I am so pissed off right now.

When I got to work at 9 PM last night, my manager was all like, “Hey, we’re going to try to get you all out early!”

Of course that didn’t happen. In fact, I didn’t even get out ON TIME once again. So, instead of leaving work at 4 am like I was supposed to, I didn’t get out until 5:30 am. I was basically in tears as I was running out the door. I didn’t even wait for my car to heat up, I just wanted to be gone and home.

I am so tired, but I am too awake to go to sleep. And I’m hoooooongry. So, I have a juice box and a bag of Chex Mix right next to me.

I have a feeling I should just stay in the house for the weekend… I’m going to be so tired/bitchy that if someone looks at me the wrong way, I will snap. I wanted to snap at my manager as I was leaving. She was thanking me for all my help… somehow almost everyone else had left by time I was free to go. WHAT THE F–K?!

I need some juice. And then maybe I’ll try to sleep. Or watch Six Feet Under or something.

I am just full of anger and tiredness and epic dislike of how my workplace never seems to work on the timetable it gives us.


But you have a good one…