Monday, Monday… why’d you have to make me so sad?

I woke up this morning totally not wanting to get out of bed to go to work. It was one of those days where the alarm woke me up instead of waking up on my own accord. Never a good start to a day…

I drove to work singing some AVPM and Glee (of course), as the best way to start the day is by belting Ginny’s Song (Cho Chang version… “You’re cuter than a guinea pig. I wanna take you up to Winnepeg, THAT’S IN CANADA!) and Teenage Dream (Warning: Darren Criss’s voice will make your ears pregnant. And his eyebrows will make you smile.)

Work was busy for a Monday morning… probably because everyone and their grandma was returning Christmas presents still. I was sans colleagues, of course, so I wasn’t able to take any sort of break. I don’t know why I bother sticking a granola bar in my pocket, as it never gets eaten. Thank goodness for my contraband bottle of water, or I would keel over from dehydration in that over we call our department. If I added up all of the 15 minute paid breaks that I never get to take due to being short-staffed, I’m sure by now it would be at least 3 whole days worth of shifts. If this were a movie, my character would just stand in her department and not help anyone. When asked if she can help people, she would say that she’s on her break… and she’d do this for three days in a row. She’d likely also get fired in the middle of day one. But when I leave my place of business in a few month’s time (you know, move on to bigger and better things… or at least a job relating to my intended career path), I will tell them exactly what I think about their practices. But for now, I will continue to suck it up, plaster that faux smile on my face and help people out as much as I can.

After work, I came home and had some pizza, played some Wii Sports with my mom, then coded for awhile in my room. I’m on 1982 or 83 by now… woot. And I’m off from work tomorrow, so I hope to get a lot more done!! (I was gonna go to a movie and then Victoria’s Secret – semi-annual sale woot – but I think I’ll go next week to both places of interest.)

After dinner, I watched some reruns of HIMYM then tonight’s new episode of HIMYM. It was a great episode. And by great I mean the most emotional episode of that show ever. I almost was in tears at the end of it… (SPOILER ALERT LIKE WHOA). Marshall and his dad had such a great relationship on that show. The writers really fleshed the pair of them out. And then too build us up with those phone calls and the visit, only to have his dad not be there to pick up the phone at the end. I knew before Lily told Marshall that his dad was dead. But the way Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan played out that last scene was so brilliant and sad all at the same time. I was almost in tears. And I’ve only cried once while watching television… that episode of American Dreams where Sam’s mom died. So, this was a big deal for me, both as a tv viewer and HIMYM fan. Well played, HIMYM writers, well played. You made me feel. (END SPOILERS)

I was also happy to watch Castle! I love that show, but I hadn’t seen it in awhile since I usually work monday nights. So, I was glad to get caught up.

On a sad note today, Pete Postlethwaite died. He was such a great actor, and so memorable in a number of films. I most recently saw him in The Town and Inception, but his most memorable roles for me were in Brassed Off and Romeo + Juliet. You will be missed, Mr. Postlethwaite. You will be missed.

Well, off to read a bit. Some more of “Long Way Down,” but also the latest installment of “Dalton”. Yep, I’m hooked… I can’t help it đŸ™‚

Have a good one!