So, I didn’t end up going to the movie or the mall. *But* I totally got a lot of work done today, so that was even better. (Well, not better than going to a movie… but still.)

I tried my best to sleep in, but i was up around 7 something, so I turned on my light to read a bit. I’ve only a few more chapters of “Long Way Down” to go and it’s due in a few days, so I need to finish it. Perhaps tonight.

After breakfast, I went back down to my room to work on more coding. I coded for hours upon hours today… and though my eyes are screwy and hurt from staring at the computer screen, I totally am on 1994 or 1995. WOOT. Times infinity.

I did come across a few problems today… for some reason my Excel was crashing every few minutes. That was entirely frustrating. I did check to see if there was some sort of update I missed… there was one from 2008. (You can see how often I don’t use Excel on this computer.) So, I did the update and also deleted about 28 GB worth of stuff off my hard drive (conducting videos my sister made). With the update and all this newly acquired free space, my computer was working faster and Excel was no longer crashing. Huzzah!

I coded and coded and coded some more. I expect to be done within a week. Woot again. I will be re-commencing the barrage of emails to my thesis chair to see what edits I need to make and when I can defend my F-ing thesis proposal. I want to have the whole thesis done by May so I can graduate in June and BE DONE with j-school. I also want to be officially done with my thesis and grad school so I can look for a real job and move out of my parents house. One year here is too long. Anything past that is just uber depressing and a blow to what self-esteen I have managed to maintain.

I will try and get more coding done tomorrow, as I don’t have to be to work until 6. The next three days of work are going to suck… 6-9:15 tomorrow night, 9:45-4 Thursday morning, and then 8pm-4am on Friday night. F-ing inventory. I think the last time I stayed up until 4 am was at after-prom. In 2002.

Besides bonkers amounts of coding, I did manage to take an hour to play Wii Dance on Broadway with my mom. She is still outscoring me left and right (though I did get the high scorel on “I Just Can’t Wait to be King”). One of these days, I’m gonna just have to practice when she’s not around so I can win. Yeah, I’m that competitive.

I also watched a couple reruns of HIMYM (I’m still dealing with last night’s episode… I guess I missed the countdown aspect of it. But to me, that trivializes the severity final scene. Why one earth would they count down to that? That wasn’t New Years. That was the most sad I’ve been watching television in years. YEARS.

Tonight I watched the rerun of Glee – it was “Audition,” the Season 2 premiere. Or, as I think of it now, B.B. or “Before Blaine“. Kurt & Blaine are the center of that show now, for me, so what happened this season before “Never Been Kissed” is all B.B.

I liked “Audition” as it had a good mix of songs. I like Charice’s voice, so rewatching her sing “Telephone” and “Listen” is always nice. And even though A Chorus Line is not my favorite musical by far, I do love “What I Did For Love” a lot. I belt that out in my car on occasion when I’m listening to this season’s Glee-mix.

This might sound dumb, but thanks to Glee, I am a much better singer than I used to be. I mean, I was in choir in high school (though there is a funny story behind that… I actually didn’t make it after my audition, but somehow on the first day of school the next year, I was scheduled to be in Women’s Chorus. What?! So, I was in that for a few years and it was FUN!), but I never thought I sang well. I’m still not the best singer ever, but I have noticed that my range has increased by a lot, and I am better able to harmonize. Though this is not a skill one needs on an every day basis, I’m still glad I am getting better at it. But, the range thing is what is best of all. I used to have to really reach for some of those notes, but now they come without much of a stretch at all. Once only an Alto II, I now can sing Rachel Berry’s part on “Faithfully“… high notes and all. Woot.

I can’t wait for Glee to start back up with new episodes in February. I am very much looking forward to the episode after the Superbowl, but even more so the episode on February 8th. The Warblers/Kurt/Blaine are going to sing Maroon 5’s “Misery”. Can’t. Wait. (I ❤ Maroon 5. Well, mostly I ❤ Adam Levine, but on a whole I ❤ Maroon 5 too 🙂 )

While I wait for new Glee episodes, I have been keeping busy by watching and rewatching A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel. I can’t get enough of them! Also, I got hooked on Dalton. Now, I never was much for fan fiction (even though I totally wrote a huge paper about fan fiction and copyright infringement for my Internet Ethics class in grad school), but Dalton is beyond entertaining. It’s totally a soap opera, but it fulfills a Glee void until there are new episodes. And I love all the Alice in Wonderland references… brilliant 🙂 It’s just some mindless entertainment, and though I am slightly embarrassed by how much I am loving it, I get a kick out of it just the same. Go ahead and judge, but it’s nice to have something to read that is entirely just for fun and has nothing to do with my thesis stuff. Yay team

Well, off to bed…

Have a good one 🙂