Oy vay.

I had a horrendous night of sleep last night. I even tried to go to bed earlyish… well, not really, but still, I attempted to get my 8 hours. I maybe got 3… blah blah blah.

I dragged myself out of bed at 7:30 and had some oatmeal before heading to work. I was to work from 9:45-4, but it ended up being 9:35-4:20. And those 2 paid-15 minute breaks I was supposed to get just went by the wayside, like almost every single break I’m supposed to get. I would complain about this to my manager, but I am still convinced that my manager doesn’t like me. Though I will see her tomorrow night (workin’ 9 am – 4 am. yikes bikes).

Work on a whole was okay, except for the part where I was getting light-headed toward the end. Thank goodness for water bottles.

I got home around 4:40 and had an orange. Vitamin C!! I helped my mom make dinner and we had tacos when my dad got home. We had tacos with hard shells… I think the last time I had a taco with hard shells I was maybe in middle school. But, since the hard shells have less carbs, my mom opted for those ones (my dad has to watch his carb intake because of his medical needs, so there that is. I, for the record, love carbs. I even have a song about carbs that is set to the tune of Birdland. It goes, “Carbs, carbs, carbs. Carbs, carbs, carbs. Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaarbs. I love car-arbs.”)

During/after dinner we watched Cemetery Junction. Holy hell, was that a great movie! Props to Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant for writing and directing this gem. I wanted to see it ever since I saw this trailer, but it never came out in theaters by us. Yay for Netflix… I put that sucker at the top of our queue recently. Good thing my dad ended up liking it a lot too… he and I were howling. What a funny movie. But besides being a stitch and a half, there was a lot of heart going on. It had several really great subplots and even though everything came together in the end, I didn’t feel cheated, nor did it feel riddled with cliches. It was just a really, really sweet movie. Great cast too… damn. I love Ralph Fiennes, Emily Watson and Ricky Gervais, but my favorite person was the lead guy who played Freddie – Christian Cooke. He looked like a long-lost Culkin brother (like Kieran Culkin, but with blue eyes and a British accent), and I just thought he did a great job. I need to own this movie so I can watch it with both commentaries. I just really, really loved it 🙂

Maybe I’ll go see a movie tomorrow. But most likely not… I’ll need to code and nap. Plus, my nose has been extra sniffly and my throat is getting scratchy again. So maybe I should just stay in bed all day, curl up with Moose and try to sleep it off. But that likely won’t actually happen… I’m not a great nap-taker.

Anyways, I will not be updating this tomorrow night since I’ll be at work from 9pm-4am and know I will want to sleep right when I get home. So, I hope you have a swell Friday night!

have a good one