than I thought it was going to be. The banter between Firth and Rush was delightful. And that scene where Firth’s character just starts swearing was a hoot. Any monologue by a proper British man, nay royalty, that ends with the word “tits” is bound to be memorable.

I hope to see The Fighter and True Grit within the next two weeks. Yay cinema.

When I got home from the movie, I had lunch and then played some Wii games with my mom. We bowled and then did a bunch of the Dance on Broadway dances. I can’t understand how my mom manages to outscore me in just about every dance. I’m doing the arm movements at the same time/speed as my character. But I don’t seem to get the points…

After an hour of tapping, hoofing and Time Warping, I busted out my Glee Wii Karaoke. I finally discovered what the Shooting Stars portion of the game is… while you sing, you use the Wii-mote to shoot the gold stars that are bouncing across your screen. What the what?! I also sang “Sweet Caroline” about 10+ times on various modes – the Quick Play and Shooting Stars. I always get 100% on that song, so I figured I would sing it on Easy, Medium, and Hard for both the Quick Play and Shooting Stars to see if you unlock something or whatnot if you get perfect scores on the songs. You don’t seem to get anything, but this is how I found out about shooting those gold stars… I noticed a blue star with three zeros under it. And then when you moved the Wii-mote, the blue star moved. And then I figured out about the shooting. Most interesting. It seems though, that when you do the shooting stars game, you really need to know the song (and pitches) by heart because you’re too busy concentrating on shooting the gold stars to even look at the words or pitch bar. So, I shot 202 stars while singing “Sweet Caroline” on Medium. Woot.

After that, I went to my room to code for awhile. I am on 1979, so I’m 50+ years in!! Woot 🙂 I work until 2 tomorrow, so I will code some more tomorrow afternoon. It’s going much better as I am more familiar with the movies and people from this era as opposed to some of the earlier years.

After dinner, my dad and I watched Die Hard. God, I love Bruce Willis. He’s such a great action/comedy actor. I’ve seen most of his movies and would be more than fine watching them over and over again. He’s one of my favorite action stars and I’d even watch his crappy movies over and over again (I think I’ve seen Hudson Hawk two or three times in my day…). Also, Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber is one of the best “bad guy” performances ever. Rickman’s voice is so money. And his delivery of his lines is amazing, as per usual. (See also: Dogma and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, among others).

I did get tired toward the end of the flick, so I fell asleep for a few minutes. But, it’s not like I haven’t seen Die Hard before, and it’s not like I’ll never see it again 🙂 I think my dad and I will watch Die Harder and Die Hard with a Vengeance sometime this week. Yay!

Well, off to bed… gotta work from 9:45-2 tomorrow. Then more coding. Yay team

Have a good one!